Monday, January 07, 2013

Suck it up

I can see that grin on your face LOL! The academics say to suck involves taking up air or liquid into your talking piece using the muscles of your lips..literally. I say scrap that, the word has more usage and more meaning outside the bedroom. Before you scream at me, it is believed that most words associated with sex can actually make more sense and as a matter of fact, the boat turns around and face the scripts of many alter ego movies.

“Big words were derived, still are from big words” as I follow through the script, “we speak English here no ghetto slang” as it continues. Although we bounce with the flow less we forget the real reason behind the evolution of another form of motivational statements.

Are we sucking it already? I think we do almost all the time if not now… literally (laughs), on a serious note we do. There is a lot of scenarios we could explore, but here is one fitting.

“I cry and cry till my tears dry on my moisturized cheeks. i know that once the bed is made lying on it is the only route I’m destined to. I keep on looking up the skies since my young me believed all the blessings are from there. I died twice; my life was finished with the capital F. I just didn’t see the real me, well that was until my mom told me to suck it up, you should have seen me I was like sex education from mommy dearest WOW, she went on to tell me that she didn’t just grow maliciously, endearment to scary detours on her road. I was hoping she will tell me its will be o I must just chill but finally I understood that ‘just chilling’ its not answer but finding solutions. Now I was armed nothing can tear me down I’m sucking it up all the way no matter how big it is.”

Out of context what? The lollipop, cigar or whatever pet name you use it just a dick. Sizes aside, who wouldn’t want to experience the awesome gesture courtesy of the mouth of another.
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