Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Letter Happened

Once my thoughts reacting to open letters, “I would have written plenty to my primary school teacher whom beat my behind until I bled and to my English who never cared”. Back then even though my mom swore to tear him apart, he just never stopped. Up to this day I still resent him, forgave him…>>>>not. In matric his son was my pal though and he knew how I felt about his father nonetheless he never cared as to him his father was hated by each child from that school, defending him was not his style not even a comment nyana. The English one “situation” oh well it’s a topic for another day.
Writing to him I think would have helped many kids after me in a way or another. Questions heating up on my lips with this open letter writing season bestowed upon us, mostly directed to public personalities. Not yet sure if I like however I can’t deny the fact most I read are good, and it teaches me a lot about the direction the media game is headed. I say media because I haven’t seen one on employer/employee situation.

My writing of a letter to any socialite or presenter…agh whatever their titles are lately would be non effective as I struggle to critic someone making more money than I do. I just can’t bear that thought unless it’s on my JD (job description). At least I will be paid for that and what a better way to add bo zero nyana.

*sigh* I would like to write one though to Khanyi Dhlomo and Khaya Dlanga. Actually I have wrote “closed” one to her so it wouldn’t be necessary anymore to “open” letter. Well to the gentleman even though I don’t know him I just relate a lot to his thinking, not that it will matter to the next person. The direction im headed assures me.

Positive vs Nagative
It’s amazing how they always start on the “don’t take it personal” tip but really now mostly will run to Hypress(PR Guru) for help, obviously those that take their brands seriously, any negative turn does no good akere bare ke bona dibrand.

With that off my chest, expect a closed letter to your inbox anytime from now, YOU ARE NEXT.

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