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Influential champions in South Africa

A friend of mine once asked me to describe a champion. I said that a champion for me is someone who is not only a winner but consistent too. It was obvious that he did not understand me from his facial expression. So I started counting the following people who in my eyes are champions.

Thebe Ikalefeng. Marketing is Thebe’s middle name.This gentleman understand the profession and his take on building a brand in African is thorough and should you ignore it as a brand trading in Africa, you probably should close doors.

Zibusiso Mkhanazi of KrazyBoyz Digital.

Propertuity CEO, Jonathan Liebman. Maboneng is now the preferred choice for many Joburgers thanks to his over-the-top thinking.

Siyabonga Ngwekazi, experienced presenter and MC. He may not be the busiest television presenters in the country but he keeps on reinventing his brand while also investing behind cameras as the co owner of a production company.

Bonang Matheba. If she’s not on radio, you will probably see her on tv or at a gala event doing what she loves most.

Lerato Moipone Molapo also known as Lira. An established brand often starts by going through rough patches before making it. Lira has triumphed and continues to penetrate untouched territories while maintaining a favourable fan base.

M-net CEO, Yolisa Phahle. She, together with her team launched various channels tapping into new territories and continues to steer the ship that is M-net to greatness.

Gareth Cliff. He is a game changer and bends the rules but never fades. Throughout the years he has managed to remain relevant. Sometimes controversial but strategic decision making makes him the one to beat.

Thandiswa Mazwai. She uses music to channel her frustrations and also to celebrate. Her previous albums did very well.

At times it may seem as if he’s lost, but Trevor Noah is definitely good at entertaining his million twitter followers and recently, Americans.

Zanele Mbokazi. Her CV is longer than some of her former colleagues, but what makes the champion is her ability to birth projects that go on to capture the hearts of South Africans while slowly making her a to-go to person for major deals.

David Tlale. Breaking records and building new strategic relationships across the globe.

Khanyi Mbau. Rebellious turned talk show host has the knowledge on how to stay relevant and make money.

Lelo of JustCurious. This lady had no time for negativity when she started Jozi’s preferred blog – talk about a lady with a master plan. Blogging is not pap and vleis, but she started and continues to inspire upcoming bloggers in South Africa (including myself).

These are my champions. Please email me yours, would love to publish them for you.

54 Fashion Stylists in South Africa

Fashion Styling is rarely a career choice for many people, but it is a lucrative career that requires tons of creative juices and flair for everything fashion. Here are some of the best from South Africa:

1. Mpumi Sinxoto.
2. Leigh Toselli.
3. Monica Pozyn.
4. Danielle Pugin.
5. Ashleigh van der Westhuizen.
6. Candice-Lee Kannemeyer.
7. Papama Ramogase.
8. Maybe Carpacci.
9. Jenny Andrew.
10. Deryn King.
11. Lauren Nicoll.
12. Bongo Mazwana.
13. Natalia Fernandez.
14. Meg Petersen.
15. Shaldon Kopman.
16. Kelebogile Mokgotsi.
17. Mduduzi Mofokeng.
18. Zanele Motau.
19. Palesa Matlebyane.
20. Linda Mthembu.
21. Jo Trappit.
22. Kirsty Stoltz.
23. Nicole van Heerden.
24. Lindi Busakwe.
25. Mpumi Shandu.
26. Marco Riekstins.
27. Vuvu Nqezane.
28. Mmabatho Mphahlele
29. Mbali Soga.
30. Nonkuthalo Xapile.
31. Hesere Gildenhhuys.
32. Leigh Penke.
33. Cara-Lee Ruditzky.
34. Teresa Alho.
35. Poppy Evans.
36. Arthur Malan-Murison.
37. Nicole van Heerden.
38. Serai Lobelo.
39. Leila Petersen Gallant.
40. Chu Suwannapha.
41. Ryno Mulder.
42. Luisa Rodrigues.
43. Palesa Mahlaba.
44. Asanda Sizani.
45. Jenna Bruwer.
46. Crystal Kasper.
47. Tarryn Oppel.
48. Kwena Baloyi.
49. Palesa Mashiyane.
50. Kgosi Modisane.
51. Dumi Gwebu.
52. Leigh Peinke.
53. Alexis Chaffe.
54. Kelebogile Foko.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Grammy nominations 2015

The jury has spoken, see the full nominations list here.

