Friday, July 12, 2013

Di twelebs/facelebs le tjona di Celebs

There isn’t a day where a celeb is not fighting or attacked on social networks, either by followers or friends. This new pattern of thinking, music-to-ears for the wannabes and likes, in fact it has become what I call SA’s own paparazzi/Fashion police/Commentators/I-WISH. Not that its local brewed, international money makers fall victims too, I just feel they are handling it better so to say. Lately Samkelo Ndlovu was the victim all thanks to her fabulous dress kua Durban mokatong wa dipere, worn before to a different wat wat colour carpet event.

You can run but you cannot hide seems to be making a lot of sense in this regard. Actually it got me thinking; who is to blame, social networks or celebs or fans? Then again who cares as Akon would say “im just a singer trying to entertain”, they are also trying to do something be it acting, singing or just with no talent at all. Fact is, You cannot under no circumstances think you own a celeb or a fan , however responsibilities of posting/tweeting lies in the hands of the user whether ke le celeb or fan, don’t be alarmed when “who do you think you are?” start flying all over the place. #justblogging

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