Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Giggles

It has been quite a journey, sitting on an office like chair in one of my favorite internet cafes in Kempton Park; life was not that friendly at that time flames were from all corners you could think of. I was not even sure whether I will survive or not thanks to bad decisions making from my side. I wanted a reason, a way or anywhere I could feel whole again. I am that kind of a guy who appears to have it all under control until you engage with me thoroughly you will never know the internal holes and all other beautiful stuff.

Anyway enough about me, I finally decided to blog for fun as it will allow me to heal and bring back the sparkle in me to soldier on. At first I named in Bolobedu after an encounter once in the taxi when my mom called me and passengers started laughing at my language which is Khelobedu. I am from a village called Ga-Sedibeng by the way. My first post was highly influenced by my mother tongue and that taxi ride.

I always told myself I would try writing one day but I never took it serious until my first job. I was writing almost everything that needed words. As a result my love for writing grew even bigger, magazines are still my preferred choice but throughout the years I have evolved with the technology the 21st Century offers. I discovered blogs as soon as I was clued up on internet browsing; mostly I read entertainment ones and I still do up to this day. As much as I battle to commit full time to Tau Ya Masepeng I’m glad I gave it life, there is nothing on earth right now that make me proud but Tau.

It’s through my eyes, as I see it, as I know it and as I read it. *laughs* ...being asked what Tau Ya Masepeng means, well  if you still don’t know you can find out only here not the dictionary or Google.

To all regular readers from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It won’t be Masepeng if you are not here. To my friends and each & every individual who shared my posts, I don’t know how to thank you please know that I appreciate your efforts. Should you be reading for the first time today, I also thank you for trusting my writing skills.

“That Sunday afternoon" is also on Youth Village ( thanks to Phumi and her team. This is only the beginning the best is yet to follow.

At this point I’m nearly in tears, its not easy maintaining a blog let alone to write but I’m not the one to just give up on something that has a potential to be great in the process saving me money, I mean when I’m down this is were the “sessions” take place not the shrink's rooms.