Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January Blues

"Modende" is still far, I hate to rub it in my dearest friend, but that's what the calendar is telling me, "Makhowa" are waiting for you come next week, for some week after next. I know most of you already are looking forward to usher 2012 with resolutions and all.

January has come be known as one of the longest month thanks to overspending and "seven colors" competitions. "Mashotje", "Lekoshe le Monawa wa Mokhuse" will replace that yummy lunch for a while, so don't despair, you are not alone, just praying you have saved.

I can't help it but sigh when reflecting back, personally 2011 taught me the importance of decision making and responsibilities that come with them. For the first time in years I understood fully the meaning of "se bone tholla boreledi, teng ga yona eya baba". I knew from a young age that I was capable of achieving anything if I put in hard work and dedication, not once have I ever thought of the power of inner voice. Well, that was until I sat down one day wording my likes and dislikes. From there, I told myself that no more living my life in fear and I made quite drastic decisions. I must say though I'm not yet finished, hopefully I will be done come my birthday. One thing that I learned was honesty with myself.

With all that said and some done, don't beat yourself up, look beyond your pockets come next week. Focus more on the way forward. We have 12 months in total and tons of things we would love to achieve, it's up to you to plan and action your plans carefully, keeping in mind that just one decision can change your life beyond your imagination. Most people will tell you that don't let you Sunday destroy your Monday, well, I say don't let your December destroy your January. "Tholla" its yellow and shiny, inviting but just take one bite you will erase all the nice things. Well even with you, within that pretty or handsome face there is a fighting spirit which requires plan and action...in a positive way of cause. Be a "tholla" which shines and makes positive moves.

Zapiro once said "if you are passionate about something, then go for it, even if there seem to be no opportunities coming your way. If you work hard at what you love, everything else will fall into place"
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