Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Basic services! Where will we get them?

Ga-Sedibeng village also fall under Greater Letaba Municipality, mothered by Mopani District Municipality. Long ago i read this http://www.krugerpark.co.za/krugerpark-times-4-22-mopani-spend-water-sanitation-24814.html . I was excited I’m sure all the villages were.

Fast forward to 2013, we have running water at least I can speak for my village others though don’t have. Anyway who are we? We are just villagers with no education, it’s perceived. They are wrong, we are human and I will number this;

1. Sanitation is still nowhere to be seen, unless they show me otherwise.
2. Some villages have to ask those fortunate enough to afford boreholes for water, in other cases buy. 2014 it’s upon us.

I fully understand that it takes time, but aowa Balobedu ba yeso, have you seen the roads, the schools in some of the village? I will not talk about libraries; our sisters and brothers exited schools hoping things will be better for us the younger ones.

They must engage us, educate us on policies surrounding basic services not presume we would like this and that, and farmers enriched by our own natural resources need to channel their CSI spending effectively.

R81 recently saw a facelift; Ga-Maupa saw light with the Apollo lights projects, Sefofotse usher guest on paved street. We need more of this positive news. Executive Mayor; Cllr. Leswafo Joshua Matlou. I have no words for you but one thing i can say is don’t just empower your surroundings, guide all your municipalities effectively.
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