Guys, may the best man win.

Anyway, Best Pop Vocal Album will suit -In the Lonely Hour, Sam Smith. I mean you can't fault the boy, he's that good.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Renting a house or room in Tembisa

Staying in Tembisa brings with it aah and nooo moments(well, which place does not). When picking a place to rent in Tembisa, you should consider the following:

Firstly consider your budget. Rent is the most important, make sure you can afford it. Expect to pay between R700 for a room and over R2500 for a house.

Sections. There are approximately 25 sections to choose from. If you work in Jozi, consider Sangweni and sections close by due to transport and traffic. Taxis are accessible there so is the main road to Jozi.

Lifestyle. If you are a party person, a section like Hospital View may not be able to accommodate your house parties. I could be wrong, but landlords there do not really like tenants who constantly host parties.

Parking if you have a car. Not all yards have parking and if they do, not all are safe.

These will help you in making the right decision. Make sure you visit Caprivi or Busy Corner on weekends for a proper jol.

Xibelana (Tsonga dance) - Who said white women can't dance? Think again!

Say what? KC Makhubele shared this video. Zulu girls and all, it is time to learn!!!!!

Hekele Heke, Bengu Bengu, + Joe Shirimani na Vana va Ndhoda - Giyani Mus...

Raymond Chauke shared this video on Youtube. I love it, hope you will too!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

TauYaMasepeng on Tembisan Newspaper

It is with great pleasure to announce that you can now read my blogs on the Tembisan Newspaper .

Read the fist blog titled 10 Things no one tells you about Tembisa which was published on the 24th of November.

Thank you all for visiting and reading TYM blog.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Destiny Man and Destiny – December 2014

If you are a regular reader, I am pretty sure you have noticed that Destiny Man and Destiny November 2013 were not reviewed on TYM Blog. I must apologise, Content Plan for TYM was not adhered to as always because of other commitments. In future, the report might be late not miss in action.

December 2014 covers for both magazines are inspirational and in sync with the usual December spirit. Zonke Dikana covers Destiny and Proverb, Destiny Man. These two artists have one thing common – entrepreneurship. Zonke owns most of her music through Leely Music while Proverb also does the same. Expect to be inspired and remember to take notes.

Destiny also covers few bloggers, be on the lookout for that plus the infamous topic around women’s perceptions of skin colours.

Kojo Baffoe has left Destiny Man, and Mzolisi will be acting until further notice. Please do buy the magazines and send me a mail or tweet me re your favourite stories and anything in between.

Oh before I forget, True Love Man edited by Kabomo was on the shelves. If you have bought one, you are more than welcome to review the magazines in few words for TYM Blog. I promise to publish the review with your name on it. Do not be shy, contact me ASAP.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who owns musicians in South Africa?

Previously (still is the case with some artists), artists concentrated on being famous while the recording companies took care of the business side of the music in the process brutally exploiting them. That was the norm. Few took matters into their own hands after their contracts with those companies expired. In South Africa, artists in the past lived the glamorous life we see on music videos but never bothered on reading the finer details of contracts. Unfortunately, most of them died poor while the office man lived comfortably.

What is the use of releasing music when you only do get the fraction of the profits? I am in no way saying upcoming artists should not sign deals with the big giants, but they seriously should start thinking of creative ways of owning their own music rather than just focusing on being famous and relevant. A lot has changed since then, with few artists capitalising creatively and building partnerships that are worthwhile and beneficial. Let's see who is winning:

Zonke Dikana. She recently told Destiny magazine about the joint venture between Leely Music and Sony. The DVD which she recorded last year was the first project they collaborated on. Big up sister!

