Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cry little girl cry

Who can i turn to? Who in this world did i wrong? The elders whom are supposed to protect me are asking me to do the right thing. Their “right thing” is the problem, can’t they see? I am being raised in the village which is situated next to nothing but the beautiful mountains and trees. The sweet sounds of birds in the morning – the only good thing here.

The teachings at school are being criticised for filling our minds with nonsense so are the teachers. The playground which boys constantly abuse us on has become a place i no longer wish to embrace as my solace. Once it filled the empty space inside me, giving me hope that i too one day will see the beach and the lights my father told me about. He works in the mines far away from home.

The village is too small for me and stuck in the old ways which are outdated. Its as if the world has forgotten us, the shade is so dark you can barely see the sun. Speaking of a sun, it is not good for a girl to wake up while the sun is out if full swing in the morning – in fact its taboo. You are being trained to one day head your own home, what kind of a women will you be if you go against the elder’s rules?

Loudly i am told i should stop wishing for a life in the city with lights in one of the preparations for my initiation school coming up in winter school holidays. I cried and hoped the word could just open and swallow me.

.....the initiation is the right thing which i fail to see as the right thing. Together with my close friend we started planning to flee the village to a place far where no one can find us. Little did i know that there is a river which we would have to cross which is home to Crocodiles. Our teacher told us they can eat one alive in a minute.
Having to abandon our plan was not easy, now we are one week to the ceremony.

To be continued

Brand Bonang!

If you tune into Metro FM weekdays from 9:00 to 12:00 you will appreciate what you are about to read. South Africa unlike the entertainment capital that is USA has a few of Bonang Mathebas’ but not strategic enough or brand savvy as Mzansi’s IT girl. Though we are aware that behind any brand there is a team of professionals who in their chosen fields aim to outshine competition, it is no secret that you can sure take a horse to the river but you can never force it to drink water. This industry championed by fame has no longevity especially for IT girls - there was Vmash once!

So how does a girl with just a dream become one of the most employable in Pearl-ville?

Talent and ambition; though being the backbone of one’s longevity, it alone won’t attract success that can be maintainable. Have you ever heard of Charm School? Anyway at work they will assess you on a 360 degrees format which includes all the ingredients that makes the talent worthwhile -workmanship, punctuality, personality and behaviour are amongst those ingredients. They change all the time which opens another great point.

Vision; you can never hit the spot if you aim incorrectly. Working towards something put you in a position to attract major game changers and outsmart your competitors. However though analysing competition comes in handy never copy anyone be unique. Nothing screams look at me like something fresh.

Then again we are not the same however whichever line of work one is interested in these two things has been evident in success of major individuals. There are other factors that are as important as them but in my opinion the rest is up to you. The most exciting thing about building a brand is the unknown. PR machines may disagree but where is the fun in copying others while you can create your own unique proposition which if marketed correctly can end up on global shores.

The Sex business

At first glance one wouldn’t notice the busy road in Rosebank, an affluent Johannesburg suburb – well depending on one’s understanding of the word “busy”. The road it’s always in the spotlight, recently so at Kenny Kunene’s roast which took place at The Lyric Theatre. Khanyi Mbau knew what is Oxford Road and what is actually happening there though courtesy of the roasters.

An artistic magnificent bank building evidently dominate that street during the day, though still clearly visible at night, another kind of “view” take the centre stage. Prostitution is one big illegal industry in this country Oxford being the leader evidently. The services ranges make this market a force to be reckoned with and one which attracts locals and tourists alike.

The traders on this street claim they are sometimes harassed in the hands of the law, one will think this will make them disappear. Not so long ago i had an interview with a Rent boy conducted via BBM which you can read here. The more the conversation got deeper the more it was clear that the majority of these men are in it to get by. Unlike the Oxford Road, theirs is conducted in a way that will leave any parent shivering. I am sure there are plenty of reasons which make one expose themselves to this unsafe and ungoverned working place but who is to blame?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Who is right on social media?

"Your mother will be so ashamed if she had to go through your TL or page"

Brands are very spot-on especially online. The tone of the brand is proof of that. From their tweets to their Facebook posts it's easier for the users to either identify with them or not. But with personal profiles it is not really about the voice though some users have tried continually to align themselves with desired voices.

Social media is here right now so how you embrace it should not be decided by the next person unless you have a mentor who is guiding you through in your field of interest. So, ideally we all want to look good online but that will depend on our own explanation of the word, right?

What on social media are we saying it's right?

1. Don't over-share
2. Follow/friend positive users
3. Respect others
4. "RT" so they can "RT"/"like" so they can "like"
5. Follow back

It maybe the general use-book for most but it is certainly not a must-adhere to. People are on social spaces for reasons known to them. There is no use in spending the whole day judging,the best way is to not associate. The constant bashing of others may seem fun to political cadres and entertainment critics, do not engage unless you are one or aspire to be one.