Saturday, December 29, 2012

The year of lessons

Would you positively say you are the master of your own destiny? If your answer is yes, kudos to you for that but there are a lot of gravel roads your still need to tar. The year it’s almost over in few days time we will bid farewell to what seemed like the year to rediscover and of realization. Its time for one to look back at lessons for the year not forgetting the good it also bought and reposition visions. We started a year on highs and some lows however irrespective of the beginning the end it’s the most important as drawn from various trials and tribulations.

New years' resolutions compiled with end goals proved to be challenging yet rewarding if you have managed to tick list all or some or none, but I will reward myself anytime of the day if I even managed to draft the list, the truth is most of us if not all don't consider drafting a whole list of what we would like to achieve in the next year instead planning and execution just takes too much time hoping results will speak volumes.

If there is no results no matter how you went to plan the year or executed really there is no need to throw tantrums and blame resources or whatever the case maybe however this right time, as in now its time to really ask yourself relevant questions looking at your abilities and resources so that come next week when you plan again you don't need to see yourself in the same situation. "The working society falls trap of pleasing its peers instead of honesty with self" says one the community leaders, he further emphasize the importance of execution. After few hours in this topic realization kicks in to most of the villagers, as one suggest that he finds it difficult to adjust to the new life he has since acquired classified by what you have. “I have goals too but I also have to fit in" he said.

Lack of self discipline may also hinder one's goals if not eliminated immediately and sticking to a strict plan will eliminate the unnecessary headache

Monday, December 24, 2012

Are there Mangoes in Limpopo?

Last year I took you all on a journey to my lovely hood, if you haven't read that post as yet its ok I'm sure you will do that when you get a chance. Anyway this year though, the journey was quicker than expected, before I knew it I was chilling under my mango tree absorbing the beautiful motherland. I'm at Ga-Sedibeng village, My home My identity My oyster, the only place in the world I call home and actually with meaning.

On Love
I sincerely fail to still claim I know what love is. It's one thing to say you have experienced it, but the other to actually narrate your love story without fail. I have been in love before and as always it had it's own dilemmas etc, now I have erased everything and willing to explore the mantra once again,however, not all lessons learned went to the rubbish bin. Some will be useful along the way. I hope and pray everyday, not because I'm desperate but seeking guidance.

On being a Dad
The role I'm glad God made possible. At first,the stairs were not clear nor was the future guaranteed, it all seemed impossible. I knew I was too young to even understand the responsibilities,nonetheless, I chose to create my own steps to lead me to where I am right now. I tend to look at him quietly when he's playing and there I just switch to days when he looked so fragile and not welcoming strangers near him,including me (In his eyes,I was). Those days are good memories I will forever cherish, new ones are created with each and every birthday. Yes, there are challenges, I'm still learning. Six years still at it and pushing another Tau Ya Masepeng generation.

On being a loaner
I actually never thought I was, until recently. I adopted a habit I hate. If It's not the heat or the boredom of my village it's this and that. Well, out my window, now if I'm not happy with something, I will do something about it rather than opting for coward like solutions. It's a learning curve as we all know. Along the way there are roadblocks that one needs to conquer realistically.

Bolobedu stars
Stars are born or made, which ones are surviving the broke, small stardomville? Candy of Shakabundu Girls fame seem to be shining amongst, coloring the Kalawa Jazmee with her Kholobedu vocals she's known for. Who could forget her traditional gear? Even Khanyi Mbau on Wamuhle is rocking "Dihayifa". DJ's are also on this list, Lenzo's mixture of different sounds echoes across these villages, Giyani to Tzaneen. Portia on the other hand, she's a force to be reckoned with, her vocals are very powerful so is her command of Khelobedu language. She is an inspiration to young girls here. It looks like Malo a Botsheba and the crew haven't been that busy lately or their music is no longer getting that much of attention. I remember their branding on taxis it was all over the place.

On notable developments
For the first time ever, street lights have arrived. Ga-Maupa, village next to mine,is shining bright like diamonds. Sefofotse village's one main road is giving birth to new tar project. R81 is also in good shape since the revamp, looking proper.

Brands visibility
A certain brand, on a billboard have nerves to quote a lady from Gauteng singing praises in the middle of Giyani..well I find this not relevant to this market. Gautenians ladies are perceived otherwise in that department the brand serve,they should have known better, after all I'm not a media guru but brands needs to really invest on surveys when they embark on regional adverts.

Color blocking is misunderstood big time so is Mshoza's skin what what. The skin it's not a problem they way it is but this so called Tsetsa(cream to lighten skin) it's not good to it at all. From my observation not as a Dermatologist, I could see that it's not gonna be Yellow or whatever forever, eventually it will blemish as a result damage skin cells. As for the phenomenon color blocking..I have no words all I can say is let's leave it to the real fashionistas. Talking about that actually I have noticed most of them here, smart dressers and all, I'm just glad that I haven't seen Sikhothane.

They way I have been tweeting about my understanding of arrogant, I'm just gonna study the words or subject further it's eating me up. There are still loop holes I must close before I conclude with confidence. Let's all enjoy our Christmas

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make that a Hit

Monday, December 10, 2012

My first 2cents

When I heard Arthur once saying that the then Ms. Molapo could not survive vocally, I ruled out that he was just being bitter, but I suppose he was right she's surviving in her own right, of cause she’s not Tshidi the Idols diva, she understood her style as a result capitalised on her lyrical talent, delivering sing alongs which will go down as the best in SA music history. I remember how we used to sing along to "All my love is yours" with jubilation as we left the class turned rehearsing room back in high school, I thought she was the South African version of Brandy. The video was also not that bad too.

