Sunday, January 08, 2012

You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you

Matured audience know the right time to act and formulate a plan in line to the desired destination, while the opposite "sex" moan and complain about everything, a walk to the bathroom to them is Thaba Modimolle.

Taking refuge on social networks, employers and colleagues insulted to the last insult a dictionary can offer. Sadly there is no hero or heroine with this kind of behavior, conclude with the word "stupidity". As much as is too hard to swallow, why don't you approach the matter in a civilized manner and engage with the relevant, required audience not your followers or friends. "Babotje chomi" won't pay your bills but talk behind your back when you face an empty bank balance. Throw away that "social network thinking", need I remind you that you have brains.

It is about time you know that attitude is more important than fact. You ooze bad attitude, no boss will invest in you. Instead of pulling an Oscar performance when errors arise, find a way to communicate better and usable solutions to eliminate future errors. Power hungry and proving a point will get you nowhere, learn to use your powers where and when required. Employers are more focused on solutions driven employees, keep this I'm mind.

One is not willing to befriend bad attitudes, apply the same principle at work.
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