Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Khelobedu is a language

My first blog post edited;

As this happens to be my first experience in blogging, this topic fits very well with what I would be about.

Gasedibeng Village, this name means a lot to me as a young boy who grew up there and still calls the place home, as a matter of fact; it was my twitter handle at some point. The topic in question: khelobedu is a language, in Joburg , where one has to learn other dominating languages in order to survive. Khelobedu is a foreign language as far as many Zulus and Xhosas are concerned and let me rather say Gautenians. I was in a taxi, while on a cellphone call (my mom calls almost daily or I do if she doesn’t) touching base as usual...other commuters just started to laugh upon hanging up. So being the loud mouth, I asked what was wrong only to be asked; are you Nigerian or what?

I just laughed back to the ignorance of my fellow South African. Here we are, thinking we have evolved but in my opinion we haven't in many ways. It is my language and I am proud. Originally produced there by Mohale-Tau ye kgolo and Mokgadi-Noko ya Molele.

Ke apa khelobedu ene ke gore ake nyake le ho tseba hore mane ore kene nee, bjale zwe zwintji zwe ke do ze ngwalaho moo zwe doba ka khelobedu.

ke fetjitje, ke do bua hapeyape. ke zwa zweo batho ba heso. #KhelobeduInSA
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