Monday, December 03, 2012


There are quite various reasons why I like a pen and a paper at any given time, many that I could fill up the entire handbook lying on my bed side. Writers bock what? I am not scared in fact I am motivated, I only once feared at the exam room on that hot summer afternoon in Limpopo. It’s not yet best “pen-ed” by a novelist or an author even, but me. Who am I? An adult working towards words success, that internal satisfactory of sheer sharing of feelings communicated through sentences.

Look at him now, is he that well known or good even? Well I don’t know how to answer this question, if I did I will but I know for a fact that I don’t know. The peacefulness of a well watered green garden, sounds of birds and shades of trees smelling nothing but relaxation does me good though, i know for a fact.
Traffic, working class on lunch and almost everything on my site cements the busy Broadway Road. In thoughts to the sounds of birds singing, I almost fell off chair cause of the lizard. Oh wait please before you judge I thought it was a snake. I’m kidding I know you don’t judge. I just wanted to run for cover, you never know these days, my name could be on someone’s checklist. Talking about checklist, have you prepared yours for the holidays? Personally I haven’t, I don’t want to plan this year the flow will be fine. Exams are over and most of us will be shutting down on 7th some on the 14th, so you can just imagine the rate in which the flow is on. I am pretty sure I will make it.

Most of us started the year with resolutions, plans etc to which some did take shape or in the process and vise versa but really I don’t think it helps to be hard on yourself; I am a serious believer of everything happens for a reason.
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