Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#2Cents on Kelly Khumalo

Its not only “The past” or “The Present “ nor “The Future” but “The Past, The Present, The Future”. I’m so glad I took my time to voice my opinion about the album, forget my back and forth tweets with Kelly Khumalo I mean my official 2cents. For those who are not in tune (literally) with what I’m talking about let me just give a mini manual. Kelly Khumalo, the “virgin” reunited with whom I call brand conscious Sarah Setlaelo to plan a killer come back tapping into the older market, the rest you can Google.

I first saw her book at some chain store i just thought she’s just joining the rest of her peers, then the scripted reality show. I was not convinced; don’t get me wrong I know very well she can sing but my mind kept referring to her lovelife. I seriously listened to the songs after
“twitter” feedback and my friend approved. Now that I can actually afford the album I will take you through my favorite tunes on the album;
Track 1 titled Umemulo until Track 11 titled Rise. All songs resonate with me so I guess she analyzed her market very well this time.

All in all go buy the album and se for yourself. Oh, finally she had my call she’s busy promoting the album.

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