Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The itch can over power you

The road to discovery is very lonely and stressful, yet many still travel on that same road.  We are destined for greater things in life I believe, but where do you start? Do you listen to your peers, parents or inner voice? Truly I wouldn’t know as individuality plays a very important part in that regard, but I know exactly where you are right now.

Comfortable lifestyle, you know where you are going on Monday morning; your desk at work, a position you beat your fellow candidates to get it. You diary sorted so is the outfit.  What do you do for a living? Is one of your favorite questions while out for a jol, simply because you know exactly what to say.
You flip the coin, a story I would not tell a soul.....oop s I’m telling now.  The more and more you try so hard to convince yourself you are enjoying your job, the more you hate it. There comes a time in your working life, good paying job but not a happy career individual, in most cases not so good working environment from all aspects. “Bills have to be paid”, that is the motto of the days you spent at work.  Leave days are like holidays to you.  I’m sure it’s not the job that troubles you so much

I’m no stranger to the second scenario above, I have started my career quite early than expected, at 19, one year certificate graduate from a college, thanks to the Director of that college who gave me the opportunity to study. It was a fairytale story, completed matric in Limpopo, excited to move to Johannesburg, the city I have been longing to see since my childhood.  I had no plans, what I knew was that I wanted to study; however little did I know that you cant just say you want to study, you need to start applying while in matric at your desired university. 

It was perfect indeed; after all I was still new in the working class. I enjoyed my time there, the remuneration was not an issue but I was to myself. After seven months I was not prepared to spent anther day, saw no future, growth.  I was doing well but not emotionally.  The day finally came, I woke up earlier than I would, I started thinking and I decided no more. Just like that. Lessons learned never please your boss on your emotional expense. 

Years later I found myself in the slightly same situation and this time around, the lesson this time; with your first job make sure you follow your passion not money. Yes it will not pay your bills but it will lead you to greener pasture. ......to be continued.
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