Monday, July 29, 2013

What would you like?

All this health facts about undergarments are seriously not settling well with me irrespective of that it seems like more and more racks are dictated by them. Stats or none, It is still a sensitive issue especially when it comes to men. No man discusses this without a shy face in fact most just doesn’t, unless it’s in the bedroom. Forget about those “ask & answers” in the media.

Talking about media, all this brands advertise more sexiness and less comfort. Have you seen those models in undies? Tjeer. Anyway the fact is there are choices and how one chooses their type is still not relevant, at least since it boils down to personal preferences. However brands have to investigate.

Monday, July 22, 2013

#2Cents : Kedibone

Awesome news just landed in my inbox, almost in tears trying to finish reading the article. A lil drop just because the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital is almost a reality, the land is now secured and more so the board erected there will be adjusted as funds come in. I predict by the end of November constructions may resume.

So the police will arrest me if I get hold of the movie? Actually never mind, what I’m interested to share about this issue goes beyond the reasons why it’s not classified (I hope that’s the main reason). PR that’s the word; firstly, everyone is talking about this movie and secondly this drama surrounding it makes the masses even more eager to see it.

Who is more clued about political issues? I wish I understood this complicated dog-eats-dog world *sigh*. It’s not raining but pours in Zim if the reports doing the rounds are true; I hear there are even ads on sex scandals. Hehe diyabuya thwii. Tjo! I’m actually cool without a teacher; I’ll stick to what I know best thanks.

It must be exciting on Modern Family circles. One of the cast said “I do” to his lawyer boyfriend. Oh, I saw one of our own SA couple on Forever Young talking reality show or it looked like that. It will be interesting to watch though that’s if it will materialize. If i was producing I will shoot it so fast so it airs just when “After9” ends, season 2 is said to premier next month JUST SO BOPASTOR CAN HAVE MATERIAL FOR DAYS #justSaying. Anyway Season 1 saw Hector leaving for Cape Town while his under-the-carpet BF married his organized, in-denial wife. Don’t get me wrong but I think these story lines have since reached tell-date, just recycled ideas nje. Let me wait until it airs so I can give a proper verdict.

*pfew, so much to share* I’m sure by now you know I love me some Lalla from VE. I knew she use to dance but what I’m seeing on Strictly Come Dancing it’s something else. I pray I have money for airtime the whole season to vote for her, since KZN people are so strong on voting, may I please ask on her behalf for the votes? Thanking you in advance.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I strongly believe in “if it’s meant to be, it will happen”, yes that’s
what they always say, isn’t it? Well I also have a different take to this sometimes if not always. If you still deny the fact that you are defeated should you not be willing to put in the necessary sweat, tear/s, stress and all that comes with achieving; *SHOUTS* you need Jesus. He help those who help themselves though, keep this in mind while you pray.

I have been to hell and back, the deep conversations I had with my inner self are just tales deserving a book just like Rosie Motene, I heard she’s busy with hers *sigh (wipes dark forehead), soapie-land produces Authors lately not only Entrepreneurship-land yall* . Anyway what i knew rarely mattered if not implemented. I have no control of what happens however mine lies in making sure my energy equals future.

Do not and I meant DO NOT think if you just sit and fold your arms while
quoting that saying would eventually yield results or actions for that matter. Know this “if you are working hard, smart and honestly, it will happen” and then you can now pray.
Here is how I pray to my Lord since I know that above, forget Madea’s in
danger prayers;

Dear Lord, I am about action and echo that word with confidence. When my Bible teacher in primary level told me you are The best, I enquired if you could make sure my parents live forever so they can see the reasons why I refused to herd their cows, little did I know you will in turn give them an understanding as to why, at that present moment. Today you gave me a precious gift in a form of life, but Lord please equip me the strength so I can go find the right path which you have prepared for me. I’m not complaining about the trials and tribulations I have been through, I know very well those were my stepping stones. I repeat all I ask for is guidance. Lord thank you once again for the energy you have blessed me with, I love it. Amen.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Di twelebs/facelebs le tjona di Celebs

There isn’t a day where a celeb is not fighting or attacked on social networks, either by followers or friends. This new pattern of thinking, music-to-ears for the wannabes and likes, in fact it has become what I call SA’s own paparazzi/Fashion police/Commentators/I-WISH. Not that its local brewed, international money makers fall victims too, I just feel they are handling it better so to say. Lately Samkelo Ndlovu was the victim all thanks to her fabulous dress kua Durban mokatong wa dipere, worn before to a different wat wat colour carpet event.

You can run but you cannot hide seems to be making a lot of sense in this regard. Actually it got me thinking; who is to blame, social networks or celebs or fans? Then again who cares as Akon would say “im just a singer trying to entertain”, they are also trying to do something be it acting, singing or just with no talent at all. Fact is, You cannot under no circumstances think you own a celeb or a fan , however responsibilities of posting/tweeting lies in the hands of the user whether ke le celeb or fan, don’t be alarmed when “who do you think you are?” start flying all over the place. #justblogging

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Letter Happened

Once my thoughts reacting to open letters, “I would have written plenty to my primary school teacher whom beat my behind until I bled and to my English who never cared”. Back then even though my mom swore to tear him apart, he just never stopped. Up to this day I still resent him, forgave him…>>>>not. In matric his son was my pal though and he knew how I felt about his father nonetheless he never cared as to him his father was hated by each child from that school, defending him was not his style not even a comment nyana. The English one “situation” oh well it’s a topic for another day.
Writing to him I think would have helped many kids after me in a way or another. Questions heating up on my lips with this open letter writing season bestowed upon us, mostly directed to public personalities. Not yet sure if I like however I can’t deny the fact most I read are good, and it teaches me a lot about the direction the media game is headed. I say media because I haven’t seen one on employer/employee situation.

My writing of a letter to any socialite or presenter…agh whatever their titles are lately would be non effective as I struggle to critic someone making more money than I do. I just can’t bear that thought unless it’s on my JD (job description). At least I will be paid for that and what a better way to add bo zero nyana.

*sigh* I would like to write one though to Khanyi Dhlomo and Khaya Dlanga. Actually I have wrote “closed” one to her so it wouldn’t be necessary anymore to “open” letter. Well to the gentleman even though I don’t know him I just relate a lot to his thinking, not that it will matter to the next person. The direction im headed assures me.

Positive vs Nagative
It’s amazing how they always start on the “don’t take it personal” tip but really now mostly will run to Hypress(PR Guru) for help, obviously those that take their brands seriously, any negative turn does no good akere bare ke bona dibrand.

With that off my chest, expect a closed letter to your inbox anytime from now, YOU ARE NEXT.