Thursday, November 28, 2013

#2Cents: Winnie Mandela came back from prison and I cried

I battled to hold my tears as she stepped out of the car her children running to her. As soon as she cried herself I was already embarrassing myself in a packed cinema. But why? My sister passed on just few months after I started working, behind she left 2 boys; older and another was 7 months old at the time. In my head she never left, I'm always imagining her coming back *teary* . I know its not ok to hold on but when its someone close to you, its a difficult situation. She looked after me when I moved to Jozi. Anyway topic for another day.

The movie I thoroughly enjoyed, I will in fact watch it over and over again.

On scenes I enjoyed:
Idris Alba really owned that character, stella performance indeed. He even went as far as trying his best on isiXhosa, the scene where his mother played by Zikhon of Montana fame. She was concerned about him, the wife left him and the boers were after him; she wanted answers. I loved that. And how can I forget the sex..mmmhh outstanding pictures, in my opinion they were shot nicely, very well done.

I can go on and on, just do yourself a favor; go watch the movie.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where to advertise in Limpopo?

Digital media era maybe taking South Africa by storm with experts forecasting full takeover in years to come, as a Marketer you can’t afford to miss out. Consumers are very complex right now it’s no longer like before, they control the conversations. Gone are the days campaigns ended on traditional media, nowadays if it’s not trending on Twitter or scoring high numbers of views on Youtube then it may be that it is not effective or executed. It may sound cliché but unfortunately it’s a fact. However, in Limpopo this may not be the case.

Digital wise; majority still prefers Facebook as a social media tool to socialise with peers. If you look at the 13-25 age groups whom own mostly smartphones their time is spent on this specific platform. With that said there is no winning formula, one needs a very strong targeted campaign to engage them as this crowd it’s not easily persuaded, though it can be argued depending on what you are communicating to them. Now I cannot think of any example on top of my head unless you would like to visit Google of any campaign which succeeded in this market, actually most brands hardly invest on regional advertising. Though I will warn you, invest your time in assessing their behaviors, online patterns, should the need be speak to some. Various Marketing boutiques offer this service for a reasonable fee.

What other options to you have? First Capricorn FM just celebrated their 6th birthday, cementing their stay in the province mainly dominated by SABC owned radio stations. Music vehicle all their shows which I think set them uniquely to the youth and in fact anyone who appreciates good music. Estimated listenership of 1 425 000 on a 7 day, you are sure to direct traffic straight to your Facebook page and other platforms you may wish to engage on.

While SABC stations enjoyed majority listenership in the past years before, now only some of the 3 stations garner estimated 1 198 000 (sourced on Wikipedia), of that number, shows like Breakfast and Afternoon ones contribute largely to the overall figure. My take on this is that you research a show which in more popular with your desired target market. Thobela FM broadcast in Sepedi, Phalaphala FM in Venda while Munghana Lonene FM caters for Tsonga speaking mainly Giyani and Tzaneen parts of Limpopo. Community airwaves differing per region are Thohoyandou based Univen Community Radio , chieftaincy owned Sekgosese Radio and the list goes on and on.

Stretching your budget even further you may also look into community based newspapers which you can simply source though if I were you this will be last resort. This crowd has no interest in reading ads on print, at least that’s what I observed. Still Daily Sun may be your least bet even though some parts mainly in villages it’s not “cup of tea” for them. The circulation of newspapers still is not great.

Don’t be like that washing powder assuming that women in Limpopo would take advice from a Gauteng based woman. I will stress this again, do your research.

Content sponsored by Tembisa On Record - Regional/Location marketing specialists.

Basic services! Where will we get them?

Ga-Sedibeng village also fall under Greater Letaba Municipality, mothered by Mopani District Municipality. Long ago i read this . I was excited I’m sure all the villages were.