Lira documented her frustration with 999 Music in her book and how she took charge of her own career in the process empowering others. To learn more get the book at your nearest bookstore.

Not so long ago Judith Sephuma also announced a venture with a big music recording company. Follow her on twitter to learn more about her music enterprise, Lalomba and related stories.

Cassper Nyovevest. When he said to a journalist that he was actually independent I thought he was joking. This guy did indeed own 2014. Tsholofelo did well (continues to do so) and his PR game is/was on point.

Zakes Bantwini. It’s not clear whether his albums are released via his company or licensed to Sony (as I send him an email). But what we know is that his company did give us Lvovo before he moved to Tira’s label.

Talking about Tira, he’s also one of the best music businessmen in SA.

Sfiso N’cwane. Good business acumen and most probably the most booked gospel artist.

He does not own all his albums according to what he told Destiny Man. But Proverb’s company does own his last album. What is also interesting is that he also co-owns a company that produces IdolsSA.

Arthur also is another artist who has brains. He may have missed a gold mine that is Lira but 999 music is a platinum mine that he runs with pride.

The “famous” nonsense should just end. It is not easy to make it in any industry in South Africa, but knowing the ins and outs of your interest helps greatly. We should start taking ourselves seriously.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Men magazines in South Africa

Unlike most women magazines, men magazines are not gossip driven but focus on content that is empowering and encourages robust debates amongst men of all ages. The idea of men magazines maybe few years old but society still deems it taboo for men to read magazines, others have chosen to look beyond the status quo. Companies like Media24 and Ndalo Media continue to produce content that is of high quality and easily speaks to modern men of today.

Destiny Man is one of the best man magazine titles that changed the game.

True Love Man. This magazine is still relatively new and in my view struggling a bit in capturing a man.



These magazine titles are great, start reading them today!

Friday, November 21, 2014

5 things about Puleng March

1. Well, first follow her on Twitter, @PulengMarch.

2. Started as a backing artist for Lundi and many others.

3. Released an album titled Thaba Tsoeu, which got nominated for SAMA's and won Metro FM music awards best newcomer and best female vocalist.

4. She was part of The Lion King playing Nala alongside Johnathan Andrew Hume as Simba.

5. Joyous Celebration member with few solos under he belt. The most famous being Motho mang le Mang.

Chat with Durban's finest, Sandy Nene

Sandy Nene, the freshest and relevant Blogger in South Africa. His name features in Creatives meetings, branding agencies and everywhere in Durban. Sandile Nene not only makes Blogging so great but engages with fellow bloggers in South Africa like a professional. Forget Huffing Post, this Durbanite is one brand we all should be watching closely. I had a chat with him, and oh my...I am inspired!

Before you read this post, remember that he started from the bottom and it goes to show that nothing is indeed impossible as Mandela said. Enjoy!

Who is Sandy Nene apart from what we read online?

I'm Sandile Nene. A young boy from INK (Inanda, Ntuzuma and Kwamashu), just outside Durban. I am the first born and have four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters. I am obsessed with the internet and seriously want to marry the WiFi.

When and what sparked the love for blogging?

Telling stories. It started in 2012 when I was still a fashion student. Then dropped out but continued with it because of people's response and after landing my first radio gig, through blogging.

How is the blogging scene now as compared to when you started?

It isn't the same. Though I haven't been blogging for 'that' long, but I think it's way different now. It's growing so fast and as it grows, many people aren't doing it the right way. Also, many brands love associating themselves now, compared to back in 2012.

What is the name of your blog and what topics do you focus on?

Well I don't have one blog, I own and run three blogs; - On Point With Sandy Nene, where I write about anything and everything, from fashion, events and celebrity interviews. Then there's, which is strictly Durban news, talent, events and music and there's which is South Africa's first and biggest community for bloggers.

How do you market your content?

All my blogs are Social Media highly driven. I am a social media freak and I believe my blogs are where they are today because of my love and reliance on Social Media.

How important it is to market a blog according to you? What do you think works?

