Thursday, November 28, 2013

#2Cents: Winnie Mandela came back from prison and I cried

I battled to hold my tears as she stepped out of the car her children running to her. As soon as she cried herself I was already embarrassing myself in a packed cinema. But why? My sister passed on just few months after I started working, behind she left 2 boys; older and another was 7 months old at the time. In my head she never left, I'm always imagining her coming back *teary* . I know its not ok to hold on but when its someone close to you, its a difficult situation. She looked after me when I moved to Jozi. Anyway topic for another day.

The movie I thoroughly enjoyed, I will in fact watch it over and over again.

On scenes I enjoyed:
Idris Alba really owned that character, stella performance indeed. He even went as far as trying his best on isiXhosa, the scene where his mother played by Zikhon of Montana fame. She was concerned about him, the wife left him and the boers were after him; she wanted answers. I loved that. And how can I forget the sex..mmmhh outstanding pictures, in my opinion they were shot nicely, very well done.

I can go on and on, just do yourself a favor; go watch the movie.
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