Fast forward to 2013, we have running water at least I can speak for my village others though don’t have. Anyway who are we? We are just villagers with no education, it’s perceived. They are wrong, we are human and I will number this;

1. Sanitation is still nowhere to be seen, unless they show me otherwise.
2. Some villages have to ask those fortunate enough to afford boreholes for water, in other cases buy. 2014 it’s upon us.

I fully understand that it takes time, but aowa Balobedu ba yeso, have you seen the roads, the schools in some of the village? I will not talk about libraries; our sisters and brothers exited schools hoping things will be better for us the younger ones.

They must engage us, educate us on policies surrounding basic services not presume we would like this and that, and farmers enriched by our own natural resources need to channel their CSI spending effectively.

R81 recently saw a facelift; Ga-Maupa saw light with the Apollo lights projects, Sefofotse usher guest on paved street. We need more of this positive news. Executive Mayor; Cllr. Leswafo Joshua Matlou. I have no words for you but one thing i can say is don’t just empower your surroundings, guide all your municipalities effectively.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#2cents: Lira – Making Herstory

Firstly the book it’s available at CNA, well that’s where I got mine. I also believe at major book stores. Instead of calling the book just "history", they played around with this word for marketing gimmick which I think works. Two parts; one penned by Lira herself, latter by ex Benoni City Times journalist Clyde Meela, sounds white neh? Lol.

Anyway, in this book I discovered her spark; later as I finished reading decided passion coupled with drive resulted in the success we see today. Anyone who is honest with you will tell you the scary realities that come with leaving a steady, well paying job for “some” music career with no guarantees. Still she followed her dream, signing to 999 Music which I think didn’t understand her vision, I warn you though don’t expect an expose regarding her departure from the label, to me it sounds like there were just two adults who weren’t at the same page at the time.

I think it’s safe to say she has read “it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be” by Paul Arden, her journey reveals. Travelling the lonely road of realizing your goals it’s no a child’s play, we all know that but the moment you visualize that and start working hard, then nothing can stop you. She wanted to be the best in the world, oh boy...the sky is not only the limit for her.


I found myself viewing almost every property listed on one of those search-engines exactly three years ago in a bid to assist a friend who at the time was looking for a place to rent. i had just left the social enterprise organisation I called home for a while, my time was mostly dedicated to blogging and running errands I wouldn’t otherwise. My friend came across a nice place, as much as he wanted to view work commitments did not allow, so I offered to on his behalf.

Coordination is still my strongest point, if I can say so myself…lol I have to market myself phela. I did what I did best and as the remote controlled gate opened before me I was not impressed though I wished I could afford a place of my own. Lord the place was well furnished, clean; though the neighborhood was evidently unwelcoming I couldn’t hide my excitement as I visualised myself there.

Now looking around I can’t believe I refused faith unveiled though a book called The Secret which argues that what you visualise will actually become reality. In the book certain individual did cut out from magazines; places, house and mostly valuable he wished to own, later many years after moving into that same house he pictures himself living in, realisation kicked in as he unpacked the box which happened to have those cuttings. Surreal as it may sounds, it’s happening daily in our livelihood we are just not open to see it.

From now on it seems like my precious time will be spent working towards that.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is Khelobedu?

This is one of the many South African languages that are not official. Majority of these languages are not recognised at all as they are deemed as “polelo semmotwana” by Sepedi academics. However, Khelobedu is not Sepedi, but a dialect of the language. Majority of people confuse Khelobedu with Sepedi due to similarities between the two languages. Currently, there are over 50 villages (and counting) if not 100 that are part of the Balobedu clan. These villages are located in Mopani District, Limpopo Province.

Khelobedu has the feel of its originator (Sepedi) and Venda language influences as far as the pronunciation is concerned.
Famously dubbed the rain language after the Rain Queen Modjadji who formed and ruled the Balobedu clan from day one, the language has since taken a back seat in the academic space, adopting Sepedi as its first language. Pupils whom are born and raised speaking Khelobedu are compelled to switch to Sepedi as soon as the school bell rings signalling that lesson, which at times birth learning difficulties.