If you want to end up being a reputable blogger, doing it full time, it's important. You want good traffic, you want brands to start buying ad space, of course you need to start marketing your blog at an early stage.

Many would say you are good with networking as it is evident on your Social Media platforms. Please share key networking elements necessary to attract brands etc.

Be honest and be yourself.

Would you say there is a future for Bloggers in South Africa? If so, can blogging be a way to make a honest living?

I'm doing it full time. Of course there is.

Between, and, which one do you prefer and why?

I have all but I actively use and Wordpress is the BEST.

Picture from Sandile Nene's Facebook profile.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where can one look for a job in South Africa?

Reality is no matter how many qualifications you have, no job will come looking for you unless of cause you are Oprah. If you do not have any working experience it might be tough, but that should never force you to give up. Here are good and reliable sources for job seekers;

1. Social Media. Yes, most companies and recruitment agencies do post jobs on their TLs almost daily.

2. Jobvine.

2. JobMail.

4. Workplace. A weekly newspaper supplement that you will need t buy every Wednesday.

5. Pnet.

6. Bizcommunity.

7. Careers24.

8. IOL Jobs.

9. Print Media.

Whatever you do, please make sure your CV is good. Looking for a job is a full time job, make sure you do so daily.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

South African artists to book for December

2014 is almost over. But before it ends, lets see which artists you should book for December parties;


Simphiwe Dana
Kelly Khumalo
Lulu Dikana
Naima Kay
Toya Delazy
Zonke Dikana


Cassper Nyovest
Nakhane Toure


The Soil
Prime Circle
Joyous Celebration


Black Coffee
Heavy K
Lulo Cafe
Naked DJ

and Maser of Ceremonies


Siyabonga Ngwekazi
Simba of Top Billing


Queen Bonang Matheba
Pearl Modiadie
Dineo Ranaka

Picture from City Press

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Must-see places in Tzaneen

If you are going to spend your holidays in Tzaneen, here are few places you have to visit;

1. The Termite House
2. Modjadji Village
3. Sunland Baobab
4. Muti Wa Vatsonga Museum
5. Smith Orchids

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Introducing Tomi R Creations.

This week I had an opportunity to chat to one of the best Fashion Designers to follow on Twitter, Thomas Rikhotso. Does this name ring a bell? Well, his label, Tomi R Creations produces garments that are appropriate for any event you can think of.
Fashion in SA is currently dominated by well known brands and department stores, however, designers are not sleeping waiting for manna from heaven but making positive moves that will soon pay off.

Thomas says that his love for fine things Fashion was nurtured by his mother who herself was a dressmaker. I guess it’s safe to say this apple did not fall far from the tree. Not only did the proud mom encourage her son, but taught him the basic skills of dress making. Talk about a mother who takes charge!

“I started revamping my old jeans, after Matric established a business of making bags that led to me getting a fashion learnership with a company named Fumu Empowering Connection” says Thomas

Thomas is very determined. I smell a solo show soon on SA Fashion Week. Time will tell.

“We had a fashion show after graduating which saw me win the competition beating 100 students who were also competing” he continues.

Tomi R Creations was established in 2012 and continues to dress clients from all walks of life. Fashion designers are always seen by the banks as ineffective entrepreneurs, I guess they never met Thabiso who runs the label full time on his own. He has worked with a reputable online store named Floral Raffia and showcased at Soweto Fashion Week.

“My market is the youth, our stuff are for edgy bold people who like making statements, we produce garments from street wear, corporate wear, casual and evening wear, and couture for fashion shows and photo shoots” advised Thomas.

5 must have items for summer according to Thomas.

For ladies - costumes, bustiers, miniskirts and sandals. Fellas get printed shorts nice printed vests.

Trending accessories this summer

Bucket hats or straight caps, sunglasses, and colourfully beaded bracelets for both sexes!

