Thursday, November 28, 2013

#2Cents: Winnie Mandela came back from prison and I cried

I battled to hold my tears as she stepped out of the car her children running to her. As soon as she cried herself I was already embarrassing myself in a packed cinema. But why? My sister passed on just few months after I started working, behind she left 2 boys; older and another was 7 months old at the time. In my head she never left, I'm always imagining her coming back *teary* . I know its not ok to hold on but when its someone close to you, its a difficult situation. She looked after me when I moved to Jozi. Anyway topic for another day.

The movie I thoroughly enjoyed, I will in fact watch it over and over again.

On scenes I enjoyed:
Idris Alba really owned that character, stella performance indeed. He even went as far as trying his best on isiXhosa, the scene where his mother played by Zikhon of Montana fame. She was concerned about him, the wife left him and the boers were after him; she wanted answers. I loved that. And how can I forget the sex..mmmhh outstanding pictures, in my opinion they were shot nicely, very well done.

I can go on and on, just do yourself a favor; go watch the movie.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where to advertise in Limpopo?

Digital media era maybe taking South Africa by storm with experts forecasting full takeover in years to come, as a Marketer you can’t afford to miss out. Consumers are very complex right now it’s no longer like before, they control the conversations. Gone are the days campaigns ended on traditional media, nowadays if it’s not trending on Twitter or scoring high numbers of views on Youtube then it may be that it is not effective or executed. It may sound cliché but unfortunately it’s a fact. However, in Limpopo this may not be the case.

Digital wise; majority still prefers Facebook as a social media tool to socialise with peers. If you look at the 13-25 age groups whom own mostly smartphones their time is spent on this specific platform. With that said there is no winning formula, one needs a very strong targeted campaign to engage them as this crowd it’s not easily persuaded, though it can be argued depending on what you are communicating to them. Now I cannot think of any example on top of my head unless you would like to visit Google of any campaign which succeeded in this market, actually most brands hardly invest on regional advertising. Though I will warn you, invest your time in assessing their behaviors, online patterns, should the need be speak to some. Various Marketing boutiques offer this service for a reasonable fee.

What other options to you have? First Capricorn FM just celebrated their 6th birthday, cementing their stay in the province mainly dominated by SABC owned radio stations. Music vehicle all their shows which I think set them uniquely to the youth and in fact anyone who appreciates good music. Estimated listenership of 1 425 000 on a 7 day, you are sure to direct traffic straight to your Facebook page and other platforms you may wish to engage on.

While SABC stations enjoyed majority listenership in the past years before, now only some of the 3 stations garner estimated 1 198 000 (sourced on Wikipedia), of that number, shows like Breakfast and Afternoon ones contribute largely to the overall figure. My take on this is that you research a show which in more popular with your desired target market. Thobela FM broadcast in Sepedi, Phalaphala FM in Venda while Munghana Lonene FM caters for Tsonga speaking mainly Giyani and Tzaneen parts of Limpopo. Community airwaves differing per region are Thohoyandou based Univen Community Radio , chieftaincy owned Sekgosese Radio and the list goes on and on.

Stretching your budget even further you may also look into community based newspapers which you can simply source though if I were you this will be last resort. This crowd has no interest in reading ads on print, at least that’s what I observed. Still Daily Sun may be your least bet even though some parts mainly in villages it’s not “cup of tea” for them. The circulation of newspapers still is not great.

Don’t be like that washing powder assuming that women in Limpopo would take advice from a Gauteng based woman. I will stress this again, do your research.

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Basic services! Where will we get them?

Ga-Sedibeng village also fall under Greater Letaba Municipality, mothered by Mopani District Municipality. Long ago i read this . I was excited I’m sure all the villages were.

Fast forward to 2013, we have running water at least I can speak for my village others though don’t have. Anyway who are we? We are just villagers with no education, it’s perceived. They are wrong, we are human and I will number this;

1. Sanitation is still nowhere to be seen, unless they show me otherwise.
2. Some villages have to ask those fortunate enough to afford boreholes for water, in other cases buy. 2014 it’s upon us.

