Monday, August 05, 2013

Ngwakong wa Ngwako/ Ngwako’s home

I was that kind who never liked children, the thought of being a dad just didn’t see my brains. I grew up in a stable family, part of me wished for same though excluding kids. My oldest sister was the first one to “grandparents” my parents, the look on my father’s face was priceless. I will pay any money; in dollars even just to revisit that day. You will expect this to change my mind but believe me it didn’t. Fast forward to now, fresh from the dusty streets of my village, my mom between her complaining about my drinking reminded me of my original plan. I laughed so hard mumbling “I got carried away” then kissed that beer bottle so hard avoiding eye contact. She is referring to her grandson who I can’t mention without a beaming smile, teeth white enough to outshine my dark self. I must admit this role is not for sissies, so many challenges however when I look at him quietly I forget completely about those; who wouldn’t?

Family is very important whether you want one or not, now I know and I can stand anywhere in the world to echo this statement. Forget about the drama within, it’s part of the memories. Eish I’m not even sure if I should share this but anyway *sigh*, Raised there, witnessed them all but what was in front of my eyes over the weekend was FAMILY. The community decided to stand together to voice and act against an issue that is so sensitive yet provoking dialogues buried with the 80’s ; it just goes to show that two is better than one.

Oh before I forget thought it is impossible today, City Press compiled what they call or should I say a piece themed “The 10 best . . .power women of South African arts” , guess what? Candy of Tsa Mandebele to the media, queen of traditional music to me and BomaCoster to fellow villagers made it on the list. What excited me the most about the write up is the mention of my village *just had to brag a lil (smiles)*. Okhebone tholla boreledi teng ga yona wa baba (don’t judge a book by its cover) #justsaying.

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