Today the Feel Good songbird's shooting star is somewhere above the White House. Her music producer/ husband confirmed the news that she has been booked to perform in the US for Obama joining an impressive acts list.

Her resume is sure impressive; from the heydays of Willowmore High in Benoni to performances to one of the celebrated Presidents to date. Let’s not forget she was also nominated at this year's BET awards.

As promised this is officially my first " 2 Cents opinions", entertainment will be under this banner hereon. Its through my eyes, as i see it, read it. Well shall we read now!!!!

Oh by the way I purchased her Captured Tour DVD featuring the likes of Proverb, RJ and with dancers surfacing from the reality show "So you think you can dance".  She opens with Feel Good in a Sylvester Falata creation with others delivered with a distinctive style, the moments captured with 13 cameras they say. I loved her "Sweetest Taboo" cover, not bad at all. One thing though I think she must just not give speeches but that was forgiven when she did that Call Me song and BOOOOM Proverb with his MC's masters. I do love her work so this DVD is worth it.

On other late news, Bonang Matheba has since meant "I don’t want to be just known as the music show girl" by adding another star to those tattoos on her feet. Yes it’s true you can see for yourself Tuesday evening as she changes from dancing to Cabo Snoop's Windeck to a different posture next to Joanne Strauss in those expensive homes they feature on Top Billing.

Magazine covers however are still boring as ever, I can’t believe I still read about Buyile aka Lungile, can’t he just give Queen her money back. Lol I know its just fiction but there is no story there apart from those porn pics. Some of you maybe interested, Dj Cleo is also on some cover going on about his arrogance self etc...I think he must just stick to what he knows best..Music. He is the same guy who produces club bangers if not taverns.

Someone just got richer at Sun City this weekend, congrats Ms Ramos for taking it home.

Finally please those in the know, please update us on the Top TV's rock bottom or whatever it is.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Its a year for me!!!!

WOW!! Tau Ya Masepeng. Words cannot describe the way i feel right now, im so excited. The last time i was this excited was back when Jnr. was born, 6 years ago to be exact.

Now that its always what i wanted with my life, to have something to be proud of i have to say im glad i took the risk of entering a territory i once feared. Now that i have it, im over the moon.

I cant afford a big cake as yet hence the cup cake, i hope you will enjoy it.

This and That.
Tau Ya Masepeng, Ngwako Letter Serepe to my parents. I give life to all the great posts you read. I created it to ease pains and most importantly to refine my art.

Where to from here
well, more and more posts. I will be adding more and more of entertainment and mags, since i understand these two its only a matter of time i also give my 2 cents opinions.

As i finish my cup cake, i will let actions speak louder than words.

Thank you to the Capricorn FM Breakfastshow host Ashifashabba and all of you who shared your stories with me.

Monday, December 03, 2012


There are quite various reasons why I like a pen and a paper at any given time, many that I could fill up the entire handbook lying on my bed side. Writers bock what? I am not scared in fact I am motivated, I only once feared at the exam room on that hot summer afternoon in Limpopo. It’s not yet best “pen-ed” by a novelist or an author even, but me. Who am I? An adult working towards words success, that internal satisfactory of sheer sharing of feelings communicated through sentences.

Look at him now, is he that well known or good even? Well I don’t know how to answer this question, if I did I will but I know for a fact that I don’t know. The peacefulness of a well watered green garden, sounds of birds and shades of trees smelling nothing but relaxation does me good though, i know for a fact.
Traffic, working class on lunch and almost everything on my site cements the busy Broadway Road. In thoughts to the sounds of birds singing, I almost fell off chair cause of the lizard. Oh wait please before you judge I thought it was a snake. I’m kidding I know you don’t judge. I just wanted to run for cover, you never know these days, my name could be on someone’s checklist. Talking about checklist, have you prepared yours for the holidays? Personally I haven’t, I don’t want to plan this year the flow will be fine. Exams are over and most of us will be shutting down on 7th some on the 14th, so you can just imagine the rate in which the flow is on. I am pretty sure I will make it.

Most of us started the year with resolutions, plans etc to which some did take shape or in the process and vise versa but really I don’t think it helps to be hard on yourself; I am a serious believer of everything happens for a reason.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Giggles

It has been quite a journey, sitting on an office like chair in one of my favorite internet cafes in Kempton Park; life was not that friendly at that time flames were from all corners you could think of. I was not even sure whether I will survive or not thanks to bad decisions making from my side. I wanted a reason, a way or anywhere I could feel whole again. I am that kind of a guy who appears to have it all under control until you engage with me thoroughly you will never know the internal holes and all other beautiful stuff.

Anyway enough about me, I finally decided to blog for fun as it will allow me to heal and bring back the sparkle in me to soldier on. At first I named in Bolobedu after an encounter once in the taxi when my mom called me and passengers started laughing at my language which is Khelobedu. I am from a village called Ga-Sedibeng by the way. My first post was highly influenced by my mother tongue and that taxi ride.

I always told myself I would try writing one day but I never took it serious until my first job. I was writing almost everything that needed words. As a result my love for writing grew even bigger, magazines are still my preferred choice but throughout the years I have evolved with the technology the 21st Century offers. I discovered blogs as soon as I was clued up on internet browsing; mostly I read entertainment ones and I still do up to this day. As much as I battle to commit full time to Tau Ya Masepeng I’m glad I gave it life, there is nothing on earth right now that make me proud but Tau.

