Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you have the means or following trends?

"Year post 2010 Fifa World cup its ending in hours time", a sport commentator said, first words I hear when playing with the remote searching for some hot music to end 2011. I hardly listen or watch sport, not even a well known commentator's voice can make me do that, but this one in particular managed to convince me with those words." It is indeed ending" he continued as I try throw my 2011 calendar in the rubbish bin. I fail at two throws, and the hoop is just not accommodating a hopeless sporty like me.

My thoughts takes me to a day in a train to work sitting next to a dressed to kill lady, reading what looked like a novel on the latest gadget. All of a sudden, as the train voice over announces arrival, she stood up and said " now I know where to start, my pocket", to be honest I thought she imitates some movie actress. Throughout the day I kept on analyzing her words, luckily God was on my side, I met her again after work on my way home, I went straight to her to ask about what she said. It turned out she was a Financial Analyst, anyway she told me that if I want to be debt free I must live within my pocket. That gadget wasn't just adding to the look after all, I concluded.

We often here people talking about urbanization, I still think its not explained fully, why the following was not included:: " I can't eat grocery from that cheap store", "Not that general fashion retailer"," I'm in Sandton babe, having some lunch"....the list goes on and on, take a deep breath, this will be intense.

Why do you misinterpret meanings of words?, you don't know of course, let me remind you that you know. You want to live in Sandton so that your address must have "a ring to it", so that you can fit in with the rest of the elites. You forget that they live there cause they can afford it not to please friends. Your food will taste good if you didn't feel guilty while cooking "akere oja ka sekoloto". You will answer private calls not tell friends they will leave a message, trying to be cool. The waitress you shout at for no apparent reason may soon pay your bill when those credits cards goes AWOL. "Keep change" will soon be "and where is my change".

I can go on and on, but reality strike in when you least expected, I guess. Budget are not "fancy" young man, they exist for a reason, why do u find it so hard to at least understand the meaning of this word. The elite will get you nowhere, please look at that pay slip, it will tell you how you must live. Take it as your best friend whom will help you make life threatening decisions.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

When all is said and done.

"My dearest phone, can you please ring already", I muttered as I tapped my fingers on the TV remote while in my head I'm imagining the perfect world where that call and voice send exhilarating vibrations down my spine including unknown places. Oh yes, that feeling is just too perfect I concluded.

Relationships are a blessing and a curse at the same, liking it or not, you do need that someone special exploring your body and who knows where else, telling you it will be ok when it seems all the walls you built are coming down on you. The biggest mistake with love is when you loose yourself in the process so my friend will keep on reminding me with each relationship. He would emphasize the importance of assessing your contribution to the relationship. I still don't understand fully what he means but anyway love is love.

It all started with a simple drink then later numerous bbm messages and calls." Don't get carried away" I'll remind myself as often as I could. You know in life, we meet people we think they hardly stress, bubbly personality, always smiling and dancing along to Beyonce's moves and Hlokoloza. To them life is about having fun and taking it one day at a time. Who wouldn't want someone with such character. On the other hand we have "roll on" arrangements, "don't call me, I'll call you" or " you don't know me when I bump into you, while with my wife" are some of traits associated with the arrangement.

The "fab line" of the gay community next door, seeking that perfect "bottom" and "top" relationship exclusive of all finer things in life money can buy. Some pretending to have it all, the plush house in Sandton, dining at finer places and dating the "DL" who buys them luxury.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How I met your father VS How you will meet your wife?

One day out of curiosity I asked my mom,how she met my late father, she simply said they showed her his picture and she accepted however she met him when "Magadi" negotiations took place. I laughed so much she nearly beat me up, not that I blame her, that's how homes were born then.

I vowed never to follow on their footsteps, until lately. My aunt on the other side keeps on counting those my age that are married, sometimes I wish she was my age so she can understand that things have changed. Growing up watching brothers "sheling" girls, I kind of idolized some of them,their flowing words were just amazing so my sisters would say. The families I respect now, mostly were built that time, it seems like material stuff we see now were not the core. Theirs its a tale to be narrated for centuries to come so is ours.

