Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Staying committed

The reality is in life you will travel on few potholes. It is this fear that has plagued most to either commit suicide or give up instantly with the blame shifting from one person to another. But who in this life right now can offer a remedy capable of smoothing the journey in living? Life Coaches -just maybe. Though they are knowledgeable in various aspects of life, in their professional capacity they would have liked to hold both hands guiding throughout without fail, but that would not benefit anyone. In fact babying tactic synonymous with parents has never made a horse drink the water.

How to move forward?

• Know yourself - you cannot afford to live according to how your peers perceive you.
• Establish your winning ground – know what works and what doesn’t, the pain is more bearable when you are aware of your coping mechanisms.

These two aspects will assist big time, however the rest you have to figure out yourself. It’s within you.