Monday, July 22, 2013

#2Cents : Kedibone

Awesome news just landed in my inbox, almost in tears trying to finish reading the article. A lil drop just because the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital is almost a reality, the land is now secured and more so the board erected there will be adjusted as funds come in. I predict by the end of November constructions may resume.

So the police will arrest me if I get hold of the movie? Actually never mind, what I’m interested to share about this issue goes beyond the reasons why it’s not classified (I hope that’s the main reason). PR that’s the word; firstly, everyone is talking about this movie and secondly this drama surrounding it makes the masses even more eager to see it.

Who is more clued about political issues? I wish I understood this complicated dog-eats-dog world *sigh*. It’s not raining but pours in Zim if the reports doing the rounds are true; I hear there are even ads on sex scandals. Hehe diyabuya thwii. Tjo! I’m actually cool without a teacher; I’ll stick to what I know best thanks.

It must be exciting on Modern Family circles. One of the cast said “I do” to his lawyer boyfriend. Oh, I saw one of our own SA couple on Forever Young talking reality show or it looked like that. It will be interesting to watch though that’s if it will materialize. If i was producing I will shoot it so fast so it airs just when “After9” ends, season 2 is said to premier next month JUST SO BOPASTOR CAN HAVE MATERIAL FOR DAYS #justSaying. Anyway Season 1 saw Hector leaving for Cape Town while his under-the-carpet BF married his organized, in-denial wife. Don’t get me wrong but I think these story lines have since reached tell-date, just recycled ideas nje. Let me wait until it airs so I can give a proper verdict.

*pfew, so much to share* I’m sure by now you know I love me some Lalla from VE. I knew she use to dance but what I’m seeing on Strictly Come Dancing it’s something else. I pray I have money for airtime the whole season to vote for her, since KZN people are so strong on voting, may I please ask on her behalf for the votes? Thanking you in advance.

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