Outfits to get from Tomi R creations

Western dresses with African print accents
Bold mermaid dresses for evening wear and casual dresses.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Joyous Celebration Alumni, Tebello Sukwene , released an album titled He’s Alive

If you remember on Joyous Celebration 13, Tebello sang her lungs out as if she knew what was to follow after that performance. That kind of a performance is usually expected from a well established artist, never a group member. She continued with JC for few years while backing artists such as Lira and Simphiwe Dana. Gospel music lovers further saw her with Benjamin Dube when they both sang a song titled No God Above You.

Fast forward to 2014, Tebello Sukwini released a wonderful album titled He’s Alive. For all its worth, I think the album has the potential to win a Crown Gospel Award and compete with most gospel albums released this year.

I would also like to mention that my favourite songwriters, Sbongiseni Mbhele and Ntokozo Mbambo also from Joyous Celebration contributed on this album.
My favourite songs are Ka lebitso la Jeso (ft. Nhlanhla Mwelase) and O Morena Jesu, which are yours?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things you don’t know about Candy Mokwena (Tsa Mandebele)

1. She was born and raised at Ga-Sedibeng in Bolobedu, Limpopo.
2. Lost her oldest son not so long ago named Lesley Mokwena. Her youngest son, Oscar, lives with her.
3. She has over 15 cousins.
4. Started singing in the 1980's.
5. She has worked with Penny Penny, Shakabundu Girls(a group she was a lead vocalist), Peter t, Kabelo Mabalane, Ringo and many more.
6. Releases albums under Mosekedi Records, a company that she runs successfully on her own.
7. She is fluent in xiTsonga and her mother tongue, Khelobedu.
8. Tsa Mandebele, a song with Oskido of Kalawa, it is a well known traditional song sung in Bolobedu.
9. She has won awards from MLM FM Music awards in Limpopo.
10. She wears Khelobedu traditional attire all the time on stage.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Tembisa Stars

Tembisa is not only home to some of the best chilling places in South Africa like Busy Corner and Caprivi, stars are also born there. They may have moved out of the ghetto but these stars are what others will call Ghetto star.

Jerry Skosana. A once famous soccer star, Jerry showed most aspiring soccer stars that it does not matter where you come from, you too can make it. Now rumoured to be a coach for local clubs in Tembisa, this guy is still a star in our eyes. (Image by Soccer Laduma)

Keep it in soccer, Mthokozisi Yende, is another gentleman of soccer who hails from Tembisa. He is currently at Maritzburg United. (Image by Kick Off)

You cannot talk about soccer stars from Tembisa and not mention George Maluleka. He is one of the best to come out of Tembisa. (Image by Soccer Laduma)

Mongezi otherwise known as Tall Ass Mo, also hails from Tembisa. He is a comedian, talk show host and reality tv star married to Mome.(Image by IOL)

Pearl Modiadie of Zaziwa on SABC 1 is from Tembisa. She is also the current ambassodor for Avon, having started as presenter on Craze.(Image by Legit)

Even thought the name gives it up, Tembisa Revolution became an instant hit on talent shows in South Africa. Their moves inspired youngsters from all corners of Mzansi.(Image by etv)

DJ Shimza who hosts annual events in Tembisa, must be one of the famous DJ's to have come out of Tembisa. He is good on the decks and brand savvy.(Image by Idmmag)

Speaking of DJ's, Sibusiso Leope, is also from Tembisa as everybody knows. (Image by City Press)

Solly Mahlangu who is one of the most energetic gospel artist I know. (Image from Bimba)

Ex Gospel Gold presenter and Joyous Celebration member, Steven Molakeng.(Image by TVSA)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Musicians in/from Limpopo

Yes! Limpopo has queens and kings of music. Some you might have heard of on your favourite radio station.

Candy. Started out as a backing singer/dancer for Penny Penny and others. Most popular music lovers did not know her until her hit single, Tsa Mandebele, with renowned DJ/Producer/Record label owner, Oskido was released. The video of the song was very short in Tzaneen, Limpopo. Watch it here Youtube and share. She is from a small village in Mopani called Ga-Sedibeng where she continues to be a beacon of hope for upcoming musicians.

