Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you have the means or following trends?

"Year post 2010 Fifa World cup its ending in hours time", a sport commentator said, first words I hear when playing with the remote searching for some hot music to end 2011. I hardly listen or watch sport, not even a well known commentator's voice can make me do that, but this one in particular managed to convince me with those words." It is indeed ending" he continued as I try throw my 2011 calendar in the rubbish bin. I fail at two throws, and the hoop is just not accommodating a hopeless sporty like me.

My thoughts takes me to a day in a train to work sitting next to a dressed to kill lady, reading what looked like a novel on the latest gadget. All of a sudden, as the train voice over announces arrival, she stood up and said " now I know where to start, my pocket", to be honest I thought she imitates some movie actress. Throughout the day I kept on analyzing her words, luckily God was on my side, I met her again after work on my way home, I went straight to her to ask about what she said. It turned out she was a Financial Analyst, anyway she told me that if I want to be debt free I must live within my pocket. That gadget wasn't just adding to the look after all, I concluded.

We often here people talking about urbanization, I still think its not explained fully, why the following was not included:: " I can't eat grocery from that cheap store", "Not that general fashion retailer"," I'm in Sandton babe, having some lunch"....the list goes on and on, take a deep breath, this will be intense.

Why do you misinterpret meanings of words?, you don't know of course, let me remind you that you know. You want to live in Sandton so that your address must have "a ring to it", so that you can fit in with the rest of the elites. You forget that they live there cause they can afford it not to please friends. Your food will taste good if you didn't feel guilty while cooking "akere oja ka sekoloto". You will answer private calls not tell friends they will leave a message, trying to be cool. The waitress you shout at for no apparent reason may soon pay your bill when those credits cards goes AWOL. "Keep change" will soon be "and where is my change".

I can go on and on, but reality strike in when you least expected, I guess. Budget are not "fancy" young man, they exist for a reason, why do u find it so hard to at least understand the meaning of this word. The elite will get you nowhere, please look at that pay slip, it will tell you how you must live. Take it as your best friend whom will help you make life threatening decisions.
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