Saturday, December 29, 2012

The year of lessons

Would you positively say you are the master of your own destiny? If your answer is yes, kudos to you for that but there are a lot of gravel roads your still need to tar. The year it’s almost over in few days time we will bid farewell to what seemed like the year to rediscover and of realization. Its time for one to look back at lessons for the year not forgetting the good it also bought and reposition visions. We started a year on highs and some lows however irrespective of the beginning the end it’s the most important as drawn from various trials and tribulations.

New years' resolutions compiled with end goals proved to be challenging yet rewarding if you have managed to tick list all or some or none, but I will reward myself anytime of the day if I even managed to draft the list, the truth is most of us if not all don't consider drafting a whole list of what we would like to achieve in the next year instead planning and execution just takes too much time hoping results will speak volumes.

If there is no results no matter how you went to plan the year or executed really there is no need to throw tantrums and blame resources or whatever the case maybe however this right time, as in now its time to really ask yourself relevant questions looking at your abilities and resources so that come next week when you plan again you don't need to see yourself in the same situation. "The working society falls trap of pleasing its peers instead of honesty with self" says one the community leaders, he further emphasize the importance of execution. After few hours in this topic realization kicks in to most of the villagers, as one suggest that he finds it difficult to adjust to the new life he has since acquired classified by what you have. “I have goals too but I also have to fit in" he said.

Lack of self discipline may also hinder one's goals if not eliminated immediately and sticking to a strict plan will eliminate the unnecessary headache
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