Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Who is Tau Ya Masepeng?

Tau, a lion in English refers to an animal associated with the Serepe's whom in this case are referred to as Masepeng. When I say associated, I mean that back then every clan chose an animal which will symbolize their say in society as a whole and also an identity, so I might bite you, I am a lion after all. We hail from Venda in the early years of my family history, later settled near now what is called Noblohoek. When many clans relocated into villages, my family chose Ga-Sedibeng, the village that has since gave birth to the children, grandsons, great-grandsons of the Serepe's.

I'm one of the grandsons, born at the time when apartheid was indicating an end, and raised under the freedom I sometimes abuse, thanks to those who fought for it. For my existence, Mohale Serepe and Mokgadi Molele, Noko ya Molele happened. I speak the language spoken by the Rain Queen herself, eat food that is not chef mastered,bathed with the Shamokhowe waters. Initiated Ga-Maupa ga Tepanyekga, sang songs of praise and danced along to Penny Penny and Shakabundu girls.
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