Thursday, January 19, 2012

When help is misinterpreted

You don't ask for help, you won't get any however do not blame anyone for not helping you. How many friendships have been broken?, where the situation always involves " I was there for you and you were not". Don't misinterpret the saying; when days are dark, friends are few, quotes have a two way meaning I would like to believe.

People will help you if you are honest with them and also if you help yourself, you can't just sit, folding your arms waiting; like a chicken scratch around. Yes, you are in trouble I get that, but why do you have to lie while seeking help. Money gives birth to many fights so does lies. Desperation must never cloud your mind.

There is always a two way to a story, that's for sure. In life you meet those people who hardly takes responsibility for their own mistakes forgetting that we often don't look at your mistakes but what you learn from them practically also how you react to them. Individuals have their own problems consider that when you cloud with yours.

You use people for your own gain and celebrate, boomerang effect is not baked at a bakery where your buy your banana loaf, its very real.
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