Monday, December 19, 2011

No one owes you anything in life

Career guidance as it was called back in the day and now under a new name, Life Orientation, still is one of the most important subjects at high school. Ambitious learners manage to shine above the rest on this particular subject.

Are the teachings valuable later on life? Here are two scenarios below that aims to highlight the effective nature of the teachings and others related;

Mokgadi grew up in Bolobedu, went to a local public school which in the past battled with producing formidable matric results. The basics available for her at home seem to be what she needs but notable, the only time she had a decent meal is on special occasions.

Even though her upbringing is nothing other than normal, she shows determination; perseverance and most importantly nothing seem to get her to give up on her dreams even the everyday hardships. Aware of her situation, she spent most of her spare time reading magazine and newspapers, in fact, everything she that invites her eyes. During the cause of her matric year, the burning desire to be someone of value in the society, it leads her to students currently at varsities in cities to bring along collateral for courses.

The bursaries application forms followed in the same breath, so did application to various varsities. To ensure that her efforts to get into high learning do not fade, she studied very hard quite aware of the poor results at her school. At the end, she did pass, subsequently accepted and the varsity with a bursary fund covering tuition and related academic needs. For someone of her calibre, producing average results never crossed her mind, her eyes were set on excellence and she achieved exactly that on her final results.

As soon as the graduation programme was wrapped up, she soon realised that finding a job in line with the qualification was difficult that she hoped. One of her varsity pals suggested retail sector as a good steeping to acquire working experience while looking for the dream job. As a Floor Assistant, the job allowed her to interact with different personalities on daily basis. Sooner than expected she acquired customer service skills that proved to be a driving force in her new role as the Junior Manager.

Molate on the other hand, had more resources. Good education is hard to come by and if your parents can afford it, not showing up will just be your own loss. Even though, he had this couple of times, it just never made sense to him. He was a good child, but lacked determination and enthusiasm. Since most parents believe in rewarding kids upon completing chores in the house, he never bothered to touch his books unless there was an incentive. The incentive which later led to his disastrous matric year did not matarialise. However, as with most rich kids, the excuse was that nobody was willing to help him. At the local college where he was later sent to, proved to be too small for a bigger personality like him.

Education never meant anything to him it seems. Today he is nowhere to be seen.

When you are an individual on earth, an understanding of life is very imporatant is order to make it. Furthermore that life comes with responsibilities and they cannot be pushed to the nest person.
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