Selaelo Selota. One of the best artist from Africa's Eden. His song Thrrr_ Phaaa was played all over the country when it was released. Ladies I am sure you wish he could wake up next you every morning. Don't you?

Judith Sephuma. A UCT graduate and slays like nobody's business. She understand music, listen to her first album titled A cry, A smile, A Dance. It is that good. I absolutely love her! Her song Mme Motswadi is ne of those songs I can play the whole day.

Thomas Chauke. He's a legend, that's all I can say. He is humble and father to his 20plus kids. Two of his kids, Conny and Themba, also releases music. Themba had a hit, Trusta Mina. I loved the lyrics of the song.

Winnie Mashaba. Limpopo gospel queen. Any music concert in Limpopo without Winnie, is not a concert. She's energetic and sings like an angel.

Solly Moholo. Ntate Solly knows exactly what sells in Limpopo.Actually he discovered Winnie Mashaba.

Friday, October 31, 2014

You will buy a Carvela after reading this!

Carvela shoe brand, one of the most expensive shoe brand in South Africa and a firm favourite for Pretorians, Limpopians and Skhothanes. As much as the shoe brand can at times force you to dislike any outfit teamed with it, Spitz is still capitalising effectively in areas where this shoe brand is famous and adored. I have an issue with Spitz though; their advertising is not strong and targeted enough. Whenever I see their ads in glossy magazines like True Love and Destiny, my stomach boils, then again I figured maybe I am just misinformed.

I closely looked at people who buy this shoe brand and immediately realised that there is more Spitz can do in terms of advertising to these people. So I compiled 5 things they need to do ASAP:

1. Music festivals – no need to target existing events but they should organise their own targeted at the younger crowds (18-25). Instead of just booking artists and hoping these groups will buy tickets, Spitz should create an amazing lifestyle experience themed around this shoe brand. Imagine tag lines that ooze partying and status? Now that will be a day they will trend for right reasons on social media.

2. Team up with a fashion designer who can design fun and wearable casual clothes. It does not end there, a fashion show that is not glamorous but has class at a pub like Caprivi or Moloko. The clothes need to be affordable and must scream buy me with a pair of Carvelas'.

3. They should focus more on university brand activations, especially around Pretoria and Limpopo. Not just once, they can combine these activations with point number 1. Sort of a build up, sign up for our newsletter get a free entrance at out next must festival kinda thing only if you wear your Carvelas'.

4. A great blog on how to care for shoes. No need for fancy stuff here, just a basic blog with useful info updated daily.

5.Taxi and bus branding. With clever tag lines and using models that their target market adore, Dr Malinga or AKA will do.

They must just hire a marketing agency to help them!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Where to stay in Joburg?

Joburg is home to people from all over South Africa and the neighbouring countries. We leave our loved ones behind to head to the city of gold hoping to find work and business opportunities. This city called Msawawa, has no time for you, many have left it with diseases while others have indeed mined gold. If you’re reading this blog post from somewhere in Limpopo or KZN, and you probably have decided to join your brothers and sisters in Joburg, continue reading.

Let me highlight to you that even though it may seem like Jozi is where the money is, do not be surprised upon your arrival when there is no sign indicating where you can make genuine quick money. To make it here requires you to be very vigilant and positive. There will be times you wish home was just a train station away. Before you get excited, let’s sort out your accommodation.

I will presume, you are writing your final matric exms and headed to university or college thereafter – if you pass of cause. For you, life has not started as yet. I say this because your parents will still send you money and pay your accommodation on top of that. For those who are like many others with no means for varsity, here are accommodation options for you in Gauteng aka Maboneng:

A community hostel it’s a safe option until you can afford to pay rent. However, keep in mind that it helps to know someone there before you attempt taking the first bus to Jozi. Hostels have in the past housed immigrants who worked in mines and factories, today they are homes to many South Africans who either earn little or are still looking for employment.

Most popular form of housing, Shacks. Government is working very hard to get rid of informal settlements. Still you are bound to find many informal settlements around the province with shacks to rent. The rent is very low due to the poor living conditions but one should be very careful as fires gulp these shacks speedily in winter.

