Thursday, January 26, 2012

Society, is time you face your contribution

I so love my addiction to twitter, yes I know...I know its wrong. Apart from learning so much about individuals, provoking stories also fill my "time line". My eyes went AWOL to a tweet which went on about one of the respected king hating on gays. Not that it was surprising, actually it was shocking to say the least. The statement apparently is investigated by the relevant body, so until then folks, the same body will decide the fate.

While my eyes were still so rather bitchy, little did I know that what I was about to read was even heavier. In this country, yes this democratic one we live in, hate crimes are hardly resolved; evidently so, loved ones were lost last year in the hands of an unknown murderer who is rumored to be looming gay clubs and dating sites. I read that a Bloemfontein gay man went missing or rather missing and the report further suggest that his family last heard from him prior to him meeting with his a friend he met on a dating site. With that said may the police please find the man using the tax money we happily pay. I'll thank them once it is done. For now the public please also help the "pohopo".

Dating sites are his main target it seems. If you think about it, it takes someone who is clued up about the gay life to orchestrate this kind of crimes. Whether we like it or not, it takes two to tango. Many gay men own a dating site account, but many do not use their brains and practicality, but let lust to think for them. Yes we are all human, but that does not mean you need to forget about your safety. Its your duty to protect yourself no one else.

On the other hand I blame the society at large. There are individuals who are totally against the gay community; the hatred is so strong it burns the front seat of the taxi driver who find it so easy to swear to a site of gay man. Some people still argue that we are not ready to a site of a men kissing, well that is totally cap; the media is bombarded with "now out" stories, so does series exploring gay scripts. Yes...many only get used to the issue once there is a gay men within their family, so how is it that different to the one at the street?_________your answer on that blank space, I thank you.

You don't find it difficult to approach a girl on the streets because you say its "normal", but don't you think they should do the same as well( to other gay men of cause)? If you stop beating them when they show affection to their boyfriends in public? They have to watch their backs all the time, thanks to you hater? They marry wives so to get you off their backs malome and you know what, the poor girl will be heart broken one day. Because of you majority of them use dating sites and yes they end up meeting and building successful relationships and some good sex. Unfortunately others fall in the hands of what I call an obsessed bitch who just want to prove a point.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The itch can over power you

The road to discovery is very lonely and stressful, yet many still travel on that same road.  We are destined for greater things in life I believe, but where do you start? Do you listen to your peers, parents or inner voice? Truly I wouldn’t know as individuality plays a very important part in that regard, but I know exactly where you are right now.

Comfortable lifestyle, you know where you are going on Monday morning; your desk at work, a position you beat your fellow candidates to get it. You diary sorted so is the outfit.  What do you do for a living? Is one of your favorite questions while out for a jol, simply because you know exactly what to say.
You flip the coin, a story I would not tell a soul.....oop s I’m telling now.  The more and more you try so hard to convince yourself you are enjoying your job, the more you hate it. There comes a time in your working life, good paying job but not a happy career individual, in most cases not so good working environment from all aspects. “Bills have to be paid”, that is the motto of the days you spent at work.  Leave days are like holidays to you.  I’m sure it’s not the job that troubles you so much

I’m no stranger to the second scenario above, I have started my career quite early than expected, at 19, one year certificate graduate from a college, thanks to the Director of that college who gave me the opportunity to study. It was a fairytale story, completed matric in Limpopo, excited to move to Johannesburg, the city I have been longing to see since my childhood.  I had no plans, what I knew was that I wanted to study; however little did I know that you cant just say you want to study, you need to start applying while in matric at your desired university. 

It was perfect indeed; after all I was still new in the working class. I enjoyed my time there, the remuneration was not an issue but I was to myself. After seven months I was not prepared to spent anther day, saw no future, growth.  I was doing well but not emotionally.  The day finally came, I woke up earlier than I would, I started thinking and I decided no more. Just like that. Lessons learned never please your boss on your emotional expense. 

Years later I found myself in the slightly same situation and this time around, the lesson this time; with your first job make sure you follow your passion not money. Yes it will not pay your bills but it will lead you to greener pasture. be continued.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When help is misinterpreted

You don't ask for help, you won't get any however do not blame anyone for not helping you. How many friendships have been broken?, where the situation always involves " I was there for you and you were not". Don't misinterpret the saying; when days are dark, friends are few, quotes have a two way meaning I would like to believe.