Fast forward to my time, I was on a dating site which is quite strange, if u know what I mean. There is no "dating site 101" in this case, at least until I discovered a popular social site which seemed to me like a "land of honey", it was like a palace. It was easy to use, and still is. Little did I know that that's where most of the users initiate "moshelo", at least from the pictures. You see, I believed that pictures were meant for those albums we happily show our long lost friends.

How do u even begin to explain "go shela"?. I need a diary with this explanation really so do my brothers and sisters.
You met your ex or you now partner through friends or in a taxi, you exchanged numbers then the rest was history. Society has evolved big time, just look at yourself.

A picture on your profile means a lot than your personality it seems, the more attractive the better the chance of scoring a greeting. Some pictures are extreme you will be tempted to brand them with an age restriction, not that its important. I didn't believe a picture will get one a relationship but sweet "moshelo" words. Ironically I'm starting to believe that lust exist thanks to pictures, if you approach one based on a picture, what does it mean? Then again someone will say for every relationship there was lust.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January Blues

"Modende" is still far, I hate to rub it in my dearest friend, but that's what the calendar is telling me, "Makhowa" are waiting for you come next week, for some week after next. I know most of you already are looking forward to usher 2012 with resolutions and all.

January has come be known as one of the longest month thanks to overspending and "seven colors" competitions. "Mashotje", "Lekoshe le Monawa wa Mokhuse" will replace that yummy lunch for a while, so don't despair, you are not alone, just praying you have saved.

I can't help it but sigh when reflecting back, personally 2011 taught me the importance of decision making and responsibilities that come with them. For the first time in years I understood fully the meaning of "se bone tholla boreledi, teng ga yona eya baba". I knew from a young age that I was capable of achieving anything if I put in hard work and dedication, not once have I ever thought of the power of inner voice. Well, that was until I sat down one day wording my likes and dislikes. From there, I told myself that no more living my life in fear and I made quite drastic decisions. I must say though I'm not yet finished, hopefully I will be done come my birthday. One thing that I learned was honesty with myself.

With all that said and some done, don't beat yourself up, look beyond your pockets come next week. Focus more on the way forward. We have 12 months in total and tons of things we would love to achieve, it's up to you to plan and action your plans carefully, keeping in mind that just one decision can change your life beyond your imagination. Most people will tell you that don't let you Sunday destroy your Monday, well, I say don't let your December destroy your January. "Tholla" its yellow and shiny, inviting but just take one bite you will erase all the nice things. Well even with you, within that pretty or handsome face there is a fighting spirit which requires plan and a positive way of cause. Be a "tholla" which shines and makes positive moves.

Zapiro once said "if you are passionate about something, then go for it, even if there seem to be no opportunities coming your way. If you work hard at what you love, everything else will fall into place"

Friday, December 23, 2011

Qualification alone is not enough?

The best gift your parents ever gave to you its education, no doubt about that, but have you ever asked yourself the toughest questions like, whose responsible to make it "live"?

Here is the thing, you were an "ace" student from primary school till you matriculate. Before you even read further keep this in mind- no school can teach you the lessons of life. I always thought, in fact most of you that you will graduate get a job immediately and drive "selahla" that you have seen on music videos on TV. You see tertiary life is not "pap and vleis", should you not master the art of playing and working hard you are doomed.

The graduation day which consists of those who got their priorities right from day one is any student's dream, the thought of taking your qualification home its like that of a mother who just gave birth. Parents are as happy as you are some even go all out to block the street by their "kasi" for the after party. Like it or not life has just begin from this moment. You sit at home you suffer and you go all out to look for a job, you are one step ahead.

Well, the truth is that qualification will only get you to the interview depending on your CV, this tool has to say "read me", amount of time and strategic mind is needed to perfect this tool. You must understand that the future employer shortlist candidates based on that tool. Don't get excited yet, at the interview you are responsible to "sell" yourself should you not be prepared, well you won't get the job.