Renting a room either at someone’s yard mostly in locations like Tembisa and Soweto or in someone’s flat in the city centre. Just like any other dwelling there are challenges with room renting but it is better than nothing. Not only will you have privacy but it teaches you a thing or two about independence.

Renting a flat, only consider this option once you have a well paying permanent job. The same applies if you would like to rent a house.

Remember no one came to Joburg and made it instantly!

And bathing?

LOL! Unless you’re a nyaope addict, bathing is necessary. You will not get laid with smelly armpits. Do not worry though, let me sort you out.

Firstly, if you’re renting a room/shack and there are no available showers or baths. Buy a Skotel aka Mobile Bath Tub (don’t know what it’s called in English) which you can fit in. Tembisa has the best ones at Swazi-Inn, so do Marabastad in Pretoria and Small Street in Jozi. Your mornings should start early as you have to boil water using an electric kettle if you have electricity or paraffin stove if you don’t. Bring in Vaslap with Sunlight soap, and then you are sorted.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Celebrities that have own websites in South Africa

Other than using their websites to market their brands effectively, you can tell that these celebrities take themselves seriously. Let’s look at celebrity websites that are not easy to ignore:

Miss Lira by Lira. A well respected South African soul singer.

Bonang Matheba by Bonang Matheba. Dubbed the queen of everything entertainment.

Trevor Noah by Trevor Noah. Mr Globetrotter himself.

Luvdr by Dineo Ranaka.

DJ Zinhle by DJ Zinhle.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Radio stations in Limpopo

Just like any other province in South Africa, Limpopo has radio stations that are just as popular as those in Gauteng. Limpopo is home to Sepedi, Venda and Tsonga nations including unofficial nations like the Balobedu and Batlokwa. The radio stations in Limpopo cater to everyone who lives there, and even people who are based in other provinces like Mpumalanga. Here’s the list of the dominating masters of the airwaves;

Capricorn FM which mainly broadcast in English but also incorporate other Limpopo languages.
Energy FM. A newly formed urban radio station,
Munghana Lonene.
Phalaphala FM
Thobela FM

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Television production houses you can hire to produce adverts in SA

Yes! Lights, camera...let’s shoot that viral ad!

You are as good as the people you choose to work with. Yep, when it comes to shooting ads often creatives cut corners crying budget limitations. Love, you cannot roll like that! Get proper and qualified crews so your ads can be as exciting as on paper.

Here are 8 production houses to help you deliver your brand’s message:

1. Ballistic Pictures
2. Call a Crew
3. A Gallery Productions
4. Cats Eye
5. Eagle Films
6. Boomtown Film Production
7. Channel 5 Television & Film Productions
8. Kwekwezi Productions

Now, Go get those Loeries and Cannes!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Greatest lessons from SME's

Since Vusi Silora started supplying retail giant Massmart, his business’s turnover has more than quadrupled – from R90 000 to R400 000 in just two years.. Original article at Small Business Connect

Azola Ngwekazi has almost doubled her turnover after entering Raizcorp’s incubation programme last year. Read more here

It’s simple, treat your clients like gold and you’ll be amazed at the power of word of mouth advertising. from Destiny Connect

Where to advertise in Tembisa

Marketing loves me as much as I do. The creative environment that Marketing brings excites me greatly. For those who do not know, Advertising is part of Marketing and Marketers go out of their way to spend advertising budget wisely to bring in the sales or to pump up brand awareness.

Today, because I am a nice guy, compiled a list of spots to look at in Tembisa to advertise. These places will not suit each and every brand but will certainly help you as a Marketer to make the best of your marketing budget.

Currently there are 2 busiest roads in Tembisa simply named Straight Line and Main Line. Tembisa community travel on these two everyday to work, visit friends and party. Few billboards are available, so are street poles you can target. The billboard situated at Birch Acres is perfect and the ones next to Tembisa Plaza. However, if you can’t afford them as they are quite pricey, Keys Communications have few walls they can offer you at a reasonable price.