Sekgosese Community Radio station is one of the best community radio station broadcasting in Khelobedu.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stigma’s roots

Just before Standard 3 or 4, around that time English communication amongst schools pupils seemed lacking birthing Choke English Medium Centre, the brainchild of Ms. Chauke aka Mam’Thobi. The model delivery meant that after the normal schools hours, play-times were non existence as the afternoon were solely dedicated to the lessons covering literature, speech, drama amongst others. The main idea I gathered was to encourage dialogue.

A pure English centre in the middle of a dusty village, isn’t too ambitious? Well she was determined and frequent one-on-one meetings with parents followed; they were not prepared to spend their hard earned money for nothing. As more pupils the centre enrolled nearest villages heard the “twanging” wave that had just landed and soon after they were part of it.

The highly hyped centre soon bore results as confidence amongst its pupils improved so did the English. Unfortunately the stigma was bigger than anticipated. Reading magazines/newspapers was still viewed as “you-think-you-are-better-than-the –rest”, in fact a handful up to this day carry this stupid mindset.
Now as our education system faces challenges size of Carlton Centre, more so in the rural areas projects like that of Ms Chauke are needed. OWLAG pioneered by media mogul Oprah Winfrey is one similar project this country will hold highly, though it focuses on just a part of the PDG(Previously Disadvantage Groups) being women. I hope Mam’ Oprah in future considers the remaining percentages.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tau at the cinema

When I discovered cinema my expectations were met but not exceeded. Nonetheless I discovered im actually not a movie person or should I say cinema person. Amidst my non desire for the cinema, this past weekend I decided to go check out Nothing for Mahala starring one of the best actors I first grew fond of from his days as Karabo’s toyboy on Generations. Ekaba mang ge ese Thapelo wa Mokoena, hes that good.

I won’t waste much time on the plot of the movie though I can tell you this; its an awesome movie. While on that the next movie I’m keen to wait for is Elelwani, Florence Masebe leads on this one. I haven’t yet seen her character Precious on Scandal; I hear though that she’s killing it.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Ngwakong wa Ngwako/ Ngwako’s home

I was that kind who never liked children, the thought of being a dad just didn’t see my brains. I grew up in a stable family, part of me wished for same though excluding kids. My oldest sister was the first one to “grandparents” my parents, the look on my father’s face was priceless. I will pay any money; in dollars even just to revisit that day. You will expect this to change my mind but believe me it didn’t. Fast forward to now, fresh from the dusty streets of my village, my mom between her complaining about my drinking reminded me of my original plan. I laughed so hard mumbling “I got carried away” then kissed that beer bottle so hard avoiding eye contact. She is referring to her grandson who I can’t mention without a beaming smile, teeth white enough to outshine my dark self. I must admit this role is not for sissies, so many challenges however when I look at him quietly I forget completely about those; who wouldn’t?

Family is very important whether you want one or not, now I know and I can stand anywhere in the world to echo this statement. Forget about the drama within, it’s part of the memories. Eish I’m not even sure if I should share this but anyway *sigh*, Raised there, witnessed them all but what was in front of my eyes over the weekend was FAMILY. The community decided to stand together to voice and act against an issue that is so sensitive yet provoking dialogues buried with the 80’s ; it just goes to show that two is better than one.

Oh before I forget thought it is impossible today, City Press compiled what they call or should I say a piece themed “The 10 best . . .power women of South African arts” , guess what? Candy of Tsa Mandebele to the media, queen of traditional music to me and BomaCoster to fellow villagers made it on the list. What excited me the most about the write up is the mention of my village *just had to brag a lil (smiles)*. Okhebone tholla boreledi teng ga yona wa baba (don’t judge a book by its cover) #justsaying.

Monday, July 29, 2013

What would you like?