Theory prepares you to the other aspects of the job but not your personality. It is very important to make sure you choose the career you know you have the personal traits to match it. We have high unemployment rate in South Africa and the number keeps on going up. Have we as society ever thought that maybe just maybe the fact that most of our youth suffer because they chose wrong careers and also fail to wake up and do it for themselves?, You see to look for a job its a full time job, one that needs dedication, strategy, positive mind and an eye for detail. Maybe I view this from another angle but truly speaking that qualification is not enough. Mzansi share your views.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kheresemose kha Bolozwi - Christmas, Bolobedu way

I can't believe I still bite the back of this pen, its even finished as my mind explores the joys of spending christmas holidays at my homestead, Bolozwi (short for Bolobedu). I'm quite sad though that I won't experience it this year, but allow me to take you there word to word. I said before that I hate the calendar so don't expect a countdown to the day. You see in Bolobedu things are simple, forget the dictionary explanation of the word just go to Bolobedu. Chickens, cows, goats etc are scared like never before as each and every ceremony taking place, there is a feast.

Many teenagers as I write are being prepared to womanhood, a custom called "khopa" or "kepelelo". I wish I had all the details of this respected custom but I don't rather I'll focus on the "graduation day" taking place on a Saturday. The "mokholokwane",gifts and Tsonga disco concludes the ceremony. I remember my now 20 years old niece demanded a Carvella which she never got but instead a shiny nice Nike sneaker. If you see the gifts this girls get you would be so jealous, some even get cars ofcause depending on the family and the age. African beer is served to perfection so is "moswane". Oldies are journalist as they continue to notify whoever asks on which beer taste better and also which festivity is "defing" .

The shebben queens are cashing in as well while singing along to "Mavholovholo" by Thomas Chauke looking their best in traditional Khelobedu gear called "Merina" teamed with "Diahifa", "makarapa" are competing on buying beers and also being included in the "khekoloto" book. Locals are being taught Joburg swag as well and also fabricated stories.

Come January many will be waiting for "Mdende" in order to come back to Joburg.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Your pictures.....equals a smile on your face

Disappointments are not foreign to all of us, we have been there, I can see you already shouting words like "I'm useless" and "I deserve this", in worst case scenarios suicide seemed like the only answer.

We seem to forget that disappointments are part of life. Look back where you come from since you were born, even better browse your old pictures believe me you will get an answer right there, one you probably would not get from motivational DVD's.

....I can see you are smiling now, and that picture that you look so naughty.

2012...The year to make right moves

I happen to be brought up energetic, I live life to the fullest no matter what. I'm young and I'll always grab opportunities that avail themselves with both hands as I believe I was born for a purpose. Ill always aim high even though sometimes I feel like its over. I don't expect anyone to understand though most of the people that I'm occasionally in contact with are surprised. My Xhosa friend one said "fight till the end sana". Make the right moves. 2012 I'm coming to rock you, be ready and prepared for me.

My thoughts in 2009

So far I've taken so many decisions on impulse but there is one thing I'm sure about, I never do it "nje" in one way or another things will fall into place. When I decided to stay here it was out of love and still is but I don't know where it will take me. Anyway love aside, I may go there but I will make the most of it. I was born for a reason, live for a reason, and will fight till bitter end to get what I want even if it means to loose some. I'm planning to look for a job on a serious note as I can see that I will end up being nothing or begging. We as humans will never be the same I take risk and some I win some I loose. God just give me the strength to carry on and guide me positively. Your blessings will mean a world to me. I always support my loved ones even if it means I don't agree with their decisions, why can't I get the same. I know I will loose so many things when I leave that place but I will never sacrifice my happiness for anything. I know what I'm doing, but above all everything happens for a reason. I'll seek until I find the jewel, I won't give up.

The thoughts above were written in 2009 while I was....mmm very depressed. Anyway my diary was my blog then and I used to wake up in the middle of the night just to write. Please don't judge, we all go through phases in life which later builds character.

Masepeng treasured tradition

Family names my old lady gave me, she said i must continue with the tradition. I am sharing with you today, after all you are my extended family;

  • Ngwako
  • Maropeng
  • Dipuo
  • Mapula
  • Lesedi
  • Mongwai
  • Mokgadi
  • Mothlatlego
  • Masilo
  • Kgashane
  • Mabjalwa
  • Mpho
  • Makhetjeana
  • Mampodi
  • Mojezi
  • Khowele
  • Rosina
  • Modjadji
  • Mohale
  • Moremi
The list above is for my grandchildren, fellow readers leave names on the comments you would love your kids to name your grandchildren.  