Train Stations
Oakmoor, Limindlela, Leralla and Tembisa stations are busy at peak hours. Billboards are also available at these stations. Try brand activations during busy times to complement your billboards ad. Two is better than one.

Malls and Shopping Centres
I would consider brand activations only. Simply because I think you stand a better chance of getting an immediate reaction and hopefully close some sales through them especially at malls. And If you have your product or service offered at one of the shops at these malls, you can incorporate that to create a much better interactive mall/s campaign. Here’s list of malls in Tembisa:

-Birch Acres Mall
-Tembisa Plaza
-Megamart Shopping Centre
-Phumulani Mall
-Score Shopping Centre
-Rabasotho Shopping Centre
-Pick n Pay Shopping Centre

Rhythm City was at Busy Corner this past weekend. And according to Just Curious, the turnout was not bad at all. Busy Corner is one of the busiest chisa nyamas in Tembisa. You can do absolutely anything you want as the place attracts different kinds of people from different locations and cities.
Caprivi Jazz Lounge as well is not bad; in fact, Hansa Pilsner shot an ad with the owner there not so long ago. Other than that, locals love Caprivi and you can never go wrong if you plan accordingly keeping in mind that it is afterall a drinking place.

Taxi Ranks
Only Sangweni deserves a chance. Other Taxi ranks in Tembisa attracts few sections but Sangweni is used by almost everyone who needs to go anywhere.

Stick to general ads on well known channels, Midrand-Tembisa TV is not there yet in terms of traffic.


Daily Sun still dominates. It is better to stick with them while also looking into getting your strip ad on Tembisan (Local newspaper owned by Caxton)

Voice of Tembisa boats quite a good following. Situated in Sangweni, be creative here as your budget may go to waste.

I am always available to assist should you need to look at other places to advertise without having to worry about getting lost or attracting the required traffic. Just give me a ring or contact Tembisa On Record.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Malls and Shopping Centres in Limpopo to advertise your brand

Before you go on an advertising spree, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Limpopo it’s not Gauteng or KZN, do you research if possible. Some brands do well here on billboards coupled with in-store/mall activations while others don’t. I am a big fan of regional adverts but I know most brands do not always have the budget or the time to invest on these. I believe customers warm up to an advert that is more about their surroundings and stories - stuff they are familiar with.

Anyway, the mall list below;

•Cycad Centre
•Flora Park Centre
•Game Centre
•Limpopo Mall
•Savannah Mall
•Standard Bank Square
•Mahwelereng Shopping Centre
Mall of the North
•Elim Mall
•Thavhani Mall
•Paledi Mall
•Tsaneng Mall
•Masingita Shopping Centre
•Bochum Plaza
•Letaba mall

Marry offline with online. You will thank me later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Great Masters of Ceremonies in Limpopo to hire

If you are planning an event of any kind in Limpopo, you may have to consider hiring MC’s that are already based there to save on travelling and accommodation costs. For agencies that host brand activations frequently in Limpopo malls and big scale events, try sourcing MC’s that attract massive crowds. In this way you will offer your clients more eyes than you could have with someone else who is not really a crown favourite.

Here are personalities you should hire to officiate your event;

Ashifashabba Shonisani Muleya . Need I say more?

Skhumbuzo Mbatha. He has a superb and engaging personality.

Brian Rikhotso otherwise known as DJ Brian. He will be suitable for a bigger scale activation gig.

Conny Mashimbye. Ask ladies, they will tell you that they bought OMO because of her.

Mankoko Baby Mokhari. Energetic and confident.

Maxwell Modiba. One of the talented Radio DJ’s we have in Limpopo and who is so good and youth’s firm favourite.

Bokang Montjane, former beauty queen.

Start with these stars and if you are still unsure, give me a ring!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are men bracelets appropriate for work?

Some companies do not allow them but some do. Just make sure you ask your manager or HR department. If they are not allowed, please make sure you rock them with your weekends outfits. You can still be hot without having to loose your job.

Here are few examples of fashionable men bracelets that you can rock for work;