Thursday, December 29, 2011

When all is said and done.

"My dearest phone, can you please ring already", I muttered as I tapped my fingers on the TV remote while in my head I'm imagining the perfect world where that call and voice send exhilarating vibrations down my spine including unknown places. Oh yes, that feeling is just too perfect I concluded.

Relationships are a blessing and a curse at the same, liking it or not, you do need that someone special exploring your body and who knows where else, telling you it will be ok when it seems all the walls you built are coming down on you. The biggest mistake with love is when you loose yourself in the process so my friend will keep on reminding me with each relationship. He would emphasize the importance of assessing your contribution to the relationship. I still don't understand fully what he means but anyway love is love.

It all started with a simple drink then later numerous bbm messages and calls." Don't get carried away" I'll remind myself as often as I could. You know in life, we meet people we think they hardly stress, bubbly personality, always smiling and dancing along to Beyonce's moves and Hlokoloza. To them life is about having fun and taking it one day at a time. Who wouldn't want someone with such character. On the other hand we have "roll on" arrangements, "don't call me, I'll call you" or " you don't know me when I bump into you, while with my wife" are some of traits associated with the arrangement.

The "fab line" of the gay community next door, seeking that perfect "bottom" and "top" relationship exclusive of all finer things in life money can buy. Some pretending to have it all, the plush house in Sandton, dining at finer places and dating the "DL" who buys them luxury.
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