Monday, October 08, 2012

It is true, they were "Born this way".

There are certain topics or rather stories that are all over the place, everyone is publishing them but they are met with "be careful" , i mean these stories are just written as exactly that, but the feedback could take any direction depending on the readers.My BBM was abuzz with after-parties  words describing countdown to Christmas were some that really caught my attention.  There i was like a blonde frantically looking at the calender thinking i have a wrong one, don't get me wrong here i was just not understanding the whole concept. I later learned its a countdown to Joburg Gay Pride, an event attracting masses from all corners of the country, continent and some spheres around the world. The phrases branding this event as Christmas can be linked to the challenges the gay and lesbian community is experiencing on daily basis. As i stand unresolved cases are left at some of our police stations  the same personnel the country depends on re cases of sorts. In my understanding its more focusing on gay and lesbians rights.


One of the attendees

Fabulous, for a moment there i thought it was  Khothanement

The circle

To be honest, I was not entirely convinced at first. Mostly because it never adorned on me that I will one day attend such an event. Nonetheless, with a camera and book of we went to Johannesburg Gay Pride. We arrived late just after 11:00 in the morning, the parade was already in Rosebank. As we joined, the festivities back at the Zoo Lake, the venue for the celebrations were already taking shape. Organisers outdid themselves with regard to traffic, everything was smoothly operational, the traffic personnel even had on a pair of panties and bras.

I was quite surprised that the parade had more whites than blacks. Not that it is surprising i mean this is South Africa, we still have so many issues not even to mention our economy state, politics and all other socio-economic.I was told that i have to wait and see later at the celebrations as the most prefer the celebrations not the march, as the day progressed after those parking attendants who actually didn't understand their tittles got it all wrong, their guidance was not a good site that one would associate with the magnitude of an event this kind.The organizers need to look into this, anyway the police had to even move some of the cars parked on the way physically, the labour way.

I hear that printed Mandela money notes will be available soon, well i saw a sign that reads " Pink money" as  we joined to purchase some of the money. It works like coupons where you use them to buy whatever you need at events depending on what they have available. Well booze was available that is the only product i saw trending. Various media houses were also there as always as i was advised, sponsors' PR teams looked like journos to me though it just goes to show how brands are looking after their investments. You should have seen some of the branding and equipment.

Bujy of Yfm fame and Sade of So you think you can dance were the MC's for the day, Mr, Bujyonce as named by his supporters together with Vintage the group from Step up 2 woke the whole park with their "End of time" routine, don't know though if the Queen herself felt about that. as if she saw the event, let me not even bother to get her attention. That group seems to be a hit with the gay community, the way they even know them name to name. Bujy on the other hand i can tell he understand his audience.

Poor Zandile of White Wedding fame, she had to pose all the time. Her fans were on her site making sure they capture every moment she made possible. She radiates beauty and that friendly smile WOW. While on the celebs i also spotted Pearl of Real Goboza on stage, i think she was dancing i cant tell the difference between dancing and trying lately i'm so bad with both. Anyway my suggestion to Mr Price, Markham and Jay Jays, they should consider sponsoring this event their clothes were worn as outfits and incorporated into.
Zandile and friends.

Where was your likes of LuloCafe, Euphonic etc., their line up was not as it should be i think apart from the Crazy white boy, as for Tamara her performance took forever. She could be forgiven though  i think she was showing off her outfit, it was on point as far as  colors concerned. JR was smiling for sure wherever he was, the circle got bigger and bigger as Jika Majika moves and Beyonce's were shown off to an extend were a white boy joined in to show what his mother gave him. Bujy though must up his game some young guys  i saw there really take this celebrity/dancing so serious.

Concluding the night with a bang, was DJ Zinhle and Busiswa. They performed their hit song, My name is. Celebrities were there too, Aaron Moloisi, Dumi, Vuyo and many others.

Thank you again to all those who shared light into this event.
Thando and Mmabatho