I fully understand that it takes time, but aowa Balobedu ba yeso, have you seen the roads, the schools in some of the village? I will not talk about libraries; our sisters and brothers exited schools hoping things will be better for us the younger ones.

They must engage us, educate us on policies surrounding basic services not presume we would like this and that, and farmers enriched by our own natural resources need to channel their CSI spending effectively.

R81 recently saw a facelift; Ga-Maupa saw light with the Apollo lights projects, Sefofotse usher guest on paved street. We need more of this positive news. Executive Mayor; Cllr. Leswafo Joshua Matlou. I have no words for you but one thing i can say is don’t just empower your surroundings, guide all your municipalities effectively.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#2cents: Lira – Making Herstory

Firstly the book it’s available at CNA, well that’s where I got mine. I also believe at major book stores. Instead of calling the book just "history", they played around with this word for marketing gimmick which I think works. Two parts; one penned by Lira herself, latter by ex Benoni City Times journalist Clyde Meela, sounds white neh? Lol.

Anyway, in this book I discovered her spark; later as I finished reading decided passion coupled with drive resulted in the success we see today. Anyone who is honest with you will tell you the scary realities that come with leaving a steady, well paying job for “some” music career with no guarantees. Still she followed her dream, signing to 999 Music which I think didn’t understand her vision, I warn you though don’t expect an expose regarding her departure from the label, to me it sounds like there were just two adults who weren’t at the same page at the time.

I think it’s safe to say she has read “it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be” by Paul Arden, her journey reveals. Travelling the lonely road of realizing your goals it’s no a child’s play, we all know that but the moment you visualize that and start working hard, then nothing can stop you. She wanted to be the best in the world, oh boy...the sky is not only the limit for her.


I found myself viewing almost every property listed on one of those search-engines exactly three years ago in a bid to assist a friend who at the time was looking for a place to rent. i had just left the social enterprise organisation I called home for a while, my time was mostly dedicated to blogging and running errands I wouldn’t otherwise. My friend came across a nice place, as much as he wanted to view work commitments did not allow, so I offered to on his behalf.

Coordination is still my strongest point, if I can say so myself…lol I have to market myself phela. I did what I did best and as the remote controlled gate opened before me I was not impressed though I wished I could afford a place of my own. Lord the place was well furnished, clean; though the neighborhood was evidently unwelcoming I couldn’t hide my excitement as I visualised myself there.

Now looking around I can’t believe I refused faith unveiled though a book called The Secret which argues that what you visualise will actually become reality. In the book certain individual did cut out from magazines; places, house and mostly valuable he wished to own, later many years after moving into that same house he pictures himself living in, realisation kicked in as he unpacked the box which happened to have those cuttings. Surreal as it may sounds, it’s happening daily in our livelihood we are just not open to see it.

From now on it seems like my precious time will be spent working towards that.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is Khelobedu?

This is one of the many South African languages that are not official. Majority of these languages are not recognised at all as they are deemed as “polelo semmotwana” by Sepedi academics. However, Khelobedu is not Sepedi, but a dialect of the language. Majority of people confuse Khelobedu with Sepedi due to similarities between the two languages. Currently, there are over 50 villages (and counting) if not 100 that are part of the Balobedu clan. These villages are located in Mopani District, Limpopo Province.

Khelobedu has the feel of its originator (Sepedi) and Venda language influences as far as the pronunciation is concerned.
Famously dubbed the rain language after the Rain Queen Modjadji who formed and ruled the Balobedu clan from day one, the language has since taken a back seat in the academic space, adopting Sepedi as its first language. Pupils whom are born and raised speaking Khelobedu are compelled to switch to Sepedi as soon as the school bell rings signalling that lesson, which at times birth learning difficulties.

Sekgosese Community Radio station is one of the best community radio station broadcasting in Khelobedu.