All this health facts about undergarments are seriously not settling well with me irrespective of that it seems like more and more racks are dictated by them. Stats or none, It is still a sensitive issue especially when it comes to men. No man discusses this without a shy face in fact most just doesn’t, unless it’s in the bedroom. Forget about those “ask & answers” in the media.

Talking about media, all this brands advertise more sexiness and less comfort. Have you seen those models in undies? Tjeer. Anyway the fact is there are choices and how one chooses their type is still not relevant, at least since it boils down to personal preferences. However brands have to investigate.

Monday, July 22, 2013

#2Cents : Kedibone

Awesome news just landed in my inbox, almost in tears trying to finish reading the article. A lil drop just because the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital is almost a reality, the land is now secured and more so the board erected there will be adjusted as funds come in. I predict by the end of November constructions may resume.

So the police will arrest me if I get hold of the movie? Actually never mind, what I’m interested to share about this issue goes beyond the reasons why it’s not classified (I hope that’s the main reason). PR that’s the word; firstly, everyone is talking about this movie and secondly this drama surrounding it makes the masses even more eager to see it.

Who is more clued about political issues? I wish I understood this complicated dog-eats-dog world *sigh*. It’s not raining but pours in Zim if the reports doing the rounds are true; I hear there are even ads on sex scandals. Hehe diyabuya thwii. Tjo! I’m actually cool without a teacher; I’ll stick to what I know best thanks.

It must be exciting on Modern Family circles. One of the cast said “I do” to his lawyer boyfriend. Oh, I saw one of our own SA couple on Forever Young talking reality show or it looked like that. It will be interesting to watch though that’s if it will materialize. If i was producing I will shoot it so fast so it airs just when “After9” ends, season 2 is said to premier next month JUST SO BOPASTOR CAN HAVE MATERIAL FOR DAYS #justSaying. Anyway Season 1 saw Hector leaving for Cape Town while his under-the-carpet BF married his organized, in-denial wife. Don’t get me wrong but I think these story lines have since reached tell-date, just recycled ideas nje. Let me wait until it airs so I can give a proper verdict.

*pfew, so much to share* I’m sure by now you know I love me some Lalla from VE. I knew she use to dance but what I’m seeing on Strictly Come Dancing it’s something else. I pray I have money for airtime the whole season to vote for her, since KZN people are so strong on voting, may I please ask on her behalf for the votes? Thanking you in advance.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I strongly believe in “if it’s meant to be, it will happen”, yes that’s
what they always say, isn’t it? Well I also have a different take to this sometimes if not always. If you still deny the fact that you are defeated should you not be willing to put in the necessary sweat, tear/s, stress and all that comes with achieving; *SHOUTS* you need Jesus. He help those who help themselves though, keep this in mind while you pray.

I have been to hell and back, the deep conversations I had with my inner self are just tales deserving a book just like Rosie Motene, I heard she’s busy with hers *sigh (wipes dark forehead), soapie-land produces Authors lately not only Entrepreneurship-land yall* . Anyway what i knew rarely mattered if not implemented. I have no control of what happens however mine lies in making sure my energy equals future.

Do not and I meant DO NOT think if you just sit and fold your arms while
quoting that saying would eventually yield results or actions for that matter. Know this “if you are working hard, smart and honestly, it will happen” and then you can now pray.
Here is how I pray to my Lord since I know that above, forget Madea’s in
danger prayers;

Dear Lord, I am about action and echo that word with confidence. When my Bible teacher in primary level told me you are The best, I enquired if you could make sure my parents live forever so they can see the reasons why I refused to herd their cows, little did I know you will in turn give them an understanding as to why, at that present moment. Today you gave me a precious gift in a form of life, but Lord please equip me the strength so I can go find the right path which you have prepared for me. I’m not complaining about the trials and tribulations I have been through, I know very well those were my stepping stones. I repeat all I ask for is guidance. Lord thank you once again for the energy you have blessed me with, I love it. Amen.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Di twelebs/facelebs le tjona di Celebs

There isn’t a day where a celeb is not fighting or attacked on social networks, either by followers or friends. This new pattern of thinking, music-to-ears for the wannabes and likes, in fact it has become what I call SA’s own paparazzi/Fashion police/Commentators/I-WISH. Not that its local brewed, international money makers fall victims too, I just feel they are handling it better so to say. Lately Samkelo Ndlovu was the victim all thanks to her fabulous dress kua Durban mokatong wa dipere, worn before to a different wat wat colour carpet event.

