Friday, December 09, 2011

Teenage pregnancy in Bolobedu

Family is important to each and everyone of us. We have uncles, aunts and cousins, that sometimes we don't get along with as it is with families.

After a visit to a family home. I must say i enjoyed being there for the rest of yesterday......while there catching up with my sister and other family members i was not surprised that the topic of teenage pregnancy surfaced amongst others as i happen to be a victim of it , not that im proud but anyway that's not the case here.  An argument on what actually led me to be the victim ensued, well my story is no difference to the rest of young fathers out there. I was naive and even though at school they preached the gospel of using condoms, as usual i completely did the opposite.

I must say though I love my now 4 years old son, he's my everything.  I wont sit here and lie that its easy though, parenting at young age its a challenge especially if you don't have a good support system.  Let me give you a little bit of history of how youth or those at my time were raised. Our lives were simple i would like to believe.  My school was a KM away from my home, so my day will start around 6:30 preparing or school, this time allowed me to prepare fire and bath as school started at 07:30.  I remember days which i didn't what to go to school then my mother will do what she did best then, beat my ass like hell. While on the issue of beating, i had an Afrikaans teacher whom i still have a scar to prove he was one teacher who will beat you till you confess all your sins. Libraries,cinemas were and still are non-existence where i come from and many of my peers resorted to sex and booze to pass time so we believed.  At high school dating was the "in" thing to an extent that if you did not have a girlfriend you would feel the pressure. Many days or rather afternoons were spent chasing after  girls and  having sex. At night, the power poles will be disguised as "kissing poles" and yes the whistles filled our street as a means of alerting those girlfriends that the time has come, we didn't depend on cellphones as only two or three teenagers owned one. From the pole many headed to their outside rooms which even today are still a custom to many. I remember one of my friend then asking " o feletjitje mane naase vroo", believe me when i say those where the proudest moment for any guy who happened to spend a night with a girlfriend. We didn't "betsha" much that time as it was not a must unlike today, but once in a while mostly December times when our brothers,sisters,parents visit from "maboneng".

I read once that Limpopo beauty queen, I cant mention her name, she also mentioned that teenage pregnancy is mostly because of non positive activities. Yes, many can argue that this is not the case.  I would also be wrong to say all of us are the consequences of that, there are many individuals who refused to succumb to the norm and quite frankly they have succeeded.

The solution is simple, here are my top 6

1. Read magazines and newspapers, do not laugh at others when they read them as they can help you make informed decisions.
2. Be yourself, do not imitate others.
3. Focus on school, not the other way round.
4. Watch a lot of educational programmes.
5. Do not blame others.
6. Talk is cheap take action.

At the end of the day it is your life so the decisions you make now will affect you for the rest of your life.  If you are reading this now pass it to everyone.
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