Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kheresemose kha Bolozwi - Christmas, Bolobedu way

I can't believe I still bite the back of this pen, its even finished as my mind explores the joys of spending christmas holidays at my homestead, Bolozwi (short for Bolobedu). I'm quite sad though that I won't experience it this year, but allow me to take you there word to word. I said before that I hate the calendar so don't expect a countdown to the day. You see in Bolobedu things are simple, forget the dictionary explanation of the word just go to Bolobedu. Chickens, cows, goats etc are scared like never before as each and every ceremony taking place, there is a feast.

Many teenagers as I write are being prepared to womanhood, a custom called "khopa" or "kepelelo". I wish I had all the details of this respected custom but I don't rather I'll focus on the "graduation day" taking place on a Saturday. The "mokholokwane",gifts and Tsonga disco concludes the ceremony. I remember my now 20 years old niece demanded a Carvella which she never got but instead a shiny nice Nike sneaker. If you see the gifts this girls get you would be so jealous, some even get cars ofcause depending on the family and the age. African beer is served to perfection so is "moswane". Oldies are journalist as they continue to notify whoever asks on which beer taste better and also which festivity is "defing" .

The shebben queens are cashing in as well while singing along to "Mavholovholo" by Thomas Chauke looking their best in traditional Khelobedu gear called "Merina" teamed with "Diahifa", "makarapa" are competing on buying beers and also being included in the "khekoloto" book. Locals are being taught Joburg swag as well and also fabricated stories.

Come January many will be waiting for "Mdende" in order to come back to Joburg.
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