It’s through my eyes, as I see it, as I know it and as I read it. *laughs* ...being asked what Tau Ya Masepeng means, well  if you still don’t know you can find out only here not the dictionary or Google.

To all regular readers from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It won’t be Masepeng if you are not here. To my friends and each & every individual who shared my posts, I don’t know how to thank you please know that I appreciate your efforts. Should you be reading for the first time today, I also thank you for trusting my writing skills.

“That Sunday afternoon" is also on Youth Village ( thanks to Phumi and her team. This is only the beginning the best is yet to follow.

At this point I’m nearly in tears, its not easy maintaining a blog let alone to write but I’m not the one to just give up on something that has a potential to be great in the process saving me money, I mean when I’m down this is were the “sessions” take place not the shrink's rooms.


Monday, October 08, 2012

It is true, they were "Born this way".

There are certain topics or rather stories that are all over the place, everyone is publishing them but they are met with "be careful" , i mean these stories are just written as exactly that, but the feedback could take any direction depending on the readers.My BBM was abuzz with after-parties  words describing countdown to Christmas were some that really caught my attention.  There i was like a blonde frantically looking at the calender thinking i have a wrong one, don't get me wrong here i was just not understanding the whole concept. I later learned its a countdown to Joburg Gay Pride, an event attracting masses from all corners of the country, continent and some spheres around the world. The phrases branding this event as Christmas can be linked to the challenges the gay and lesbian community is experiencing on daily basis. As i stand unresolved cases are left at some of our police stations  the same personnel the country depends on re cases of sorts. In my understanding its more focusing on gay and lesbians rights.


One of the attendees

Fabulous, for a moment there i thought it was  Khothanement

The circle

To be honest, I was not entirely convinced at first. Mostly because it never adorned on me that I will one day attend such an event. Nonetheless, with a camera and book of we went to Johannesburg Gay Pride. We arrived late just after 11:00 in the morning, the parade was already in Rosebank. As we joined, the festivities back at the Zoo Lake, the venue for the celebrations were already taking shape. Organisers outdid themselves with regard to traffic, everything was smoothly operational, the traffic personnel even had on a pair of panties and bras.

I was quite surprised that the parade had more whites than blacks. Not that it is surprising i mean this is South Africa, we still have so many issues not even to mention our economy state, politics and all other socio-economic.I was told that i have to wait and see later at the celebrations as the most prefer the celebrations not the march, as the day progressed after those parking attendants who actually didn't understand their tittles got it all wrong, their guidance was not a good site that one would associate with the magnitude of an event this kind.The organizers need to look into this, anyway the police had to even move some of the cars parked on the way physically, the labour way.

I hear that printed Mandela money notes will be available soon, well i saw a sign that reads " Pink money" as  we joined to purchase some of the money. It works like coupons where you use them to buy whatever you need at events depending on what they have available. Well booze was available that is the only product i saw trending. Various media houses were also there as always as i was advised, sponsors' PR teams looked like journos to me though it just goes to show how brands are looking after their investments. You should have seen some of the branding and equipment.

Bujy of Yfm fame and Sade of So you think you can dance were the MC's for the day, Mr, Bujyonce as named by his supporters together with Vintage the group from Step up 2 woke the whole park with their "End of time" routine, don't know though if the Queen herself felt about that. as if she saw the event, let me not even bother to get her attention. That group seems to be a hit with the gay community, the way they even know them name to name. Bujy on the other hand i can tell he understand his audience.

Poor Zandile of White Wedding fame, she had to pose all the time. Her fans were on her site making sure they capture every moment she made possible. She radiates beauty and that friendly smile WOW. While on the celebs i also spotted Pearl of Real Goboza on stage, i think she was dancing i cant tell the difference between dancing and trying lately i'm so bad with both. Anyway my suggestion to Mr Price, Markham and Jay Jays, they should consider sponsoring this event their clothes were worn as outfits and incorporated into.
Zandile and friends.

Where was your likes of LuloCafe, Euphonic etc., their line up was not as it should be i think apart from the Crazy white boy, as for Tamara her performance took forever. She could be forgiven though  i think she was showing off her outfit, it was on point as far as  colors concerned. JR was smiling for sure wherever he was, the circle got bigger and bigger as Jika Majika moves and Beyonce's were shown off to an extend were a white boy joined in to show what his mother gave him. Bujy though must up his game some young guys  i saw there really take this celebrity/dancing so serious.

Concluding the night with a bang, was DJ Zinhle and Busiswa. They performed their hit song, My name is. Celebrities were there too, Aaron Moloisi, Dumi, Vuyo and many others.

Thank you again to all those who shared light into this event.
Thando and Mmabatho

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did I just had to rush?

*Sigh of relief* its been a while, I really missed the space introducing me to the world of writing, my my my...the experience I so so missed every inch of it. Well, I have been here reading almost everyday, wanted to look deep into it. Enjoyed reading some not all though as some really echoed what I always feared will follow me.

My mom, I'm her son,baby,"Letter", symbol of her love to my father. Up to this day she doesn't like me in suits as the younger version of my late father surface as I sat quietly in the lounge, *teary*. In my early years I was lucky to come across poeple who cared to advice me even though most of it didn't make sense. I have always been the fast kid, finishes before everyone be it Classwork to Exams, to my peers it was a good thing since I proced good marks. In sports too I would be told, but don't have any medals to prove it, I guess it is true you can't win all the time you loose some.

