Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stigma’s roots

Just before Standard 3 or 4, around that time English communication amongst schools pupils seemed lacking birthing Choke English Medium Centre, the brainchild of Ms. Chauke aka Mam’Thobi. The model delivery meant that after the normal schools hours, play-times were non existence as the afternoon were solely dedicated to the lessons covering literature, speech, drama amongst others. The main idea I gathered was to encourage dialogue.

A pure English centre in the middle of a dusty village, isn’t too ambitious? Well she was determined and frequent one-on-one meetings with parents followed; they were not prepared to spend their hard earned money for nothing. As more pupils the centre enrolled nearest villages heard the “twanging” wave that had just landed and soon after they were part of it.

The highly hyped centre soon bore results as confidence amongst its pupils improved so did the English. Unfortunately the stigma was bigger than anticipated. Reading magazines/newspapers was still viewed as “you-think-you-are-better-than-the –rest”, in fact a handful up to this day carry this stupid mindset.
Now as our education system faces challenges size of Carlton Centre, more so in the rural areas projects like that of Ms Chauke are needed. OWLAG pioneered by media mogul Oprah Winfrey is one similar project this country will hold highly, though it focuses on just a part of the PDG(Previously Disadvantage Groups) being women. I hope Mam’ Oprah in future considers the remaining percentages.

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