Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simple Lesson

I walked around the neighbourhood crying, calling all the ancestral names I could think of. I have come a long way ever since however it doesn't curve nor ends here, I'm still on a journey unknown, we are all. The steep heel its unclear but with preparation and the right equipment I'll climb with confidence. 

Life threw all sorts of ammunations you can think of, however I'm all aware that it is not done. Its not over yet until I wear diapers again, oh my I hope my mother saved those wash and wear ones named "Blue label", don't ask me what it means I can assure you it sure shines like "Hart ports" after seven colours meal on a Sunday afternoon, not literally but I'm sure you get what I mean.

Starting any duty its easy, hope the same applied for the end result. That's just how I feel right now. How many times were you told to finish your dish, laundry, homework etc. I can bet it happens all the time. My unfinished business comprises of sorts of things, some serious and vise versa. I wrote and passed two Learners Driving license but never actually finished the whole process, twice in a row. First time though I had to priorotise, the second time around was directly my fault but it was fault. 

Concluding your desired tasks either big or small its very vital not to mention the fulfilment after that conclusion. Again on the ther hand choices or rather plans are not always on par with your time line or in most cases unrealistic ones are made as a result nagative results occur. 

No one its actually a saint but trully speaking we are all capable but commitment its just another gigantic Kilimanjaro we rather not look at sometimes. Oprah's OWN its not doing well at the moment even her stradom or influence its not what we are used to but the lady its keeping her ears out of the cold with her bandara. She's not special nor is she Mother Theresa but her drive keeps her going. 

Your remember that saying about making your bed and lying on it, yeah that one helped many out it can sure help you out. SWOT analyse yourslef before commiting to any task and most importantly be honest with yourself. 

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