No one owes you anything in life

Career guidance as it was called back in the day and now under a new name, Life Orientation, still is one of the most important subjects at high school. Ambitious learners manage to shine above the rest on this particular subject.

Are the teachings valuable later on life? Here are two scenarios below that aims to highlight the effective nature of the teachings and others related;

Mokgadi grew up in Bolobedu, went to a local public school which in the past battled with producing formidable matric results. The basics available for her at home seem to be what she needs but notable, the only time she had a decent meal is on special occasions.

Even though her upbringing is nothing other than normal, she shows determination; perseverance and most importantly nothing seem to get her to give up on her dreams even the everyday hardships. Aware of her situation, she spent most of her spare time reading magazine and newspapers, in fact, everything she that invites her eyes. During the cause of her matric year, the burning desire to be someone of value in the society, it leads her to students currently at varsities in cities to bring along collateral for courses.

The bursaries application forms followed in the same breath, so did application to various varsities. To ensure that her efforts to get into high learning do not fade, she studied very hard quite aware of the poor results at her school. At the end, she did pass, subsequently accepted and the varsity with a bursary fund covering tuition and related academic needs. For someone of her calibre, producing average results never crossed her mind, her eyes were set on excellence and she achieved exactly that on her final results.

As soon as the graduation programme was wrapped up, she soon realised that finding a job in line with the qualification was difficult that she hoped. One of her varsity pals suggested retail sector as a good steeping to acquire working experience while looking for the dream job. As a Floor Assistant, the job allowed her to interact with different personalities on daily basis. Sooner than expected she acquired customer service skills that proved to be a driving force in her new role as the Junior Manager.

Molate on the other hand, had more resources. Good education is hard to come by and if your parents can afford it, not showing up will just be your own loss. Even though, he had this couple of times, it just never made sense to him. He was a good child, but lacked determination and enthusiasm. Since most parents believe in rewarding kids upon completing chores in the house, he never bothered to touch his books unless there was an incentive. The incentive which later led to his disastrous matric year did not matarialise. However, as with most rich kids, the excuse was that nobody was willing to help him. At the local college where he was later sent to, proved to be too small for a bigger personality like him.

Education never meant anything to him it seems. Today he is nowhere to be seen.

When you are an individual on earth, an understanding of life is very imporatant is order to make it. Furthermore that life comes with responsibilities and they cannot be pushed to the nest person.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The journey to Bolobedu

Park station,Oak moor,Germiston,Tembisa....places one will commute to head for Bolobedu to celebrate christmas with loved ones. The Thwalas,Sekhalas etc are cashing in big time as commuting to Bolobedu was planned months back while counting potential bonuses. Bolobedu, home to the Rain queen....welcome to Thwalas..relax.

Air time sales are up already as commuters are calling loved ones informing them of their journey so is booze as many refuse to be unnoticed as if their carvellas aren't doing a good job already. Thomas Chauke serenades us into N1 with his loud but well written shagaan disco. At this time small talks are taking over discussing "bomastand". I prefer to sit next to a student, the talk is worthwhile as I get to catch up on the ins and outs of student life which reminds me of my witty year at MSC College. If conversations are not disturbed by some Tsonga groupie demanding Tshetsha boys at the back seat then its the bus marshall collecting money.

N1 feels the pressure as buses compete for first arrival, commuters on the other hand complaining about speed and comfort. The excitement of seeing loved ones just fills one's thoughts. Naboomspruit play host or rather resting place en route to Bolobedu. Buses stop here for some KFC. I'll mention this particular fast food as it attracts masses , year in and year out plus their service is superb many in Jo burg must come here for tips. The stop here is very short though as bus attendant muttered 15min.

Now fingers are licked to perfection after all its KFC. A nap will do one good but first arrival time predictions, I just heard we will arrive in 2hrs time as I slowly take that well deserved nap plus I'm full.

An off ramp just before Meropa casino wakes one up and Peter Mokaba welcoming my yawning. Mall of the North confirming that Bolobedu is an hour away. Donkeys greeting my eyes for some Km.

Its hot of cause but who cares we have just entered Bolozwi. The first village on my right being Gasekhopo. One's admiring fresh tomatoes from the green ZZ2 farms and I'm tempted to buy some actually forced to do so by Mooketsi vendors.

