Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#2cents : Vuzu vs. SABC 1

Names like those of Thomas Gumede and Lerato Kganyago feature daily on our television screens. In fact,you can't separate them from entertainment. They both hosts prime time entertainment shows. Lerato used to host own show on Soweto TV before moving to SABC 1.

Entertainment critics had a field day when The Link, which was meant to be hosted by Bonang Matheba, launched with a different presenter thus making the interview Bonang did with a certain magazine somehow invalid. Questions were asked with answers provided at the same time. As usual, the comparisons began so did the drama.

Lerato had a tough job convincing the fans of the show, nonetheless, she succeeded. You can tell she's very experienced with each and every interview with local stars week after week. Her links are on point too from field reporting, however, I think Sinazo Yolwa it's copying Lala at some point, there are similarities with gossip script delivery. She's also not a new face to TV, "A List" was not bad at all. Whoever came with an idea of Jerry Mokgofe (fashion blogger) advising on well.. fashion deserves a SAFTA horn.

Moving right along swiftly as Dineo Mooketsi would say on V Entertainment which boosts all-star presenters, from forever on point Lala Hirayama(her name is difficult) to the fashion forward Siyabonga "Scoop" Ngwekazi. The show really has an edge on Hollywood red carpets moments and interviews, something that I think really sells in South Africa. Thomas is also starting to look very polished, he's not really into fashion or anything metrosexuals are known for. I have to say though I like him more as an actor than as a presenter.

Both shows are well scripted, I'm interested to really see whose winning with the audience. The Link airs once a week while V Entertainment airs daily,that's if you are a DSTV subscriber.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

2cents #SAFTAS

Eish!!! What I muttered all the time, not that I'm an eventing guru I just didn't like some of the details of the South African Film & Television Awards live show on SABC 3 honouring film and TV veterans for their hardwork so it seemed everytime they played those advert- like clips. However events like this kind are very much as important as SAMAS,Metros after all the entertainment industry doesn't have those specs as the corporate South Africa, this will indeed help nourish this struggling small actors workplace filled with uncertainty. Here are some of the details they need to master next time according to me;

MC's: Most vital ingredients of any show, they must make sure of whom they choose, Connie maybe good with someone else not that guy. If he was paired with Tumi Morake it would have worked. Also scripts be taken seriously, its a live show afterall. I felt Connie's lines were not that clean.

Sitting Arrangements: Nominees must always sit near to the stage or you find something interesting to play/do while they walk that long walk to accept their awards.

Sound: It was not that breath taking but not bad either. In future it will be great if you open the show with a theatrical piece, it can set an awesome mood for the event's status quo.

With that off my chest, your music for long speeches was so cool, original indeed. Samuel L was paid how much? Zama Nkosi may you please just let us know. On serious note though big up to her organization for all the hard work they put in to produce such a wonderful platform which will help encouraging more and more local productions.