Saturday, March 17, 2012


Did I listen to the gentlemen next to me very well or it is just because I did not pay much attention to what he was talking about though I was sure that I could see, hear that he is actually building a persona that he seem to have practiced and decided it will actually work or rather impress the masses amused to be in his presence. At this point I visibly decide to focus on my mag instead, but he didn't seem to have noticed my browsing as he kept on with the lectures I last heard from my grandmother . There and there I decided to tell him to stop so that I could focus on the stories filling my timid magazine pages. You know when I am in this mode, I concentrate as if I am proof reading "the state of the nation speech" to be delivered by Julius. The girl curled- up on one of the spreads doesn't even fade my focus, anyway I can't differentiate a wig and weave, to me they look the same.

I cannot say I'm mad or angry at the person I see on the window turned mirror though, Im actually glad I invested so much energy to know him for full 24years. He's known for breaking boundaries and also known for bad decision making but oh boy he understands fully the learning curves. Loud, at your face kind of a guy, but truly speaking he's also human experiencing the worst you can think of. To some he's the perfect world as smiles can be deceiving but the person who knows him well will just say "excuse me I've seen him at his worst", not to mention the lowest.

I'm sure you are wondering Why do I view this guy this way though, I still have a long way to travel with him, its still early not really but I mean to fully understand him. I look at most of the individuals I know, I worry, not that its my indaba but because I partly know the results of non commitment to life. Direction to me its everything, determination my bread and butter, laziness my hungry stomach. Maybe you still think the world owes you a lot but I don't, even when I'm penniless. You see, success in nothing compared with determination, they are sisters/ brothers.

The tears never roll that easily but sadness can tell stories you have never read.

Before I take off I take the last look and begin to smile. I'm given a day, brains, legs, hands I mean what is my excuse?