Thursday, November 21, 2013


I found myself viewing almost every property listed on one of those search-engines exactly three years ago in a bid to assist a friend who at the time was looking for a place to rent. i had just left the social enterprise organisation I called home for a while, my time was mostly dedicated to blogging and running errands I wouldn’t otherwise. My friend came across a nice place, as much as he wanted to view work commitments did not allow, so I offered to on his behalf.

Coordination is still my strongest point, if I can say so myself…lol I have to market myself phela. I did what I did best and as the remote controlled gate opened before me I was not impressed though I wished I could afford a place of my own. Lord the place was well furnished, clean; though the neighborhood was evidently unwelcoming I couldn’t hide my excitement as I visualised myself there.

Now looking around I can’t believe I refused faith unveiled though a book called The Secret which argues that what you visualise will actually become reality. In the book certain individual did cut out from magazines; places, house and mostly valuable he wished to own, later many years after moving into that same house he pictures himself living in, realisation kicked in as he unpacked the box which happened to have those cuttings. Surreal as it may sounds, it’s happening daily in our livelihood we are just not open to see it.

From now on it seems like my precious time will be spent working towards that.

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