You can run but you cannot hide seems to be making a lot of sense in this regard. Actually it got me thinking; who is to blame, social networks or celebs or fans? Then again who cares as Akon would say “im just a singer trying to entertain”, they are also trying to do something be it acting, singing or just with no talent at all. Fact is, You cannot under no circumstances think you own a celeb or a fan , however responsibilities of posting/tweeting lies in the hands of the user whether ke le celeb or fan, don’t be alarmed when “who do you think you are?” start flying all over the place. #justblogging

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Letter Happened

Once my thoughts reacting to open letters, “I would have written plenty to my primary school teacher whom beat my behind until I bled and to my English who never cared”. Back then even though my mom swore to tear him apart, he just never stopped. Up to this day I still resent him, forgave him…>>>>not. In matric his son was my pal though and he knew how I felt about his father nonetheless he never cared as to him his father was hated by each child from that school, defending him was not his style not even a comment nyana. The English one “situation” oh well it’s a topic for another day.
Writing to him I think would have helped many kids after me in a way or another. Questions heating up on my lips with this open letter writing season bestowed upon us, mostly directed to public personalities. Not yet sure if I like however I can’t deny the fact most I read are good, and it teaches me a lot about the direction the media game is headed. I say media because I haven’t seen one on employer/employee situation.

My writing of a letter to any socialite or presenter…agh whatever their titles are lately would be non effective as I struggle to critic someone making more money than I do. I just can’t bear that thought unless it’s on my JD (job description). At least I will be paid for that and what a better way to add bo zero nyana.

*sigh* I would like to write one though to Khanyi Dhlomo and Khaya Dlanga. Actually I have wrote “closed” one to her so it wouldn’t be necessary anymore to “open” letter. Well to the gentleman even though I don’t know him I just relate a lot to his thinking, not that it will matter to the next person. The direction im headed assures me.

Positive vs Nagative
It’s amazing how they always start on the “don’t take it personal” tip but really now mostly will run to Hypress(PR Guru) for help, obviously those that take their brands seriously, any negative turn does no good akere bare ke bona dibrand.

With that off my chest, expect a closed letter to your inbox anytime from now, YOU ARE NEXT.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remember Bolobedu, memorise Bolobathaba Multimedia.

Bolobedu is known for the rain powers. The Rain Queen's homestead receives visitors from all over the world daily. But lately, in other provinces like Gauteng, a number of Bolobedu owned companies have started to rise to the occassion, keeping the fame of the tribe alive. Molatelo together with her team,are waving Morina le Dihaifa (traditional Khelobedu attire worn by ladies) with pride. Creating corporate and music videos that supersede industry standards, Bolobathaba Multimedia is here to stay. I recently had a chat with Molatelo.

What is your take on our current Khelobedu music videos; do you think we are on the right track?

There is a lot of improvement in terms of quality and creativity. Balobedu have improved a lot in many ways. The fact that we now have our own music and artists is proof enough we are proud of who we are; something that we used to shy away from. This is also evident in our music videos as we often portray our culture and our people, and still maintain the swag and creativity. And I believe that’s our brand, we should lose it. There are no other Balobedu all over the world besides us and that’s the message we should send to the world over.

It always feels like we don’t exist in this country sometimes as Balobedu tribe, do you feel you have arrived as a Balobedu owned company?