It was an Accounting class when my fastness proved rather a new era of rushing, one where you rush and get the answers wrong and still protest that you knew the answers. To me I didn't understand why I'll wrong most of the numbers I knew. The farmboy in me thought of witchcraft. My teacher then told me that I rush way too much as a result I don't give my school work the attention it derserves, in thoughts " well, I still pass at the end of the year...duh", he went on to say if I don't learn to control my speed, it will catch up with me later in life.

Dictionary explain the word as an act or move with great speed, I wish you could see my brains right now, all my life I have been rushing. My excuse was " I get bored doing same thing everyday" or "So and so didn't treat me very well" or " I'm chasing the bigger picture". At some point I didn't understand the saying "if you are not happy, do something about it", how I don't know as it is very clear. I looked at individuals not myself, afterall I just wanted to rush.

Time and time again I have proved to myslef that I'm a survivor..but I don't know why I didn't think of superman, he's the only guy who speeds. Most of the I always bounced back if I invest much needed effort, but this time around I have gone to question where did it all go wrong. God provides when you ask and he will show you He's the end if you don't appreciate what he gave to you. In a short period of time, my career I mean, teacher's words came to me.

1. I've started blogging with no proper planning as a result I'm battling to commit.....
2. Lost what I didn't know what's good...until now of cause
3. Fell in love within 30 minutes of meeting...

Moved so fast indeed.....the only positive out of this, I "fastly" realised that I must stop rushing, plan it one day at a time. Now I must learn to trust God and my abilities even more.

Wow I'm glad I was fast.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simple Lesson

I walked around the neighbourhood crying, calling all the ancestral names I could think of. I have come a long way ever since however it doesn't curve nor ends here, I'm still on a journey unknown, we are all. The steep heel its unclear but with preparation and the right equipment I'll climb with confidence. 

Life threw all sorts of ammunations you can think of, however I'm all aware that it is not done. Its not over yet until I wear diapers again, oh my I hope my mother saved those wash and wear ones named "Blue label", don't ask me what it means I can assure you it sure shines like "Hart ports" after seven colours meal on a Sunday afternoon, not literally but I'm sure you get what I mean.

Starting any duty its easy, hope the same applied for the end result. That's just how I feel right now. How many times were you told to finish your dish, laundry, homework etc. I can bet it happens all the time. My unfinished business comprises of sorts of things, some serious and vise versa. I wrote and passed two Learners Driving license but never actually finished the whole process, twice in a row. First time though I had to priorotise, the second time around was directly my fault but it was fault. 

Concluding your desired tasks either big or small its very vital not to mention the fulfilment after that conclusion. Again on the ther hand choices or rather plans are not always on par with your time line or in most cases unrealistic ones are made as a result nagative results occur. 

No one its actually a saint but trully speaking we are all capable but commitment its just another gigantic Kilimanjaro we rather not look at sometimes. Oprah's OWN its not doing well at the moment even her stradom or influence its not what we are used to but the lady its keeping her ears out of the cold with her bandara. She's not special nor is she Mother Theresa but her drive keeps her going. 

Your remember that saying about making your bed and lying on it, yeah that one helped many out it can sure help you out. SWOT analyse yourslef before commiting to any task and most importantly be honest with yourself. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ten years ago,ten years later

I never thought i would be the one echoing some of the "verses" with pride and confidence as i do now. Ten years ago around this time i was more concerned with leaving primary school and becoming a "man", however where my next meal would be from was not my indaba. I remember telling my mom that i would like to own a new bicycle as the one i had then was not cool anymore. I had a BMX so an upgrade to a "Mountain bike" was ideal. She just laughed and said that one day i will have kids of my own i will understand why she cannot get me a new bike.

Ten years later, I'm now on a different sit not to mention situation. My life was perfect, at least i was blessed, at work and personally, with that said brings me to what i actually picked this PC for," greed"...yes that strong desire to want more and more and more. There is nothing wrong with aiming for the stars as they always say should you fail you will end up there.. you know where. It becomes a problem when you really climb everyone on top of their heads just so you can get ahead, forgetting the spirit of Ubuntu. My friend told me that after his graduation he landed an organised job at the local firm where he heads up their HR division. His story was indeed a fairytale, owning the latest gadgets, dining at the perfect places forgetting that his mom sleeps on potatoes he last left at home last December. His friend on the other hand struggling to make ends meet , he would approach him for certain things, responce with ignorance same applied for his family he said. The bitch in him told them to leave him alone, he felt like why should he share his wealth with them whereas he worked butt off on his own. Even a simple R12 airtime would just be an issue. He stripped off all the beliefs he grew with. Life was just fast, work on weekdays then "mogrovo" on weekend. The word "sharing" or rather those in need did not exist in his vocab, i wonder if its right to say his vocab since he checked his purchase receipt which read, Small str. "To narrate what happened to me its just so embarrassing, i cant even type, my fingers tremble as i cry uncontrollably, I don't know where to start but can see now that the word i should have studied beforehand was "greed" and a further thorough analysation of Ubuntu. The friend i ditched its now my parent, every little piece of food digesting in my system its from his pocket, he even prepared the food for me."

I didn't know what to make of this really but just to check myself, the decision i made that nearly got me on the streets not to mention loosing myself in the process. There was a time in my life where i thought i was bigger than my employer. Yes it was not honey actually  it doesn't exist at work. It was my life, i didn't  see the need for me to wake up every morning to do something i hate with passion, bills where sending me there every morning, i didn't not want that i was more concerned about my happiness, but 30% of that whole situation was not realistic i later realised. The story which unfolded thereafter did sent me back to square one luckily not the lowest level you can think of.

