Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How I met your father VS How you will meet your wife?

One day out of curiosity I asked my mom,how she met my late father, she simply said they showed her his picture and she accepted however she met him when "Magadi" negotiations took place. I laughed so much she nearly beat me up, not that I blame her, that's how homes were born then.

I vowed never to follow on their footsteps, until lately. My aunt on the other side keeps on counting those my age that are married, sometimes I wish she was my age so she can understand that things have changed. Growing up watching brothers "sheling" girls, I kind of idolized some of them,their flowing words were just amazing so my sisters would say. The families I respect now, mostly were built that time, it seems like material stuff we see now were not the core. Theirs its a tale to be narrated for centuries to come so is ours.

Fast forward to my time, I was on a dating site which is quite strange, if u know what I mean. There is no "dating site 101" in this case, at least until I discovered a popular social site which seemed to me like a "land of honey", it was like a palace. It was easy to use, and still is. Little did I know that that's where most of the users initiate "moshelo", at least from the pictures. You see, I believed that pictures were meant for those albums we happily show our long lost friends.

How do u even begin to explain "go shela"?. I need a diary with this explanation really so do my brothers and sisters.
You met your ex or you now partner through friends or in a taxi, you exchanged numbers then the rest was history. Society has evolved big time, just look at yourself.

A picture on your profile means a lot than your personality it seems, the more attractive the better the chance of scoring a greeting. Some pictures are extreme you will be tempted to brand them with an age restriction, not that its important. I didn't believe a picture will get one a relationship but sweet "moshelo" words. Ironically I'm starting to believe that lust exist thanks to pictures, if you approach one based on a picture, what does it mean? Then again someone will say for every relationship there was lust.
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