Thursday, January 26, 2012

Society, is time you face your contribution

I so love my addiction to twitter, yes I know...I know its wrong. Apart from learning so much about individuals, provoking stories also fill my "time line". My eyes went AWOL to a tweet which went on about one of the respected king hating on gays. Not that it was surprising, actually it was shocking to say the least. The statement apparently is investigated by the relevant body, so until then folks, the same body will decide the fate.

While my eyes were still so rather bitchy, little did I know that what I was about to read was even heavier. In this country, yes this democratic one we live in, hate crimes are hardly resolved; evidently so, loved ones were lost last year in the hands of an unknown murderer who is rumored to be looming gay clubs and dating sites. I read that a Bloemfontein gay man went missing or rather missing and the report further suggest that his family last heard from him prior to him meeting with his a friend he met on a dating site. With that said may the police please find the man using the tax money we happily pay. I'll thank them once it is done. For now the public please also help the "pohopo".

Dating sites are his main target it seems. If you think about it, it takes someone who is clued up about the gay life to orchestrate this kind of crimes. Whether we like it or not, it takes two to tango. Many gay men own a dating site account, but many do not use their brains and practicality, but let lust to think for them. Yes we are all human, but that does not mean you need to forget about your safety. Its your duty to protect yourself no one else.

On the other hand I blame the society at large. There are individuals who are totally against the gay community; the hatred is so strong it burns the front seat of the taxi driver who find it so easy to swear to a site of gay man. Some people still argue that we are not ready to a site of a men kissing, well that is totally cap; the media is bombarded with "now out" stories, so does series exploring gay scripts. Yes...many only get used to the issue once there is a gay men within their family, so how is it that different to the one at the street?_________your answer on that blank space, I thank you.

You don't find it difficult to approach a girl on the streets because you say its "normal", but don't you think they should do the same as well( to other gay men of cause)? If you stop beating them when they show affection to their boyfriends in public? They have to watch their backs all the time, thanks to you hater? They marry wives so to get you off their backs malome and you know what, the poor girl will be heart broken one day. Because of you majority of them use dating sites and yes they end up meeting and building successful relationships and some good sex. Unfortunately others fall in the hands of what I call an obsessed bitch who just want to prove a point.
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