Those days where you would just tell people you are well connected really means nothing if you seriously sit down and expect miracles forgetting some of those people don't make decisions not to mention that they just don't sit and wait for your needy calls. Simple term, do not forget what makes you and your direction.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Did I listen to the gentlemen next to me very well or it is just because I did not pay much attention to what he was talking about though I was sure that I could see, hear that he is actually building a persona that he seem to have practiced and decided it will actually work or rather impress the masses amused to be in his presence. At this point I visibly decide to focus on my mag instead, but he didn't seem to have noticed my browsing as he kept on with the lectures I last heard from my grandmother . There and there I decided to tell him to stop so that I could focus on the stories filling my timid magazine pages. You know when I am in this mode, I concentrate as if I am proof reading "the state of the nation speech" to be delivered by Julius. The girl curled- up on one of the spreads doesn't even fade my focus, anyway I can't differentiate a wig and weave, to me they look the same.

I cannot say I'm mad or angry at the person I see on the window turned mirror though, Im actually glad I invested so much energy to know him for full 24years. He's known for breaking boundaries and also known for bad decision making but oh boy he understands fully the learning curves. Loud, at your face kind of a guy, but truly speaking he's also human experiencing the worst you can think of. To some he's the perfect world as smiles can be deceiving but the person who knows him well will just say "excuse me I've seen him at his worst", not to mention the lowest.

I'm sure you are wondering Why do I view this guy this way though, I still have a long way to travel with him, its still early not really but I mean to fully understand him. I look at most of the individuals I know, I worry, not that its my indaba but because I partly know the results of non commitment to life. Direction to me its everything, determination my bread and butter, laziness my hungry stomach. Maybe you still think the world owes you a lot but I don't, even when I'm penniless. You see, success in nothing compared with determination, they are sisters/ brothers.

The tears never roll that easily but sadness can tell stories you have never read.

Before I take off I take the last look and begin to smile. I'm given a day, brains, legs, hands I mean what is my excuse?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mountain schools, graduating as a "man"

I found myself in deep thoughts, odd years ago as a small boy yearning for acceptance and sense of belonging. My brother told me not to go as he won't be there to look after me for the whole month, he was just concerned as he had been there. Friends told me it was about time we also became men. It did make sense but I kept on asking the difference with circumcision performed at the doctor, the explanation provided was fit for decision making but not logic in the sense that I did not see the difference. I mean the results are the same. As at this time I did not know the teachings and other lessons I beam with pride when I think about them.

The fist two days were the hardest of them all, I regretted my choice immediately after admission. Amidst stats showing alarming death rate re the practice respected by many and practiced by few cultures, I survived in fact all graduated.

The ritual dates back many years ago. According to my sources, it was used not only as circumcision but an opportunity to teach and groom young men, knowledge and skills we also transferred. Preparation to fatherhood and responsibilities of a man in society. The amount of respect one is shown from the society post graduation is amazing so only a hand full don't practice or rather attend to this ritual.

Most of the points revealed through my sources were evident at my time of attending the ritual. I started understanding my actions and responsibilities also my say in society.

It was not easy though, there were days I missed home so much that I wanted to quit knowing very well its not acceptable. I remember one day asking my brother the ins and outs of back home, I could see he wanted to tell me but he could not due to the fact that I will end up crying and that would break him. The celebrations, songs were just awesome not to mention the fun I had with friends, I remember when we used to count weeks thereafter days, we would list all the girls we would like to go after as soon as we arrive at home.

The bird was free at last so was its wings, I was so colorful actually color blocked on the day of my graduation. Beads and my short were so nicely coordinated thanks to the elders. While being accepted back to the society as men with an end ceremony fit for a king; only a week long teachings at home then I was now ready.

How you view your culture and its rituals may not play an important role to everyone, however the most important thing its what you take from them and actually applying them. Yes, we can't look away when those that use the ritual as an excuse to make a quick buck, they have to be locked away, lives are lost in the process as a result reflecting bad to the ritual itself.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

That Sunday afternoon

It was on Sunday afternoon just hours after the loud music from the church band, when I decided to finally give online dating a try. There I was with a pen and paper scribbling names I could use, I finally settled for "informed", it made sense to what I thought I knew at that time. I browsed around to what seemed like half naked pictures on some of the profiles. Days went by so did weeks; somehow I knew I will be successful with a "shag" but the inner voice in me whispered even better results, a relationship.

Fun, it was. I mean the things people ask make one wonder if they will actually ask in person. Some are even brave, inbox you their own private numbers even worse a physical address. R5.00 automatically looked like air time, luckily at that time vendors were not greedy; R1.00 was not added. After so many countless chats and three to four meetings, one was interesting that after only two days of chatting we decided to meet at a local mall. The day is so clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday. The meeting was scheduled or rather arranged for 14h00, I rocked my best outfit knowingly that it was not a formal date.

I took one last stare at the picture that was sent to me when we exchanged pictures, then one last look at myself, I was out running when I realized I was running late. My thoughts were disturbed by the taxi driver demanding cash as he shouted my arrival. Instead of being angry at him I laughed so much when I told him to keep the change, not that it was much but at least he would afford five sweets, after all he needs them, I concluded as I smelled his breath with every word he muttered.

A text message just confirmed my date's arrival. I went straight to my date, spotted by the cap worn on the picture I had in my pictures file on my phone. When we finally opted for the local grill stools, my temperature was on another level as my imagination went AWOL, need I mention they boy in my pants. I felt like we have known each other for a while, strangely I related to this person in front of me, I concluded as we walked to the not so busiest site of the mall. Yes, we exchanged saliva while on that hot,long kissing session. At that stage we decided to date.

