Friday, December 23, 2011

Qualification alone is not enough?

The best gift your parents ever gave to you its education, no doubt about that, but have you ever asked yourself the toughest questions like, whose responsible to make it "live"?

Here is the thing, you were an "ace" student from primary school till you matriculate. Before you even read further keep this in mind- no school can teach you the lessons of life. I always thought, in fact most of you that you will graduate get a job immediately and drive "selahla" that you have seen on music videos on TV. You see tertiary life is not "pap and vleis", should you not master the art of playing and working hard you are doomed.

The graduation day which consists of those who got their priorities right from day one is any student's dream, the thought of taking your qualification home its like that of a mother who just gave birth. Parents are as happy as you are some even go all out to block the street by their "kasi" for the after party. Like it or not life has just begin from this moment. You sit at home you suffer and you go all out to look for a job, you are one step ahead.

Well, the truth is that qualification will only get you to the interview depending on your CV, this tool has to say "read me", amount of time and strategic mind is needed to perfect this tool. You must understand that the future employer shortlist candidates based on that tool. Don't get excited yet, at the interview you are responsible to "sell" yourself should you not be prepared, well you won't get the job.

Theory prepares you to the other aspects of the job but not your personality. It is very important to make sure you choose the career you know you have the personal traits to match it. We have high unemployment rate in South Africa and the number keeps on going up. Have we as society ever thought that maybe just maybe the fact that most of our youth suffer because they chose wrong careers and also fail to wake up and do it for themselves?, You see to look for a job its a full time job, one that needs dedication, strategy, positive mind and an eye for detail. Maybe I view this from another angle but truly speaking that qualification is not enough. Mzansi share your views.
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