Thursday, December 06, 2012

Its a year for me!!!!

WOW!! Tau Ya Masepeng. Words cannot describe the way i feel right now, im so excited. The last time i was this excited was back when Jnr. was born, 6 years ago to be exact.

Now that its always what i wanted with my life, to have something to be proud of i have to say im glad i took the risk of entering a territory i once feared. Now that i have it, im over the moon.

I cant afford a big cake as yet hence the cup cake, i hope you will enjoy it.

This and That.
Tau Ya Masepeng, Ngwako Letter Serepe to my parents. I give life to all the great posts you read. I created it to ease pains and most importantly to refine my art.

Where to from here
well, more and more posts. I will be adding more and more of entertainment and mags, since i understand these two its only a matter of time i also give my 2 cents opinions.

As i finish my cup cake, i will let actions speak louder than words.

Thank you to the Capricorn FM Breakfastshow host Ashifashabba and all of you who shared your stories with me.

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