People will help you if you are honest with them and also if you help yourself, you can't just sit, folding your arms waiting; like a chicken scratch around. Yes, you are in trouble I get that, but why do you have to lie while seeking help. Money gives birth to many fights so does lies. Desperation must never cloud your mind.

There is always a two way to a story, that's for sure. In life you meet those people who hardly takes responsibility for their own mistakes forgetting that we often don't look at your mistakes but what you learn from them practically also how you react to them. Individuals have their own problems consider that when you cloud with yours.

You use people for your own gain and celebrate, boomerang effect is not baked at a bakery where your buy your banana loaf, its very real.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My beloved late sister

When my father passed away, the only thing I could think about was my mom. She never cried so much in my presence but that day I saw another side of her that scared me.

Four years later few months after my sister's funeral, I found myself crying like my mother, I was reading a story about a lady and her brother who had cookies on christmas baked by their grandmother during the festive period, also how christmas was with only three of them and the cookies of course.

I related so much to her story, felt as if she knew mine; that for the first time since my father's passing, christmas was screaming lonely for me. My late sister shadowed his presence with her advice and caring. I remember when I passed matric, she bought me my first cake, a braai was organized inviting my close friends and booze was also on the menu. I ended up losing the new shoes she bought me. Her laughter when I came back the following day, dirty like a pig, just make me want to cry again.

She made serious mistakes which she always emphasized that I must not make, teaching me the importance of thanking those that are there for me. Her singing voice was so refreshing even though I would hide her Celine Dion cassettes, so to avoid noise on the summer day.

Thanks to her I learned to take it one day at a time with my son, so that I can be a good father to him and an uncle to my two niece.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you

Matured audience know the right time to act and formulate a plan in line to the desired destination, while the opposite "sex" moan and complain about everything, a walk to the bathroom to them is Thaba Modimolle.

Taking refuge on social networks, employers and colleagues insulted to the last insult a dictionary can offer. Sadly there is no hero or heroine with this kind of behavior, conclude with the word "stupidity". As much as is too hard to swallow, why don't you approach the matter in a civilized manner and engage with the relevant, required audience not your followers or friends. "Babotje chomi" won't pay your bills but talk behind your back when you face an empty bank balance. Throw away that "social network thinking", need I remind you that you have brains.

It is about time you know that attitude is more important than fact. You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you. Instead of pulling an Oscar performance when errors arise, find a way to communicate better and usable solutions to eliminate future errors. Power hungry and proving a point will get you nowhere, learn to use your powers where and when required. Employers are more focused on solutions driven employees, keep this I'm mind.

One is not willing to befriend bad attitudes, apply the same principle at work.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Leave those lies with the school uniform

How many times do you rehearse your scripts?, it seems like you are just a natural kid. Unfortunately you will dance to your own beat at the end of the day.

Good news indeed, matric its over and you have achieved greatly. I saw you today singing "Survivor" on your way from school to fetch your statement. Keep the lyrics in your head, you will need them.

Most of the matriculants will be joining their peers at various educational institutions, to embark on another yet rewarding journey, "terms and conditions" apply kind of a situation. While some are still deciding, opportunistic kids are grabbing the opportunity with both hands, in the lie department of course. Our parents work hard and sacrifice a lot, however they are also victims of bankruptcy thanks to their kids' lies. Instead of explaining the pros and cons of money for that dream career, money is being spent on clothes and "imaginary" institutions kids claim to have registered. They lie about everything, from fees to accommodation. If you are parent you are so lucky if yours doesn't.

Parents will give you the assistance you require if they have the means, they don't have time to investigate your stories. However this shoe doesn't fit all, some do, so be care full.

Your lies will take you nowhere. Make sure you study within your means, not to fit in. "I'll just tel them its for the textbooks" - my then college mate said. No matter how small the lie, It is still a lie. This sickness called lie you have to live it at high school as it will become a habit which you don't need, trust me.

