Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did I just had to rush?

*Sigh of relief* its been a while, I really missed the space introducing me to the world of writing, my my my...the experience I so so missed every inch of it. Well, I have been here reading almost everyday, wanted to look deep into it. Enjoyed reading some not all though as some really echoed what I always feared will follow me.

My mom, I'm her son,baby,"Letter", symbol of her love to my father. Up to this day she doesn't like me in suits as the younger version of my late father surface as I sat quietly in the lounge, *teary*. In my early years I was lucky to come across poeple who cared to advice me even though most of it didn't make sense. I have always been the fast kid, finishes before everyone be it Classwork to Exams, to my peers it was a good thing since I proced good marks. In sports too I would be told, but don't have any medals to prove it, I guess it is true you can't win all the time you loose some.

It was an Accounting class when my fastness proved rather a new era of rushing, one where you rush and get the answers wrong and still protest that you knew the answers. To me I didn't understand why I'll wrong most of the numbers I knew. The farmboy in me thought of witchcraft. My teacher then told me that I rush way too much as a result I don't give my school work the attention it derserves, in thoughts " well, I still pass at the end of the year...duh", he went on to say if I don't learn to control my speed, it will catch up with me later in life.

Dictionary explain the word as an act or move with great speed, I wish you could see my brains right now, all my life I have been rushing. My excuse was " I get bored doing same thing everyday" or "So and so didn't treat me very well" or " I'm chasing the bigger picture". At some point I didn't understand the saying "if you are not happy, do something about it", how I don't know as it is very clear. I looked at individuals not myself, afterall I just wanted to rush.

Time and time again I have proved to myslef that I'm a survivor..but I don't know why I didn't think of superman, he's the only guy who speeds. Most of the I always bounced back if I invest much needed effort, but this time around I have gone to question where did it all go wrong. God provides when you ask and he will show you He's the end if you don't appreciate what he gave to you. In a short period of time, my career I mean, teacher's words came to me.

1. I've started blogging with no proper planning as a result I'm battling to commit.....
2. Lost what I didn't know what's good...until now of cause
3. Fell in love within 30 minutes of meeting...

Moved so fast indeed.....the only positive out of this, I "fastly" realised that I must stop rushing, plan it one day at a time. Now I must learn to trust God and my abilities even more.

Wow I'm glad I was fast.