Monday, December 12, 2011

The journey to Bolobedu

Park station,Oak moor,Germiston,Tembisa....places one will commute to head for Bolobedu to celebrate christmas with loved ones. The Thwalas,Sekhalas etc are cashing in big time as commuting to Bolobedu was planned months back while counting potential bonuses. Bolobedu, home to the Rain queen....welcome to Thwalas..relax.

Air time sales are up already as commuters are calling loved ones informing them of their journey so is booze as many refuse to be unnoticed as if their carvellas aren't doing a good job already. Thomas Chauke serenades us into N1 with his loud but well written shagaan disco. At this time small talks are taking over discussing "bomastand". I prefer to sit next to a student, the talk is worthwhile as I get to catch up on the ins and outs of student life which reminds me of my witty year at MSC College. If conversations are not disturbed by some Tsonga groupie demanding Tshetsha boys at the back seat then its the bus marshall collecting money.

N1 feels the pressure as buses compete for first arrival, commuters on the other hand complaining about speed and comfort. The excitement of seeing loved ones just fills one's thoughts. Naboomspruit play host or rather resting place en route to Bolobedu. Buses stop here for some KFC. I'll mention this particular fast food as it attracts masses , year in and year out plus their service is superb many in Jo burg must come here for tips. The stop here is very short though as bus attendant muttered 15min.

Now fingers are licked to perfection after all its KFC. A nap will do one good but first arrival time predictions, I just heard we will arrive in 2hrs time as I slowly take that well deserved nap plus I'm full.

An off ramp just before Meropa casino wakes one up and Peter Mokaba welcoming my yawning. Mall of the North confirming that Bolobedu is an hour away. Donkeys greeting my eyes for some Km.

Its hot of cause but who cares we have just entered Bolozwi. The first village on my right being Gasekhopo. One's admiring fresh tomatoes from the green ZZ2 farms and I'm tempted to buy some actually forced to do so by Mooketsi vendors.

Talking about coaxing, Gamaphalle vendors deserve a trophy, these are legends they have been at it for years. I will tell you all about this market some other time.

I have arrived at my homestead, Gasedibeng village-gabo Motirinithi. See you in Joburg come next year
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