Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Cyber" conversation with Ashifashabba "Motsetserepa" Muleya

Known for his comic brilliance, Limpopo born comedian/Radio DJ, Ashifashabba Muleya has since returned home with his breakfast show on Capricorn FM. He is one of the best entertainers Limpopo has ever produced. Together with other stakeholders, they gave birth to Capricorn FM, which is making remarkable waves in Africa's Eden. Here is what he had yo say;

Tau ya Masepeng :  Who is Ashifa and where were you born?

Ashiffa: 36 year old, African young man, who is pro Africa, belongs to the crusade
aimed at decolonizing Africa, was born in Makwarela kasie.

T: Growing up, what did you want to be?
A: Civil Engineer, I did study it and practised it for only two years and
quit for IT which I also studied, then in 1999 joined YFM. 2002
Muvhango, 2004 Ashifashabba Comedy on SABC 2, 2007 Capricorn FM
shareholder and presenter of the Ashifa Breakfast on Capricorn FM

T : When did your career start?
A: Started radio in 1993 at TNT Radio, Technikon
Northern Transvaal now Tshwane University of Technology

T : Have you ever thought you will be where you are now?
A: Well, YES... God helps go getters to achieve their dreams you see.

T : When was Capricorn FM concept born?
A: 2005.. by Given Mkhari, Simphiwe Mdlalose, Ashifashabba and Limpopo
Women in Business

T : What has been the biggest challenge so far since it's inception?
A: To keep it innovative, fresh and relevant to our audience.

T : We have other radio station in Limpopo, what makes Capricorn FM unique?
A: We are a melting pot of Limpopo Cultures. One Radio for the main tribes
of Limpopo

T: What does radio mean to you?
A: The best thing that ever happened to mankind after sliced bread. You can
listed to it anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Almost anyone who is old enough
can listed to it.

T: Who would you say it's the best public figure you have interviewed so

A: Senyaka was FUN to interview, politicians tend to be too serious!

T: Who do you admire?
A: Nelson Mandela

T :  Do you plan to incorporate Khelobedu at Capricorn FM in future?
A: That is a licensing issue, but I thought Khelobedu is a dialect ya

T : Limpopo was in the spotlight this year on Idols and many ruled that
we don't have talent, what's your take on this?

A: That can't be true, we have everything in this province- Politicians
(Julias Malema, Cyril Ramaphosa), Singers(Judith Sephuma, DJ Cleo,
Selaelo Selota, DJ Choice.

T : Your breakfast show is doing well, would you say it's because of your
super current content or your popularity thanks to your TV show?

A: Thank you for the compliment, Well, it's hard work and team spirit...You
see being popular because of my TV show will not make people love the radio
show is the team does not put in the hard work.

T: Unemployment it's rife in Limpopo so is teenage pregnancy, ignorance
from the youth, would you say Capricorn FM helping in educating our

A: Yes we are, but people themselves my change their attitude towards their
sexuality, on Unemployment the Government should come up with more Youth
Programmes Please..Youth is the Future..

T : What advice can you give to aspiring radio DJ's, comedians?
A: Radio DJs should practice at community radio and email me for advise
(, Comedians should choose their own style and not
copy others, that way they will be unique, like that guy called
Ashifashabba...He is second to none.

T:  Lastly, the future for Capricorn FM?
A: Our wish for this year is to increase our listenership to 2 Million, We
are working hard on that.

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as i did compiling the post. With that said, keep your eyes on this blog for another Limpopo born positive moves maker.
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