Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What is Khelobedu?

This is one of the many South African languages that are not official. Majority of these languages are not recognised at all as they are deemed as “polelo semmotwana” by Sepedi academics. However, Khelobedu is not Sepedi, but a dialect of the language. Majority of people confuse Khelobedu with Sepedi due to similarities between the two languages. Currently, there are over 50 villages (and counting) if not 100 that are part of the Balobedu clan. These villages are located in Mopani District, Limpopo Province.

Khelobedu has the feel of its originator (Sepedi) and Venda language influences as far as the pronunciation is concerned.
Famously dubbed the rain language after the Rain Queen Modjadji who formed and ruled the Balobedu clan from day one, the language has since taken a back seat in the academic space, adopting Sepedi as its first language. Pupils whom are born and raised speaking Khelobedu are compelled to switch to Sepedi as soon as the school bell rings signalling that lesson, which at times birth learning difficulties.

Sekgosese Community Radio station is one of the best community radio station broadcasting in Khelobedu.

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