Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where was DA-Agang formed?

In an era where your street cred is determined by the number of followers or friends or likes on social networks, new ways of communicating for brands alike emerge everyday if not every hour. The traditional ones are tossing briefs targeting various social communities to Account Managers willing to wine and dine the gate keeper; in some instances gift changing with the decision makers. It’s not wrong nor right, who to argue when advertising boutiques offer more than in the past. It doesn’t just end at the briefing rooms but events of the day are now more attracting the markets. The old boring social media strategies may soon be over taken by those who dare to push the boundaries.

The school bell may have ring for the last time last year with even better pass-rate percentage, however the notifications for mentions, RT, Likes, Pokes will never end, the game re-invent itself all the time. Engagements are extended far from just the brand’s presence; some posting competitions, discounts etc, and the perfect example will be that of Democratic Alliance and AgangSA. Media reported that the latter leader Dr. Maphela Ramphele maybe fronted as its presidential candidate, to that which AgangSA denied on social media. Did the dust settle?...to an extend yes but the social media community continued dancing on that same field and of cause journalists never miss a party even when the dust seem settled; ANC knows this too well.

Amidst serious rumors that the party maybe broke, this was indeed last week’s news. As the say never say never, Tuesday the 28th January 2013 erased all what Mamphela Ramphele said in the past about the party being mainly white dominated. In turned out the reports were spot on; with the announcement at a DA led press conference held in Cape Town officiating what was reported and what AgangSA themselves denied, social media again was dancing to their tune as they trended all day round. As one tweeted that it is an interesting time in SA politics, some extended their warm messages to the AgangSA members as it was revealed earlier on their late notification re their leader’s sudden change of chair if not office. 10/10 for PR and 4/10 for securing votes come elections time. The ruling party, ANC had a news conference later on, as much as it garnered debates there and there, the morning announcement already had sealed the day.

The cool kids on the coolest social network, known as Twelebs had a super day too. Though most don’t positions themselves as brands, they still form part of serious events of the day on TL’s. Not only do they boost serious followership but they have their power to spark debates and attract the important spotlight. The future may belong to them should brands start recognizing those powers only currently afforded to celebrities.

Serious planning and consultation with various important know-how people will ensure you of better online community ROI, be careful not to fall prey to minimal old boring tactics already facing out. Your brand needs a reference(website), proof (previous accounts) but as a strong support for awareness; killer well positioned, target driven online community presence.

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