Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Act like one

Calling each other or cyber conversations on social platforms, daily or hourly it’s important irrespective of who is initiating. Endless visits and all other good or bad experiences you may love to hate form part of the package. However there is space issues we know that but that shouldn’t be an excuse to show affection, friendly of cause.

What kind of a relationship do you have with yourself? Is it strong enough to bare the shabby walls or houses built on stones? I guess what I'm trying to ask here its fairly simple unless you don't even exist, ask yourself as of this point. As human beings post the movies age, we have different arguments on many important matters close to our hearts friendship being one of them. But before you just pass what I just said, how on earth do you expect to be treated as a friend while you can't even go as far as explaining the word?

Firstly, with notes from life experiences we know our behavioral patens as such pretence fails as make up but we fail at life lessons, you can't go around thinking its friend's "PA" responsibilities to make you happy when you too fail dismally. We are not playing blaming game rather serious observation that deserves same serious attention one. The same happiness you seeking may destroy you up to your last smile. Do you notice "fail” repeatedly, don't you think its about time we just learn to be honest with ourselves before anyone else.

While you still assuming you reading Dr Phil’s script, it will be too late to play catch up. Let's learn to analyze ourselves from all angles then while on that lets make peace with a statement that simply says you will never click with everyone unless of cause you paying for your pack of condoms at that shop but with an "s" after "k". The sales figures would keep the shop manager smiling and the Aids stats diminishing with every round you “come”. Digest with friendship was meant to happen some not its up to you to suck it up. Lessons are all over the place learn as you go along.

Oprah may agree with me when I said treat others the same way you would like to be treated. We all have friends now and we can just relax, actually yes we can. Its simple if you really get what I just said. Remember though it doesn't mean you won't meet vultures, they are just waiting to use you just don't allow them. If it happens oh well take the lessons and move on..

Just imagine though how will you manage marriage if you still haven't sucked it up, life has no rules but waves you have to surf through until 9 feet under. After all if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.
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