The company name alone – Bolobathaba – it’s a celebration of Balobedu pride. People often say to me the name could be a limiting factor as it doesn’t communicate with those with buying power. But I believe if other people could use their own languages with pride, why can’t use mine with an even bigger pride. If I believe in Bolobathaba, I will do anything to defend it and when people see the determination in me, they will wonder what’s in this name that I am so connected to. And the more they talk about it, it’s the more the business gets publicity and the more Bolobedu Bolobathaba will get to me in the limelight too. The ultimate goal is to get the point where Bolobathaba will be synonymous to the television and film industry… of the multimedia industry if you like. As much as you think chicken, you think KFC.

Companies don’t survive in the first 10 years according to surveys, what are your plans to maximise your profits?

I have been in the television industry for the past 12 years and in business since 2003. Bolobathaba has been in existence since 2009 but was registered in 2009, but the brains behind the company have been around for a little longer. The reason why I am still in business to this day is because of the passion I have for the work I do. As our pay offline says – we preserve your memory, record your event and tell your story – that’s what I have known my life to be for the past 12 years. Bolobathaba Multimedia, often called BBM was conceived with much bigger plans and failure is not one of them. It is a going concern. Yet there are challenges - and a lot of them. If were to succumb to challenges that come with running a business, Bolobathaba would not be in existence today. After falling and rising several times under various banners, I would have by today thrown in a towel. But we have been operating under the Bolobathaba banner and have passed the three-year threshold. We have even now moved to our new premises near some of the country’s major landmarks – Apartheid Museum and Gold Reef City and Casino – these are signs that for this young company, the sky is the limit.

Is the Limpopo government/corporate using your service?

We have tried everything in the book to become a service provider to Limpopo government departments but I will tell you this, in this country if you are not in the right network, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how hard you are. You can have the best track record but if you don’t have the right contacts at the right places, forget it. We even tried with our own municipalities to no avail. In some instance we even offered our services for free of charge, with hope that they will remember us when they need such services in future but that wasn’t good enough I guess. So the answer to your question is no, Limpopo government departments don’t use our services. Not that we don’t want to, or we have not tried enough…not that we are not good enough – no, because we don’t have the right contacts at the right places. It’s only God who is seeing us through and our ability to think globally that brought us to this far.

We have so many stories in Bolobedu that the world doesn’t know about, have you covered any?

Covering a story requires a lot of resources and you must also get a buy-in from broadcasters. And sometimes broadcasters require a buy-in from sponsors or the foundations that are set to support the work we do. The main purpose of establishing such a name is to associate the type of stories told through it. There are bigger plans in the pipeline – watch the space. And yes we have covered a few stories from Bolobedu and around; including my own story which used Khelobedu in the voice over, and was broadcast on SABC in 2009. Please visit our website to see what other stories we have covered in Bolobedu, around the country and on the continent.

How do you market your business?

Bolobathaba relies mainly from satisfied customers for marketing … through word of mouth. The company management has a firm foundation in the television industry and knows the ins-and-outs of the industry. Bolobathaba has a lot of friends around who believe in us – and it is through this network that we keep meeting new people who then introduce us to others. We may not have the fanciest machinery in-house but we know where to get the best equipment and which technology to use to achieve the best results. The company website has also been one of the best marketing tools for the business.

What can your clients experience from working with you that they won’t anywhere else?

We may look young but dynamites come in small packages. Our experience everywhere we’ve have been has always been it takes a while before people believe in us. If you look at our crew, it’s always the young people behind cameras, running the show. It’s surprising how you will be on the phone with a prospective client and they sound all convinced and willing to do business with you, but the minute we show our faces, the first reaction we get is that of a client who asking themselves if they can trust you with their money. But we pride ourselves in the fact that we never disappoint. Our presentation skills and confidence that comes with the fact that we know what we do, has often been the best weapon to win clients’ hearts – not just in South Africa but on the continent too.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#2Cents on Kelly Khumalo

Its not only “The past” or “The Present “ nor “The Future” but “The Past, The Present, The Future”. I’m so glad I took my time to voice my opinion about the album, forget my back and forth tweets with Kelly Khumalo I mean my official 2cents. For those who are not in tune (literally) with what I’m talking about let me just give a mini manual. Kelly Khumalo, the “virgin” reunited with whom I call brand conscious Sarah Setlaelo to plan a killer come back tapping into the older market, the rest you can Google.

