Friday, January 06, 2012

Leave those lies with the school uniform

How many times do you rehearse your scripts?, it seems like you are just a natural kid. Unfortunately you will dance to your own beat at the end of the day.

Good news indeed, matric its over and you have achieved greatly. I saw you today singing "Survivor" on your way from school to fetch your statement. Keep the lyrics in your head, you will need them.

Most of the matriculants will be joining their peers at various educational institutions, to embark on another yet rewarding journey, "terms and conditions" apply kind of a situation. While some are still deciding, opportunistic kids are grabbing the opportunity with both hands, in the lie department of course. Our parents work hard and sacrifice a lot, however they are also victims of bankruptcy thanks to their kids' lies. Instead of explaining the pros and cons of money for that dream career, money is being spent on clothes and "imaginary" institutions kids claim to have registered. They lie about everything, from fees to accommodation. If you are parent you are so lucky if yours doesn't.

Parents will give you the assistance you require if they have the means, they don't have time to investigate your stories. However this shoe doesn't fit all, some do, so be care full.

Your lies will take you nowhere. Make sure you study within your means, not to fit in. "I'll just tel them its for the textbooks" - my then college mate said. No matter how small the lie, It is still a lie. This sickness called lie you have to live it at high school as it will become a habit which you don't need, trust me.

You probably don't realize that you lie to yourself with each and every lie. You are a building a persona on a lie, don't try to convince yourself, be sure before you say or do anything.
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