Talking about coaxing, Gamaphalle vendors deserve a trophy, these are legends they have been at it for years. I will tell you all about this market some other time.

I have arrived at my homestead, Gasedibeng village-gabo Motirinithi. See you in Joburg come next year

Friday, December 09, 2011

Teenage pregnancy in Bolobedu

Family is important to each and everyone of us. We have uncles, aunts and cousins, that sometimes we don't get along with as it is with families.

After a visit to a family home. I must say i enjoyed being there for the rest of yesterday......while there catching up with my sister and other family members i was not surprised that the topic of teenage pregnancy surfaced amongst others as i happen to be a victim of it , not that im proud but anyway that's not the case here.  An argument on what actually led me to be the victim ensued, well my story is no difference to the rest of young fathers out there. I was naive and even though at school they preached the gospel of using condoms, as usual i completely did the opposite.

I must say though I love my now 4 years old son, he's my everything.  I wont sit here and lie that its easy though, parenting at young age its a challenge especially if you don't have a good support system.  Let me give you a little bit of history of how youth or those at my time were raised. Our lives were simple i would like to believe.  My school was a KM away from my home, so my day will start around 6:30 preparing or school, this time allowed me to prepare fire and bath as school started at 07:30.  I remember days which i didn't what to go to school then my mother will do what she did best then, beat my ass like hell. While on the issue of beating, i had an Afrikaans teacher whom i still have a scar to prove he was one teacher who will beat you till you confess all your sins. Libraries,cinemas were and still are non-existence where i come from and many of my peers resorted to sex and booze to pass time so we believed.  At high school dating was the "in" thing to an extent that if you did not have a girlfriend you would feel the pressure. Many days or rather afternoons were spent chasing after  girls and  having sex. At night, the power poles will be disguised as "kissing poles" and yes the whistles filled our street as a means of alerting those girlfriends that the time has come, we didn't depend on cellphones as only two or three teenagers owned one. From the pole many headed to their outside rooms which even today are still a custom to many. I remember one of my friend then asking " o feletjitje mane naase vroo", believe me when i say those where the proudest moment for any guy who happened to spend a night with a girlfriend. We didn't "betsha" much that time as it was not a must unlike today, but once in a while mostly December times when our brothers,sisters,parents visit from "maboneng".

I read once that Limpopo beauty queen, I cant mention her name, she also mentioned that teenage pregnancy is mostly because of non positive activities. Yes, many can argue that this is not the case.  I would also be wrong to say all of us are the consequences of that, there are many individuals who refused to succumb to the norm and quite frankly they have succeeded.

The solution is simple, here are my top 6

1. Read magazines and newspapers, do not laugh at others when they read them as they can help you make informed decisions.
2. Be yourself, do not imitate others.
3. Focus on school, not the other way round.
4. Watch a lot of educational programmes.
5. Do not blame others.
6. Talk is cheap take action.

At the end of the day it is your life so the decisions you make now will affect you for the rest of your life.  If you are reading this now pass it to everyone.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Khelobedu is a language

My first blog post edited;

As this happens to be my first experience in blogging, this topic fits very well with what I would be about.

Gasedibeng Village, this name means a lot to me as a young boy who grew up there and still calls the place home, as a matter of fact; it was my twitter handle at some point. The topic in question: khelobedu is a language, in Joburg , where one has to learn other dominating languages in order to survive. Khelobedu is a foreign language as far as many Zulus and Xhosas are concerned and let me rather say Gautenians. I was in a taxi, while on a cellphone call (my mom calls almost daily or I do if she doesn’t) touching base as usual...other commuters just started to laugh upon hanging up. So being the loud mouth, I asked what was wrong only to be asked; are you Nigerian or what?

I just laughed back to the ignorance of my fellow South African. Here we are, thinking we have evolved but in my opinion we haven't in many ways. It is my language and I am proud. Originally produced there by Mohale-Tau ye kgolo and Mokgadi-Noko ya Molele.

Ke apa khelobedu ene ke gore ake nyake le ho tseba hore mane ore kene nee, bjale zwe zwintji zwe ke do ze ngwalaho moo zwe doba ka khelobedu.

ke fetjitje, ke do bua hapeyape. ke zwa zweo batho ba heso. #KhelobeduInSA