Monday, December 24, 2012

Are there Mangoes in Limpopo?

Last year I took you all on a journey to my lovely hood, if you haven't read that post as yet its ok I'm sure you will do that when you get a chance. Anyway this year though, the journey was quicker than expected, before I knew it I was chilling under my mango tree absorbing the beautiful motherland. I'm at Ga-Sedibeng village, My home My identity My oyster, the only place in the world I call home and actually with meaning.

On Love
I sincerely fail to still claim I know what love is. It's one thing to say you have experienced it, but the other to actually narrate your love story without fail. I have been in love before and as always it had it's own dilemmas etc, now I have erased everything and willing to explore the mantra once again,however, not all lessons learned went to the rubbish bin. Some will be useful along the way. I hope and pray everyday, not because I'm desperate but seeking guidance.

On being a Dad
The role I'm glad God made possible. At first,the stairs were not clear nor was the future guaranteed, it all seemed impossible. I knew I was too young to even understand the responsibilities,nonetheless, I chose to create my own steps to lead me to where I am right now. I tend to look at him quietly when he's playing and there I just switch to days when he looked so fragile and not welcoming strangers near him,including me (In his eyes,I was). Those days are good memories I will forever cherish, new ones are created with each and every birthday. Yes, there are challenges, I'm still learning. Six years still at it and pushing another Tau Ya Masepeng generation.

On being a loaner
I actually never thought I was, until recently. I adopted a habit I hate. If It's not the heat or the boredom of my village it's this and that. Well, out my window, now if I'm not happy with something, I will do something about it rather than opting for coward like solutions. It's a learning curve as we all know. Along the way there are roadblocks that one needs to conquer realistically.

Bolobedu stars
Stars are born or made, which ones are surviving the broke, small stardomville? Candy of Shakabundu Girls fame seem to be shining amongst, coloring the Kalawa Jazmee with her Kholobedu vocals she's known for. Who could forget her traditional gear? Even Khanyi Mbau on Wamuhle is rocking "Dihayifa". DJ's are also on this list, Lenzo's mixture of different sounds echoes across these villages, Giyani to Tzaneen. Portia on the other hand, she's a force to be reckoned with, her vocals are very powerful so is her command of Khelobedu language. She is an inspiration to young girls here. It looks like Malo a Botsheba and the crew haven't been that busy lately or their music is no longer getting that much of attention. I remember their branding on taxis it was all over the place.

On notable developments
For the first time ever, street lights have arrived. Ga-Maupa, village next to mine,is shining bright like diamonds. Sefofotse village's one main road is giving birth to new tar project. R81 is also in good shape since the revamp, looking proper.

Brands visibility
A certain brand, on a billboard have nerves to quote a lady from Gauteng singing praises in the middle of Giyani..well I find this not relevant to this market. Gautenians ladies are perceived otherwise in that department the brand serve,they should have known better, after all I'm not a media guru but brands needs to really invest on surveys when they embark on regional adverts.

Color blocking is misunderstood big time so is Mshoza's skin what what. The skin it's not a problem they way it is but this so called Tsetsa(cream to lighten skin) it's not good to it at all. From my observation not as a Dermatologist, I could see that it's not gonna be Yellow or whatever forever, eventually it will blemish as a result damage skin cells. As for the phenomenon color blocking..I have no words all I can say is let's leave it to the real fashionistas. Talking about that actually I have noticed most of them here, smart dressers and all, I'm just glad that I haven't seen Sikhothane.

They way I have been tweeting about my understanding of arrogant, I'm just gonna study the words or subject further it's eating me up. There are still loop holes I must close before I conclude with confidence. Let's all enjoy our Christmas
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