Some days felt like heaven, little did I know what I was about to discover, the same person who echoed honesty with every sentence was actually married with two adorable children I would later love so much. Disappearing acts of about a week did not even turn me off amidst this revelation. I made piece with the fact that I was a "roll-on", the role I would get an "A" if it were academically ranked.

Those days were over now, the marriage partner was out of the picture luckily the partner understood and accepted the situation later moved out to the family home. Did you partner approve our relationship? I would constantly ask my dearest. Not that I wanted confirmation as I received the kindness when I visited when our relationship was known to the partner.

Months after I moved in, honeymoon was soon over. My friends were not allowed to visit and a visit to them sparked serious arguments, as a result we decided to visit together to friends. The day I never imagined in my wildest dreams came. In the morning, my date was the first to leave, but that day I was told that non-reporting for duty will be exercised, so I decided to wake up and prepare for work. In between breaks at work I would call just to check up like I always did, that day I was greeted by a voice mail throughout the day. I battled to concentrate and I constantly checked the time, immediately when 16:30 on the dot I ran like never before to the taxi rank. When I finally unlocked the door I was met with unusual only. The bed we shared was not made, food was not cooked and I quickly opened the closet....I battled to stand I just fell on the bed; it was over. But why? Was the sex the night before the cause? I couldn't cry but plucked the strength to ask around of my date's whereabouts, of this day, I still don't know for sure apart from what I have been told an sms.

Luckily I had people and friends who were there for me. I told myself that I will bounce back which I did two months later. Well my "date" is gone

Thursday, February 02, 2012

12 months talk

January - I have so many names its not even funny anymore but what can I say, people just had so many rounds with my sister, some even forget the events of yesterdays. The pictures attached to my name are so embarrassing, but true. If its not people comparing me to some nasty or not so cool food then its the rhyme of my name, I was even tempted to charge a fee should I spot a remix with my name.

February - I'm such a sweetheart I would like to believe, the luckiest of them all. Let me checklist, month supply of sex(check); chocolates- the best brands in the world(check);hunks and honeys(check). OMG how could I forget that the world celebrate me, I feel like Charlize Theron, the girl from Benoni when she won that Oscar. Flip the coin, I'm not so friendly when you are single my friend, you would want me to disappear so quickly phela you don't score unless you are that one with benefits. The funny thing is, I'm too short maybe its time I apply for an extension, a girl needs to try "hai no" or even better I can also buy fake days over the counter like those girls who has fake nails,hair...I don't even want to mention their boobs and skin bleaching its just not ayoba. Sorry to offend you ladies, don't worry chocolates and flowers are in order.

March - Sweat that's how I roll lol. I will hug you in advance.

April - Religious circle "nje". I'm mostly in Limpopo, so my lips are sealed. You seriously don't want enemies from this province.

May - Family planning. The workforce just love me, anyway who doesn't like a free holiday.

June - "Bula nthweo, bula bula....I also feel bad, electricity goes up, my brothers at the streets and my underprivileged in shacks are freezing because of me. Just pass me some tissue to dry my tears. I also need that Choice add some lube.

July - I'm so cold and I think one night stand will be fine.

August - Are you pregnant? I guess I am. But wait till next month to test. I'm so windy it gets to me sometimes.

September - I have been dumped..sies man..was I a winter blanket, oh ya I forgot. The baby is coming yeh babe...ooh WOW did you just say you don't care? *cries for weeks*

October - oh well, that's a blonde moment. Not that I don't have much to say but I just don't know how to put it. I got an F in Speech and Public Speaking at school.

November - Countdown has begun but eish sometimes I don't get bonuses.."ranta ya fokola" anyway let me attend this work functions, I don't like talking a lot I'm waiting for that final day.

December - I'm just an open book. My calendar its fully booked, the most being parties and yes booze on each. Many business owners just love my ass, they will do anything to make sure that's the only thing they see..while I push my trolley

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Society, is time you face your contribution

I so love my addiction to twitter, yes I know...I know its wrong. Apart from learning so much about individuals, provoking stories also fill my "time line". My eyes went AWOL to a tweet which went on about one of the respected king hating on gays. Not that it was surprising, actually it was shocking to say the least. The statement apparently is investigated by the relevant body, so until then folks, the same body will decide the fate.

While my eyes were still so rather bitchy, little did I know that what I was about to read was even heavier. In this country, yes this democratic one we live in, hate crimes are hardly resolved; evidently so, loved ones were lost last year in the hands of an unknown murderer who is rumored to be looming gay clubs and dating sites. I read that a Bloemfontein gay man went missing or rather missing and the report further suggest that his family last heard from him prior to him meeting with his a friend he met on a dating site. With that said may the police please find the man using the tax money we happily pay. I'll thank them once it is done. For now the public please also help the "pohopo".

Dating sites are his main target it seems. If you think about it, it takes someone who is clued up about the gay life to orchestrate this kind of crimes. Whether we like it or not, it takes two to tango. Many gay men own a dating site account, but many do not use their brains and practicality, but let lust to think for them. Yes we are all human, but that does not mean you need to forget about your safety. Its your duty to protect yourself no one else.

On the other hand I blame the society at large. There are individuals who are totally against the gay community; the hatred is so strong it burns the front seat of the taxi driver who find it so easy to swear to a site of gay man. Some people still argue that we are not ready to a site of a men kissing, well that is totally cap; the media is bombarded with "now out" stories, so does series exploring gay scripts. Yes...many only get used to the issue once there is a gay men within their family, so how is it that different to the one at the street?_________your answer on that blank space, I thank you.