I first saw her book at some chain store i just thought she’s just joining the rest of her peers, then the scripted reality show. I was not convinced; don’t get me wrong I know very well she can sing but my mind kept referring to her lovelife. I seriously listened to the songs after
“twitter” feedback and my friend approved. Now that I can actually afford the album I will take you through my favorite tunes on the album;
Track 1 titled Umemulo until Track 11 titled Rise. All songs resonate with me so I guess she analyzed her market very well this time.

All in all go buy the album and se for yourself. Oh, finally she had my call she’s busy promoting the album.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#2cents : Vuzu vs. SABC 1

Names like those of Thomas Gumede and Lerato Kganyago feature daily on our television screens. In fact,you can't separate them from entertainment. They both hosts prime time entertainment shows. Lerato used to host own show on Soweto TV before moving to SABC 1.

Entertainment critics had a field day when The Link, which was meant to be hosted by Bonang Matheba, launched with a different presenter thus making the interview Bonang did with a certain magazine somehow invalid. Questions were asked with answers provided at the same time. As usual, the comparisons began so did the drama.

Lerato had a tough job convincing the fans of the show, nonetheless, she succeeded. You can tell she's very experienced with each and every interview with local stars week after week. Her links are on point too from field reporting, however, I think Sinazo Yolwa it's copying Lala at some point, there are similarities with gossip script delivery. She's also not a new face to TV, "A List" was not bad at all. Whoever came with an idea of Jerry Mokgofe (fashion blogger) advising on well.. fashion deserves a SAFTA horn.

Moving right along swiftly as Dineo Mooketsi would say on V Entertainment which boosts all-star presenters, from forever on point Lala Hirayama(her name is difficult) to the fashion forward Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi. The show really has an edge on Hollywood red carpets moments and interviews, something that I think really sells in South Africa. Thomas is also starting to look very polished, he's not really into fashion or anything metrosexuals are known for. I have to say though I like him more as an actor than as a presenter.

Both shows are well scripted, I'm interested to really see whose winning with the audience. The Link airs once a week while V Entertainment airs daily,that's if you are a DSTV subscriber.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2cents #SAFTAS

Eish!!! What I muttered all the time, not that I'm an eventing guru I just didn't like some of the details of the South African Film & Television Awards live show on SABC 3 honouring film and TV veterans for their hardwork so it seemed everytime they played those advert- like clips. However events like this kind are very much as important as SAMAS,Metros after all the entertainment industry doesn't have those specs as the corporate South Africa, this will indeed help nourish this struggling small actors workplace filled with uncertainty. Here are some of the details they need to master next time according to me;

MC's: Most vital ingredients of any show, they must make sure of whom they choose, Connie maybe good with someone else not that guy. If he was paired with Tumi Morake it would have worked. Also scripts be taken seriously, its a live show afterall. I felt Connie's lines were not that clean.

Sitting Arrangements: Nominees must always sit near to the stage or you find something interesting to play/do while they walk that long walk to accept their awards.

Sound: It was not that breath taking but not bad either. In future it will be great if you open the show with a theatrical piece, it can set an awesome mood for the event's status quo.

With that off my chest, your music for long speeches was so cool, original indeed. Samuel L was paid how much? Zama Nkosi may you please just let us know. On serious note though big up to her organization for all the hard work they put in to produce such a wonderful platform which will help encouraging more and more local productions.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Act like one

Calling each other or cyber conversations on social platforms, daily or hourly it’s important irrespective of who is initiating. Endless visits and all other good or bad experiences you may love to hate form part of the package. However there is space issues we know that but that shouldn’t be an excuse to show affection, friendly of cause.