You probably don't realize that you lie to yourself with each and every lie. You are a building a persona on a lie, don't try to convince yourself, be sure before you say or do anything.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Cyber" conversation with Ashifashabba "Motsetserepa" Muleya

Known for his comic brilliance, Limpopo born comedian/Radio DJ, Ashifashabba Muleya has since returned home with his breakfast show on Capricorn FM. He is one of the best entertainers Limpopo has ever produced. Together with other stakeholders, they gave birth to Capricorn FM, which is making remarkable waves in Africa's Eden. Here is what he had yo say;

Tau ya Masepeng :  Who is Ashifa and where were you born?

Ashiffa: 36 year old, African young man, who is pro Africa, belongs to the crusade
aimed at decolonizing Africa, was born in Makwarela kasie.

T: Growing up, what did you want to be?
A: Civil Engineer, I did study it and practised it for only two years and
quit for IT which I also studied, then in 1999 joined YFM. 2002
Muvhango, 2004 Ashifashabba Comedy on SABC 2, 2007 Capricorn FM
shareholder and presenter of the Ashifa Breakfast on Capricorn FM

T : When did your career start?
A: Started radio in 1993 at TNT Radio, Technikon
Northern Transvaal now Tshwane University of Technology

T : Have you ever thought you will be where you are now?
A: Well, YES... God helps go getters to achieve their dreams you see.

T : When was Capricorn FM concept born?
A: 2005.. by Given Mkhari, Simphiwe Mdlalose, Ashifashabba and Limpopo
Women in Business

T : What has been the biggest challenge so far since it's inception?
A: To keep it innovative, fresh and relevant to our audience.

T : We have other radio station in Limpopo, what makes Capricorn FM unique?
A: We are a melting pot of Limpopo Cultures. One Radio for the main tribes
of Limpopo

T: What does radio mean to you?
A: The best thing that ever happened to mankind after sliced bread. You can
listed to it anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Almost anyone who is old enough
can listed to it.

T: Who would you say it's the best public figure you have interviewed so

A: Senyaka was FUN to interview, politicians tend to be too serious!

T: Who do you admire?
A: Nelson Mandela

T :  Do you plan to incorporate Khelobedu at Capricorn FM in future?
A: That is a licensing issue, but I thought Khelobedu is a dialect ya

T : Limpopo was in the spotlight this year on Idols and many ruled that
we don't have talent, what's your take on this?

A: That can't be true, we have everything in this province- Politicians
(Julias Malema, Cyril Ramaphosa), Singers(Judith Sephuma, DJ Cleo,
Selaelo Selota, DJ Choice.

T : Your breakfast show is doing well, would you say it's because of your
super current content or your popularity thanks to your TV show?

A: Thank you for the compliment, Well, it's hard work and team spirit...You
see being popular because of my TV show will not make people love the radio
show is the team does not put in the hard work.

T: Unemployment it's rife in Limpopo so is teenage pregnancy, ignorance
from the youth, would you say Capricorn FM helping in educating our

A: Yes we are, but people themselves my change their attitude towards their
sexuality, on Unemployment the Government should come up with more Youth
Programmes Please..Youth is the Future..

T : What advice can you give to aspiring radio DJ's, comedians?
A: Radio DJs should practice at community radio and email me for advise
(, Comedians should choose their own style and not
copy others, that way they will be unique, like that guy called
Ashifashabba...He is second to none.

T:  Lastly, the future for Capricorn FM?
A: Our wish for this year is to increase our listenership to 2 Million, We
are working hard on that.

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as i did compiling the post. With that said, keep your eyes on this blog for another Limpopo born positive moves maker.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Who is Tau Ya Masepeng?

Tau, a lion in English refers to an animal associated with the Serepe's whom in this case are referred to as Masepeng. When I say associated, I mean that back then every clan chose an animal which will symbolize their say in society as a whole and also an identity, so I might bite you, I am a lion after all. We hail from Venda in the early years of my family history, later settled near now what is called Noblohoek. When many clans relocated into villages, my family chose Ga-Sedibeng, the village that has since gave birth to the children, grandsons, great-grandsons of the Serepe's.

I'm one of the grandsons, born at the time when apartheid was indicating an end, and raised under the freedom I sometimes abuse, thanks to those who fought for it. For my existence, Mohale Serepe and Mokgadi Molele, Noko ya Molele happened. I speak the language spoken by the Rain Queen herself, eat food that is not chef mastered,bathed with the Shamokhowe waters. Initiated Ga-Maupa ga Tepanyekga, sang songs of praise and danced along to Penny Penny and Shakabundu girls.