You don't find it difficult to approach a girl on the streets because you say its "normal", but don't you think they should do the same as well( to other gay men of cause)? If you stop beating them when they show affection to their boyfriends in public? They have to watch their backs all the time, thanks to you hater? They marry wives so to get you off their backs malome and you know what, the poor girl will be heart broken one day. Because of you majority of them use dating sites and yes they end up meeting and building successful relationships and some good sex. Unfortunately others fall in the hands of what I call an obsessed bitch who just want to prove a point.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The itch can over power you

The road to discovery is very lonely and stressful, yet many still travel on that same road.  We are destined for greater things in life I believe, but where do you start? Do you listen to your peers, parents or inner voice? Truly I wouldn’t know as individuality plays a very important part in that regard, but I know exactly where you are right now.

Comfortable lifestyle, you know where you are going on Monday morning; your desk at work, a position you beat your fellow candidates to get it. You diary sorted so is the outfit.  What do you do for a living? Is one of your favorite questions while out for a jol, simply because you know exactly what to say.
You flip the coin, a story I would not tell a soul.....oop s I’m telling now.  The more and more you try so hard to convince yourself you are enjoying your job, the more you hate it. There comes a time in your working life, good paying job but not a happy career individual, in most cases not so good working environment from all aspects. “Bills have to be paid”, that is the motto of the days you spent at work.  Leave days are like holidays to you.  I’m sure it’s not the job that troubles you so much

I’m no stranger to the second scenario above, I have started my career quite early than expected, at 19, one year certificate graduate from a college, thanks to the Director of that college who gave me the opportunity to study. It was a fairytale story, completed matric in Limpopo, excited to move to Johannesburg, the city I have been longing to see since my childhood.  I had no plans, what I knew was that I wanted to study; however little did I know that you cant just say you want to study, you need to start applying while in matric at your desired university. 

It was perfect indeed; after all I was still new in the working class. I enjoyed my time there, the remuneration was not an issue but I was to myself. After seven months I was not prepared to spent anther day, saw no future, growth.  I was doing well but not emotionally.  The day finally came, I woke up earlier than I would, I started thinking and I decided no more. Just like that. Lessons learned never please your boss on your emotional expense. 

Years later I found myself in the slightly same situation and this time around, the lesson this time; with your first job make sure you follow your passion not money. Yes it will not pay your bills but it will lead you to greener pasture. be continued.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When help is misinterpreted

You don't ask for help, you won't get any however do not blame anyone for not helping you. How many friendships have been broken?, where the situation always involves " I was there for you and you were not". Don't misinterpret the saying; when days are dark, friends are few, quotes have a two way meaning I would like to believe.

People will help you if you are honest with them and also if you help yourself, you can't just sit, folding your arms waiting; like a chicken scratch around. Yes, you are in trouble I get that, but why do you have to lie while seeking help. Money gives birth to many fights so does lies. Desperation must never cloud your mind.

There is always a two way to a story, that's for sure. In life you meet those people who hardly takes responsibility for their own mistakes forgetting that we often don't look at your mistakes but what you learn from them practically also how you react to them. Individuals have their own problems consider that when you cloud with yours.

You use people for your own gain and celebrate, boomerang effect is not baked at a bakery where your buy your banana loaf, its very real.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My beloved late sister

When my father passed away, the only thing I could think about was my mom. She never cried so much in my presence but that day I saw another side of her that scared me.

Four years later few months after my sister's funeral, I found myself crying like my mother, I was reading a story about a lady and her brother who had cookies on christmas baked by their grandmother during the festive period, also how christmas was with only three of them and the cookies of course.

I related so much to her story, felt as if she knew mine; that for the first time since my father's passing, christmas was screaming lonely for me. My late sister shadowed his presence with her advice and caring. I remember when I passed matric, she bought me my first cake, a braai was organized inviting my close friends and booze was also on the menu. I ended up losing the new shoes she bought me. Her laughter when I came back the following day, dirty like a pig, just make me want to cry again.

She made serious mistakes which she always emphasized that I must not make, teaching me the importance of thanking those that are there for me. Her singing voice was so refreshing even though I would hide her Celine Dion cassettes, so to avoid noise on the summer day.

Thanks to her I learned to take it one day at a time with my son, so that I can be a good father to him and an uncle to my two niece.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you

Matured audience know the right time to act and formulate a plan in line to the desired destination, while the opposite "sex" moan and complain about everything, a walk to the bathroom to them is Thaba Modimolle.

Taking refuge on social networks, employers and colleagues insulted to the last insult a dictionary can offer. Sadly there is no hero or heroine with this kind of behavior, conclude with the word "stupidity". As much as is too hard to swallow, why don't you approach the matter in a civilized manner and engage with the relevant, required audience not your followers or friends. "Babotje chomi" won't pay your bills but talk behind your back when you face an empty bank balance. Throw away that "social network thinking", need I remind you that you have brains.

It is about time you know that attitude is more important than fact. You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you. Instead of pulling an Oscar performance when errors arise, find a way to communicate better and usable solutions to eliminate future errors. Power hungry and proving a point will get you nowhere, learn to use your powers where and when required. Employers are more focused on solutions driven employees, keep this I'm mind.

One is not willing to befriend bad attitudes, apply the same principle at work.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Leave those lies with the school uniform

How many times do you rehearse your scripts?, it seems like you are just a natural kid. Unfortunately you will dance to your own beat at the end of the day.

Good news indeed, matric its over and you have achieved greatly. I saw you today singing "Survivor" on your way from school to fetch your statement. Keep the lyrics in your head, you will need them.