What kind of a relationship do you have with yourself? Is it strong enough to bare the shabby walls or houses built on stones? I guess what I'm trying to ask here its fairly simple unless you don't even exist, ask yourself as of this point. As human beings post the movies age, we have different arguments on many important matters close to our hearts friendship being one of them. But before you just pass what I just said, how on earth do you expect to be treated as a friend while you can't even go as far as explaining the word?

Firstly, with notes from life experiences we know our behavioral patens as such pretence fails as make up but we fail at life lessons, you can't go around thinking its friend's "PA" responsibilities to make you happy when you too fail dismally. We are not playing blaming game rather serious observation that deserves same serious attention one. The same happiness you seeking may destroy you up to your last smile. Do you notice "fail” repeatedly, don't you think its about time we just learn to be honest with ourselves before anyone else.

While you still assuming you reading Dr Phil’s script, it will be too late to play catch up. Let's learn to analyze ourselves from all angles then while on that lets make peace with a statement that simply says you will never click with everyone unless of cause you paying for your pack of condoms at that shop but with an "s" after "k". The sales figures would keep the shop manager smiling and the Aids stats diminishing with every round you “come”. Digest with friendship was meant to happen some not its up to you to suck it up. Lessons are all over the place learn as you go along.

Oprah may agree with me when I said treat others the same way you would like to be treated. We all have friends now and we can just relax, actually yes we can. Its simple if you really get what I just said. Remember though it doesn't mean you won't meet vultures, they are just waiting to use you just don't allow them. If it happens oh well take the lessons and move on..

Just imagine though how will you manage marriage if you still haven't sucked it up, life has no rules but waves you have to surf through until 9 feet under. After all if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Metro FM awards nominee AKA at Moloko-PTA

How old is he turning?I'm sure most girls would like to know. He's making rather serious waves with his tunes, Jealousy has been nominated for Best single at the sought after commecial radio station Metro FM awards scheduled for next month. In the meantime catch him at Moloko-Pretoria for his Birthday Celebration this coming Friday, 25th January.

The Victory Lap rapper will be supported by Milkshake, Dimplez and many other acts.

@MolokoPretoria on twitter for more info and updates on various events hosted there.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Suck it up

I can see that grin on your face LOL! The academics say to suck involves taking up air or liquid into your talking piece using the muscles of your lips..literally. I say scrap that, the word has more usage and more meaning outside the bedroom. Before you scream at me, it is believed that most words associated with sex can actually make more sense and as a matter of fact, the boat turns around and face the scripts of many alter ego movies.

“Big words were derived, still are from big words” as I follow through the script, “we speak English here no ghetto slang” as it continues. Although we bounce with the flow less we forget the real reason behind the evolution of another form of motivational statements.

Are we sucking it already? I think we do almost all the time if not now… literally (laughs), on a serious note we do. There is a lot of scenarios we could explore, but here is one fitting.

“I cry and cry till my tears dry on my moisturized cheeks. i know that once the bed is made lying on it is the only route I’m destined to. I keep on looking up the skies since my young me believed all the blessings are from there. I died twice; my life was finished with the capital F. I just didn’t see the real me, well that was until my mom told me to suck it up, you should have seen me I was like sex education from mommy dearest WOW, she went on to tell me that she didn’t just grow maliciously, endearment to scary detours on her road. I was hoping she will tell me its will be o I must just chill but finally I understood that ‘just chilling’ its not answer but finding solutions. Now I was armed nothing can tear me down I’m sucking it up all the way no matter how big it is.”

Out of context what? The lollipop, cigar or whatever pet name you use it just a dick. Sizes aside, who wouldn’t want to experience the awesome gesture courtesy of the mouth of another.