Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ten years ago,ten years later

I never thought i would be the one echoing some of the "verses" with pride and confidence as i do now. Ten years ago around this time i was more concerned with leaving primary school and becoming a "man", however where my next meal would be from was not my indaba. I remember telling my mom that i would like to own a new bicycle as the one i had then was not cool anymore. I had a BMX so an upgrade to a "Mountain bike" was ideal. She just laughed and said that one day i will have kids of my own i will understand why she cannot get me a new bike.

Ten years later, I'm now on a different sit not to mention situation. My life was perfect, at least i was blessed, at work and personally, with that said brings me to what i actually picked this PC for," greed"...yes that strong desire to want more and more and more. There is nothing wrong with aiming for the stars as they always say should you fail you will end up there.. you know where. It becomes a problem when you really climb everyone on top of their heads just so you can get ahead, forgetting the spirit of Ubuntu. My friend told me that after his graduation he landed an organised job at the local firm where he heads up their HR division. His story was indeed a fairytale, owning the latest gadgets, dining at the perfect places forgetting that his mom sleeps on potatoes he last left at home last December. His friend on the other hand struggling to make ends meet , he would approach him for certain things, responce with ignorance same applied for his family he said. The bitch in him told them to leave him alone, he felt like why should he share his wealth with them whereas he worked butt off on his own. Even a simple R12 airtime would just be an issue. He stripped off all the beliefs he grew with. Life was just fast, work on weekdays then "mogrovo" on weekend. The word "sharing" or rather those in need did not exist in his vocab, i wonder if its right to say his vocab since he checked his purchase receipt which read, Small str. "To narrate what happened to me its just so embarrassing, i cant even type, my fingers tremble as i cry uncontrollably, I don't know where to start but can see now that the word i should have studied beforehand was "greed" and a further thorough analysation of Ubuntu. The friend i ditched its now my parent, every little piece of food digesting in my system its from his pocket, he even prepared the food for me."

I didn't know what to make of this really but just to check myself, the decision i made that nearly got me on the streets not to mention loosing myself in the process. There was a time in my life where i thought i was bigger than my employer. Yes it was not honey actually  it doesn't exist at work. It was my life, i didn't  see the need for me to wake up every morning to do something i hate with passion, bills where sending me there every morning, i didn't not want that i was more concerned about my happiness, but 30% of that whole situation was not realistic i later realised. The story which unfolded thereafter did sent me back to square one luckily not the lowest level you can think of.

Those days where you would just tell people you are well connected really means nothing if you seriously sit down and expect miracles forgetting some of those people don't make decisions not to mention that they just don't sit and wait for your needy calls. Simple term, do not forget what makes you and your direction.