Most of the matriculants will be joining their peers at various educational institutions, to embark on another yet rewarding journey, "terms and conditions" apply kind of a situation. While some are still deciding, opportunistic kids are grabbing the opportunity with both hands, in the lie department of course. Our parents work hard and sacrifice a lot, however they are also victims of bankruptcy thanks to their kids' lies. Instead of explaining the pros and cons of money for that dream career, money is being spent on clothes and "imaginary" institutions kids claim to have registered. They lie about everything, from fees to accommodation. If you are parent you are so lucky if yours doesn't.

Parents will give you the assistance you require if they have the means, they don't have time to investigate your stories. However this shoe doesn't fit all, some do, so be care full.

Your lies will take you nowhere. Make sure you study within your means, not to fit in. "I'll just tel them its for the textbooks" - my then college mate said. No matter how small the lie, It is still a lie. This sickness called lie you have to live it at high school as it will become a habit which you don't need, trust me.

You probably don't realize that you lie to yourself with each and every lie. You are a building a persona on a lie, don't try to convince yourself, be sure before you say or do anything.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Cyber" conversation with Ashifashabba "Motsetserepa" Muleya

Known for his comic brilliance, Limpopo born comedian/Radio DJ, Ashifashabba Muleya has since returned home with his breakfast show on Capricorn FM. He is one of the best entertainers Limpopo has ever produced. Together with other stakeholders, they gave birth to Capricorn FM, which is making remarkable waves in Africa's Eden. Here is what he had yo say;

Tau ya Masepeng :  Who is Ashifa and where were you born?

Ashiffa: 36 year old, African young man, who is pro Africa, belongs to the crusade
aimed at decolonizing Africa, was born in Makwarela kasie.

T: Growing up, what did you want to be?
A: Civil Engineer, I did study it and practised it for only two years and
quit for IT which I also studied, then in 1999 joined YFM. 2002
Muvhango, 2004 Ashifashabba Comedy on SABC 2, 2007 Capricorn FM
shareholder and presenter of the Ashifa Breakfast on Capricorn FM

T : When did your career start?
A: Started radio in 1993 at TNT Radio, Technikon
Northern Transvaal now Tshwane University of Technology

T : Have you ever thought you will be where you are now?
A: Well, YES... God helps go getters to achieve their dreams you see.

T : When was Capricorn FM concept born?
A: 2005.. by Given Mkhari, Simphiwe Mdlalose, Ashifashabba and Limpopo
Women in Business

T : What has been the biggest challenge so far since it's inception?
A: To keep it innovative, fresh and relevant to our audience.

T : We have other radio station in Limpopo, what makes Capricorn FM unique?
A: We are a melting pot of Limpopo Cultures. One Radio for the main tribes
of Limpopo

T: What does radio mean to you?
A: The best thing that ever happened to mankind after sliced bread. You can
listed to it anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Almost anyone who is old enough
can listed to it.

T: Who would you say it's the best public figure you have interviewed so

A: Senyaka was FUN to interview, politicians tend to be too serious!

T: Who do you admire?
A: Nelson Mandela

T :  Do you plan to incorporate Khelobedu at Capricorn FM in future?
A: That is a licensing issue, but I thought Khelobedu is a dialect ya

T : Limpopo was in the spotlight this year on Idols and many ruled that
we don't have talent, what's your take on this?

A: That can't be true, we have everything in this province- Politicians
(Julias Malema, Cyril Ramaphosa), Singers(Judith Sephuma, DJ Cleo,
Selaelo Selota, DJ Choice.

T : Your breakfast show is doing well, would you say it's because of your
super current content or your popularity thanks to your TV show?

A: Thank you for the compliment, Well, it's hard work and team spirit...You
see being popular because of my TV show will not make people love the radio
show is the team does not put in the hard work.

T: Unemployment it's rife in Limpopo so is teenage pregnancy, ignorance
from the youth, would you say Capricorn FM helping in educating our

A: Yes we are, but people themselves my change their attitude towards their
sexuality, on Unemployment the Government should come up with more Youth
Programmes Please..Youth is the Future..

T : What advice can you give to aspiring radio DJ's, comedians?
A: Radio DJs should practice at community radio and email me for advise
(, Comedians should choose their own style and not
copy others, that way they will be unique, like that guy called
Ashifashabba...He is second to none.

T:  Lastly, the future for Capricorn FM?
A: Our wish for this year is to increase our listenership to 2 Million, We
are working hard on that.

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as i did compiling the post. With that said, keep your eyes on this blog for another Limpopo born positive moves maker.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Who is Tau Ya Masepeng?

Tau, a lion in English refers to an animal associated with the Serepe's whom in this case are referred to as Masepeng. When I say associated, I mean that back then every clan chose an animal which will symbolize their say in society as a whole and also an identity, so I might bite you, I am a lion after all. We hail from Venda in the early years of my family history, later settled near now what is called Noblohoek. When many clans relocated into villages, my family chose Ga-Sedibeng, the village that has since gave birth to the children, grandsons, great-grandsons of the Serepe's.

I'm one of the grandsons, born at the time when apartheid was indicating an end, and raised under the freedom I sometimes abuse, thanks to those who fought for it. For my existence, Mohale Serepe and Mokgadi Molele, Noko ya Molele happened. I speak the language spoken by the Rain Queen herself, eat food that is not chef mastered,bathed with the Shamokhowe waters. Initiated Ga-Maupa ga Tepanyekga, sang songs of praise and danced along to Penny Penny and Shakabundu girls.